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Russian Nukes in Cuban Waters

[Editor's Note: ZS Livingstone has reported that the Illuminated scum who have taken over the US government (and its military) have been detonating nuclear devices in deep well shafts in the Arctic in the interest of finding more oil (as if we need more huge oil deposits to cap off and not tell the public about. The gigantic oil field found under Gull Island in Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, for example, in the early 1970s-unreported to the public-could provide enough oil to meet ALL of the energy needs of the United States for the next 200 years, according to Lindsey Williams. And Lindsey ought to know because he was THERE when the oil was discovered under Gull Island). And as you might expect, the Illuminated scum who control the Russian government also play the same games with their Illuminated rivals in the US and western Europe; and this is the essence of the short report posted below.

There is, however, a more pressing concern with nuclear devices being placed in EXTREMELY deep locations (E.g. 500-600 KILOMETERS) below the surface of the Pacific ocean floor in strategic locations- such as the area off the Samoan Islands- in an attempt to trigger a HUGE Pacific TSUNAMI which COULD cause the death of millions of people around the Pacific ring-including the west coast of the United States. It's possible-and probable- that these nuclear devices are being placed in such deep locations by "jump gate" technology, in which an object can be RELOCATED from one location to another by warping the space/time continuum  Now, I realize that this supposition is strictly 'woo-woo' talk to the many legions of dumbed-down, Establishment science, brain-washed " I never heard about that when I went to school!" robots out there, but the technology has been approached by many researchers and science investigators for at least 20 years. Time and space are ILLUSIONS which CAN be manipulated. It is possible to move forward or backward in time. It is also possible to re-locate an object from point "A" to point "B" WITHOUT physically traversing the SPACE between those two locations.

Wake up now, or wake up later, but we still ALL have to WAKE UP if we hope to save the planet from these monsters. Collective thought and collective INTENTIONS can change reality. These destructive activities can be STOPPED by collective thought. Get involved....Ken]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 21, 2010

Russian Nukes in Cuban Waters by ZS Livingstone (March 21, 2010)

The world seismic scene has quieted. But it appears Russia is exploding nukes in oil exploration in eastern Siberia and in Cuban waters south of Guantanamo Bay. Chile is still popping aftershocks. There appears to be some sort of communication between Russia and the West regarding when oil exploration can happen. It would appear the nukes were in the drill holes long before they were detonated. The explosions in Venezuelan waters might have been Russian nukes too and Hugo Chavez might have gotten his information on the man-made Haitian quakes from the Russians.


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