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Tim Hicks Sees More Evidence of The Negative Astral Disintegrating

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
December 7, 2011

Tim Hicks Sees More Evidence of The Negative Astral Disintegrating by ZS Livingstone (Dec. 7, 2011)

Over the past year, Tim Hicks, Franz Erdl, the Aetheric Resistance and others have witnessed the demon realms disappearing. The demon lords are gone and their minions are not stealing from humankind, animals or Mother Earth herself as they were a few years ago.

Some of the legions of demons have switched sides and have polarized themselves back to Source. The Illuminati black magicians are few in numbers and disappearing too. Those left are unable to utilize ritual to invoke demons to do their bidding as strongly as they previously could. There are Avatars with plenipotentiary authority from Source to remove the obstinate souls ~ and they are doing so.

The lower astral is being cleaned up by advanced souls in the physical. The planetary despots are likewise being removed.

Tim Hicks wrote:


This request is of the same nature and source, the information given during meditation. If you can find time, please relate any thoughts or info you might obtain about this vision I will now describe.

In meditation, I saw all entities and creatures being removed from both of the first occupants. As the wife is human, she is now dazed and trying to figure out how to survive without her guiding parasites. As to the husband, since he is not human but a man-built set of flesh and bones and was animated by the entities in him ( they might nswer to the name "Legions"), I saw him laid out motionless. After repeated attempts and failures to reanimate him by installing more entities, those that would attempt this have given up. I am looking for an announcement of a fatal heart attack on or about December 12, 2011.

Hoping this makes it through the filters,


I slept on Tim's insight and the next morning:


Dowsing I get that they were not Americans and that the couple is unknown to most Americans. The couple are "anchor points" of the lower astral realms into the physical and the release of the legions moving through them will allow an uplifting of consciousness. They were Russia's top Black Magicians.

They are writers and academicians at Moscow University Russia. They maintained the same positions when the Communists were in control. His death announcement will be in the arts and literature pages of newspapers.

They helped Stalin control the Russian people.


The hidden magicians and the extraterrestrials who controlled them are being weeded out. The old mind control forces are fading. Things forgotten are being remembered.

Those who have been subjected to MK-Ultra mind fracturing are losing their astral parasitic alter-egos (alters). Soon black-ops soldiers will remember everything and throw down their weapons. They will no longer be killing machines who prompting forget who they killed. They will remember everything as the torture, the drugs and hypnotic command words wash away. The mind-controlled soldiers around the world will no longer be zombies obeying illegal orders.

How can soldiers tortured from three years of age be 'volunteers' in the armed forces of all nations?

Russian Spetznaz Special Forces are under the same medieval mind control the Marines are at Fort Bragg. Presidents, Prime Ministers, Dictators, Kings and Princes of all countries and eras tortured babies in order to break their connections to Source. Pedophiles raped babies to create future soldiers. A normal human being cannot aim a rifle to kill another.

Reconnected to Source, a soldier regains his/her humanity and free will. Reconnected to Source, the illusions wash away and forgiveness floods down from Heaven.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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