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DNA Activation Part 4, Spiritual Families

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 19, 2008

DNA Activation Part 4, Spiritual Families (May 19, 2008)

Power is in the spiritual family. DNA is corrected and activated by the healing action of unified groups. Nurture is stronger than nature as DNA is a blueprint created by spiritual agencies.

The powers that claim to control/own the world have been destroying families for over 5000 years. A tribe on the steppes of ancient Russia or jungles of modern Brazil has a high likelihood of being a single or extended spiritual family. A spiritual family working together in unity of consciousness is more powerful than any kingdom or nation of divided families.

Rome destroyed families in conquered lands by slaughter and slavery. All the ancient empires slaughtered the tribes upon the land and created cities of mutual defence preventing families from assembling freely. To kings and emperors the main enemy dwelt within the walls of the cities. The pagans or rural workers, having some measure of freedom, had to be enslaved to petty despots who sold the children beyond their gates preventing their natural assemblage. Nearly half of Roman citizens were slaves and thus prevented from coming together. The Roman nobility with greater freedom to assemble their spiritual families were trapped in a decadent society that tore at the roots of proper relationships.

When Rome conquered Britain it destroyed the wisdom of its spiritual families. When Rome conquered Palestine it swept the Essenes from the desert and sent huge armies to slaughter and enslave the rebel families of Masada. The hundreds of men, women and children represented more of a threat to Roman Hegemony than the armies of Babylon.

Mothers and fathers naturally give birth to sons and daughters from their own spiritual family. That is where the greatest love is. Spiritual families have always tried to reassemble in groups in the flesh in order to feel the cohesive love of like minds joined in heartfelt love.

The spiritual family is the Holy Grail. The Grail legends all point to the power of family. In the family strength is found. The Round Table of equality is based on family relationships. The wise ones are those who bring families together. The powerful derive their energies from spiritual source based on the family and not in artificial parasitic hierarchies outside the family.

In Africa many opportunities have arisen to assemble spiritual families. Slavery fractured the tribes and later colonialism decimated the tribes. In recent times multi-national corporations funding up to forty proxy wars over natural resources have divided spiritual families. In pockets hidden from the powers that be are unified families working together in spite of the Big Pharma artificially created plagues. The family is at the core of Islam and many spiritual families have come together under the protection of Islam.

The abuse of women and children destroys family unity and has been used by colonial powers for centuries to break the power of the family and impose physical and psychological control on captured tribes. The psychic scars prevent the abused from creating bonding relationships with anyone, especially their spiritual families. With hundreds of wars in the Twentieth Century the psychic scars are close to the surface in western society. A war for each and every generation has been the goal of the Illuminati. War is meant to break up families. An unified spiritual family is the antitheses of war. The enemy of war is the family and thus the family, especially the unified spiritual family, is the number one enemy of the designers of war. Rape is war against the family that is felt for many generations.

America has tasted the blood of many nations as it has been moulded into becoming the mercenaries of the Illuminati. Waging war against others has destroyed families at home. The destructive mind control protocols of the USMC in breaking the soldier into a killer has torn at the family on the home front. The rape of the enemy has created the rape of American women and children. The ethical and moral structure of America dropped after each war. There are many strong families in free America who have avoided the drop in conscious awareness. Even though television and movies promote anti-family relationships many hold the family dear but have not been taught the power of the spiritual family. The unified prayer of a spiritual family can dissolve a hurricane in hours.

The Amish of Pennsylvania are a group of spiritual families and the people of America need to honour and protect them. It is likely that the Latter Day Saints Sect of Texas who had their 400 children legally stolen from them are spiritual families regardless of the crimes of a few parents. The target of the government authorities was first and foremost the children who represented a power group who could strengthen freedom in America.

I have often felt the greatest family divisiveness at the traditional family reunions of Easter, summer vacations, Thanksgiving and Christmas. It appears the mind control machinery is cranked-up to create friction in the family at these times. Of course there are underlying conflicts in our mis-matched families where not all are of the same spiritual family. There are "black sheep" in all current families. The black sheep are the problem children created by negative karmic entanglements. If they were in their proper spiritual families they would not be problem children.

Negative psychic disincarnate entities in the lower astral who consume the discordant externalized energies of the physical realm want human families to continue battling one another. If all family relationships were spiritually based there would be nothing for the parasites to eat. Unbalanced and un-natural sexual relationships are the "food" of the parasites. Western society has been shaped by the disincarnate to meet their energy needs. Sexually we are being "milked" like cows by lower astral entities. Spiritual families working with natural sexual energy are free of the carnal undertow. The love frequency in spiritual families cannot be used by the lower astral. Most in western society have little understanding of "love without carnal desire" that is hundreds of times greater than the debilitating "love" of mismatched sex.

In the midst of all the scattered spiritual families world-wide the Rothschilds and other Illuminati "Royals" appear to be trying to assemble their own spiritual families in order to consolidate their power base. Most of these inner families are hidden from the public. Are they able to tap into energies unavailable to the peons? It is unlikely. The sycophants around the top bankers seem to be participating in all manner of debaucheries. Such practises break down their energies and cause DNA abnormalities.

The spiritual family working with non-carnal energies are able to heal DNA problems. The solution to all genetic problems is in the loving family where nurture overcomes nature.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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