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There Is Structure Deep In The Earth

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 1, 2009

There Is Structure Deep In The Earth By ZS Livingstone (March 1, 2009)

Since November 19 2008 when I wrote "Nine Arctic Nukes Exploded in Eighteen Hours", I have been looking for evidence of other explosions. The cluster of earthquakes in the Reno/Lake Tahoe region appear to be nukes. Five have been exploded under the Gulf of Mexico. Several years ago there were a bunch in Wyoming, all at five kilometers deep. All the recent quakes in Western Australia appear to be nuclear. One in central Kazakhstan at ten kilometers deep appears to be related to the development of oil/natural gas wells related to the Caspian Sea Basin pipelines. There are many earthquakes at 10 kilometers deep along the edges of the tectonic plates and those are most likely natural tremors save those bombs exploded by Pakistan and India. I look for quakes away from the major faultlines.

Looking at the IRIS Seismic Monitor every day and checking the Wilber II charts there are many strange things happening deep in the earth. There are earthquakes over 600 kilometers deep. There have been 47 deep earthquakes over 160 kilometers (100 miles) and over 4.0 on the Richter Scale since Jan 16 2009. Supposedly this region of the mantle is molten and immune to sudden snaps and shifts. The seismic evidence shows structure deep in the planet.

In school we were taught earthquakes are in the crust and the tectonic plates floated on the molten mantle. The crust is about 60 kilometers (40 miles) thick on the continents and 16 kilometers (10 miles) thin under the depths of the oceans.

Deep earthquakes were discovered in 1920. Theories about their origins include the compression and recrystalization of deeply plunging crustal silicates into denser olivines. Most of the deep quakes are associated with subduction zones and this theory seems plausible, except some of these quakes are far deeper than subduction zones. 600 kilometers is one tenth the distance to the center of the Earth.

These deep tremors happen when the "noise" of other seismic events is continuous on the charts. The "noise" looks like a boa constrictor and the deep quake looks like a bulge in the belly of the boa, the boa's last meal. On some seismographs the "noise" undulates away from the middle line of the plot indicating complex wave forms overlaying one another. The seismograph plot looks exactly like a moving snake.

Sleeping on this and visiting the areas I see caverns, tunnels and shafts. The gravity is less. The rocks are not molten. Going deeper the planet is hollow and I am told by those I meet that all planets including our moon are hollow. The Earth's gravity is more akin to the artificial gravity of the decks of the Starship Enterprise than to the assumptions made by Isaac Newton. Gravity is an energy equation not a force.

A few years ago I read an article in a science journal that seismologists were using super computers to plot abnormalities in the mantle/core interface about half the distance from the crust to the center of the Earth. They were finding solid matter, continent like pieces of rock, a second crust. Super computers were mapping the interior landforms using seismic waves from earthquakes and nuclear explosions.

The sophistication of the spherical mathematics the scientists are using in mapping the Earth's interior must be staggering as in the related science of astrophysics, stereo satellites observing the sun can seismically predict sunspots on the far side of the sun.

If scientists can detect an effect they often try to see if they can alter the effect. Could the deep earthquakes be caused by seismic "noise"? Could the detonation of nuclear devices in the crust create standing waves collapsing structures deep in the mantle? Could super computers determine the placement, pattern and timing of nuke explosions creating a convergence of seismic waves in a particular area of the mantle? I believe "yes" would be the answer to all the previous questions.

The placement, pattern and timing of the nine arctic nukes is similar to a seismic test for locating pockets of oil using either small explosive charges or a mechanical ram thumping the surface of the ground. The worldwide net of seismographs is the sensor array.

It is possible the Sumatran tsunami earthquake of December 26 2004 was triggered by a series of nukes detonated on other continents.

As most of the current deep earthquakes are under The equator between Sumatra and Fiji further tests could be happening to alter the level of the seafloor creating more tsunamis.

Another area of concern are the deep earthquakes under the Andes. Two decades ago there was an 8 Richter quake 800 kilometers under the Bolivia/Chile/Peru border. Many died in collapsed homes and landslides.

The recent earthquake under a Japanese Nuclear Plant could have caused by nukes exploded elsewhere, a catalytic convergence of energies?

Scalar energies also generate standing waves in the earth. Coils used in generating scalar waves could be contributing sympathetically to the seismic "noise".

Australia is moving north at between five and seven centimeters per year. In time Indonesia and especially New Guinea will be lifted as high as Tibet by the subduction of the leading edge of the Austral-Indian plate. This boomerang shaped tectonic place has already pushed its way under Asia creating the Himalayas. Australia may become a huge continent the size of Africa as the seabed between Queensland and Fiji lifts. In the future the Pacific will not be a peaceful ocean. With each uplift there is the potential of a large tsunami. The forced collapse of deep structures in the mantle might accelerate Australia's march northward and increase the timing and size of tsunamis.

Placing this information on a public forum is the only way of getting the message out and with this disclosure hopefully the all too quiet seismologists will come forward with their concerns.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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