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DNA Activation

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 8, 2007

The training of the Alpha and Omega Order of Melchizedek included DNA activation. This was back in 1971 long before the current information came out. This information came through to David Livingstone in 1933 and was part of the lessons since the founding of the A&O in 1958. The particular lesson was called, "The XYZ Factor".

You have probably read about tetrahedrons and star tetrahedrons. X Chromosomes can form tetrahedrons and since all the X Chromosomes come in pairs they can form star tetrahedrons or cubes. The cube is sacred geometry and basic to the blueprint of Creation. Walter Russell (1871-1963) went into a visionary state for over 40 days in 1920 and saw how the cube and sphere are intrinsic to the design of atoms as well as the universe. The microcosm and macrocosm are the same blueprint. Walter Russell was told inwardly that this information should not be revealed but he did write "The Universal One" a few years after the visions omitting key pieces of information and preventing the misuse of higher power. David Livingstone saw a similar vision in 1933 and likewise did not write it down the keys. Little of David Livingstone's work is in the public domain. I have been careful not to go into the A&O Teachings in my essays and postings.

You need this information.

The highest work of the alchemist is not the transmutation of base metals into gold but the activation of the inner "Philosopher's Stone", the pituitary/pineal, and its activation of the DNA. DNA is the Holy Grail holding the energies flowing to Earth from above. With this activation all things are possible.

The fourth dimension or density is a ghost to us in the third. Likewise the physical is a ghost to souls in the aetheric. The two densities can occupy the same volume at the same time. Subtle interactions do occur. Ghosts can move objects and psychics can communicate with spirit. The interactions are on the quantum level, the level of DNA. Quantum weirdness is due to these alchemical interactions.

DNA photographed outside the nucleus of the cell is wound into 46 tight Xs and in the male one of the Xs is replaced by a tight Y shape. This is dead DNA. In the cell DNA unwinds and long strands stretch to full length. On some micrographs DNA spirals have been photographed where one or more arms of the chromosome spirals around something invisible. The invisible particle is an aetheric atom roughly a thousand times larger than a physical atom. In Biblical terms this first coiling is the touching of the hem of Christ's robe.

There are a hundred naturally occurring elements in the fourth dimensional periodic table slightly more than the ninety-two in the third dimension. The Electron, Proton and Neutron Principle is the same in the fourth as in the third. The attraction between an aetheric proton and electron is magnetic. We are forcibly interacting with the fourth dimension in our technological world. Our technology is unnatural.

In order for the DNA to spiral around an aetheric atom, that atom is ionized or slightly magnetic. It is a magnetic monopole in the same way the electrolytes in the cells are ionized sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium electric monopoles. (Walter Russell writes that all charges balance and there are no truly separate or eternal monopoles. Everything dovetails.) Ionized aether imparts energy into the physical. The blueprint in the aetheric is likewise imprinted into the earth plane and the third dimension is a reasonable facsimile of the higher dimension. Likewise the fourth density is more "real" than the third density. From the perspective of the higher dimensions the third dimension is a projection or a dream created in the higher dimensions but the physical realm is important in "anchoring" the higher dimensions otherwise they would not be able to create. The third density is important in holding the whole of the holographic creation. Creators must establish third dimensional bodies in order to anchor their creations. In order to clean up the planet from the lesser plans of the self-willed ones the Great Ones must incarnate. That makes Earth very important.

Anchoring the light in the physical uses the same sacred geometry the Creators use.

Our ultimate technological base is our body.

By simply asking that the various length strands of DNA to wrap around their appropriate aetheric ions, crystalline structures of the higher dimension overlay the body. The organic and the crystalline become one. There are 184 chromosome arms in the human nucleus. The diminutive fourth arm of the male Y chromosome is able to coil around the aetheric electron. There is room inside the nucleus for twelve strands of activation (six cubes).

The first square of a single chromosome templates itself on its twin chromosome. Two tetrahedrons merge to form a cube. With the first cube established, the kundalini engaged, the spiritual fire transforms all the appropriate DNA throughout the body into the twelve strand activation.

With the twelve strands in balance all things are possible. Your Creation is Anchored.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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