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Disrupter Beam Over Mount Ida British Columbia

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
April 22, 2006

April 14 2006, Good Friday, I awoke and checked the neodymium magnetic compass. The thirty centimeter pointer read 036 the highest deviation in fifteen months since the Mount Ida vortex started. Normally the nautical terms "deviation" on an iron ship is caused by the hull but with the iron poor pumice and basalt of the volcanic ridge called Mount Ida, the deflection is not ferromagnetic. I have had the compass' 000 set at true north for over two years. For ten months magnetic north drew the needle to 019 until February 2005 when the vortex grew in strength.

All of Good Friday I felt head pressure. I felt it was related to seismic pressures and the potential for an eathquake. Forty-two years earlier a 9.1 quake in Anchorage Alaska struck on a Good Friday. Midnight April 14/15 the reading on the magnetic compass was 029. The deviation had lessened by seven degrees in eighteen hours. I had talked to a number of people who had felt headaches during the day.

8:00 AM April 15 the compass read 033 a gain of four degrees in eight hours. Over the next three days the magnetic compass seesawed between 030 and 033 three times. It was as if the vortex had suffered a major magnetic earthquake with three aftershocks. As there were no earthquakes reported on TV by today April 22, maybe the vortex had alleviated seismic pressures in the crust in conjunction with a worldwide grid of vortice? Definitely I was not feeling the head pressure which I associate with earthquakes. Often I feel the head pressure two or three days before a tremor. Vortices as cosmic shock absorbers dampening earthquake activity?

On April 20 2006 at 2:00 PM PDT I had been working outside and keeping my eye on a fuzzy lenticular cloud just over the west peak of Mount Ida. It had been sitting in place for about thirty minutes. Chemtrail activity included about six trails from a single KC 135 tanker. A number of earlier trails had been laid over Mount Ida and the fuzzy lenticular cloud. Sylphs were chomping away at the trails and some of the smeared trails were being spiralled into wispy lozenge shaped clouds for transmutation.

At about 2:00 PM something caught my eye overhead. I looked up and saw a gray line cutting through the fuzzy lenticular, smeared chemtrails, and scattered small white cumulus clouds on a NNE line from the top of Mount Ida. This was the fourth DOR line I had seen since the start of chemtrail spraying in 1998. DOR is an abbreviation for Deadly Orgone. Five years ago Don Croft had determined the gray lines were made of DOR. While I looked very intently at the DOR line the KC 135 tanker laying a chemtrail flew through the fuzzy lenticular also on a NNE heading. I wish I had had a camera. The fuzzy lenticular was bisected by both a DOR line and chemtrail at the same time. The KC 135 continued to follow the DOR line from beneath and about two wing lengths to the west. The pilots would have had a clear view of the DOR line. It was as if the big plane was "bird-dogging" the DOR line. The tanker continued to follow the gray line as far as I could see through the light cloudiness.

I looked at the gray line and saw it as a cylindrical hole in both the smeared chemtrails and cumulus clouds. In the areas where it was backlighted by blue sky it appeared to be a shadow. The DOR line was moving with the clouds in a easterly direction and the gray was spreading and smearing. Within a few minutes the gray line had traveled further to the east than the minutes old chemtrail beneath it. I could no longer see a gray shadow against the blue sky and the gray blur was fading in the clouds. The new chemtrail was expanding and I could not see sylphs overhead. They had scattered. I looked back at the fuzzy lenticular and asked "inwardly" if they were troubled by the DOR line and chemtrail? The reply was, "No Problem." The chemtrail was now to the east of the fuzzy lenticular still parked above Mount Ida. The wind had carried the spew to the east but the lenticular stayed in place even though they had both occupied the same airspace earlier. The lenticular would remain in the same position for many hours and the sylphs would return to make the sky blue again.

What is the DOR line? I slept on it.

The gray shadow is air cooked into a smog of nitrous oxides by a high energy laser aboard the KC 135 tanker. The DOR line is definitely lethal. A split second blast from such a laser could cut a jet in half. With the targeting of the fuzzy lenticular it appears the weapon is being aimed at UFO and potential UFO clouds? Sylphs were never bothered by this weapon as they would clear the range as soon as the charger coils started to energize.  I would suspect that most UFO would likewise scatter at any warning of a firing. The UFO in the fuzzy lenticular did not care if it was hit as the disrupter beam did not affect it.

What good is a weapon when the intended prey can easily avoid it? Is the firing on strange shaped clouds a ruse?

Is the chemtrail program a cover for a SDI boondoggle? A Maginot Line in the sky? Who is the enemy? Why was Mount Ida fuzzy lenticular a target after the manmade earthquakes did not materialize?   

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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