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Another Doomsday Scenario Blown

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 16, 2011

Another Doomsday Scenario Blown by ZS Livingstone (Oct. 16, 2011)

The comet discovered from Solar Observatory Satellite (SOHO) photographs September 27 2011 by four amateur astronomers and which hit the sun October 1 2011 held one of three anti-matter bombs which simultaneously hit the sun from three directions. The anti-matter package inside the comet on the Earth side of the sun did not explode and the potential for a massive coronal ejection did not happen. Someone intervened.
Click on the video to see the sequence of events.

Don Nicoloff sent Ken Adachi and myself a BBC article on August 11 2011 reporting the viability of collecting antimatter in the Van Allen Belts of Earth:

Included was a 2006 Draper Laboratory Report by James Bickford in a pdf attachment:

"Extraction of Antiparticles Concentrated in Planetary Magnetic Fields".

This report said the magnetic fields of Jupiter and especially Saturn would be ideal for collecting antiparticles. The technologies for collecting anti-matter were at hand.

On October 23 2007 Comet P17/Holmes exploded and grew to the size of the sun within a week. I believe this was a test of an antimatter weapon.

July 19 2009 a black spot appeared mysteriously on Jupiter:

Anthony Wesley who photographs Jupiter as often as possible for an amateur astronomer but neither he or any other astronomer saw an asteroid impacting Jupiter. This may have been another test of an antimatter weapon assembled in the magnetic fields of Jupiter.

A few kilograms of antimatter could have blown Comet P17/Holmes to smithereens. A hundred kilograms of antiparticles could have blown an Earth sized hole in Jupiter. A ton of antimatter hitting the sun from three directions simultaneously could have caused a Coronal Mass Ejection which could have cooked half the vegetation on Earth. By some miracle we are not cooked or starving.

On October 1 2011 President Obama was ordered by the Pentagon to go underground into the secret base under the Denver Airport:

The Pentagon would "order" the President underground if there was a threat to his life.

On Sunday October 2 2011 I asked a native remote viewer to go to the sun and see what happened: She said, "Grandfather Sun said there was no problem, the event was foreseen and removed. All is normal."

These events were a week after earthquakes rocked Colorado and Virginia underground military bases. In a David Wilcock interview of Benjamin Fulford the explosions were caused by human extraterrestrials intervening to save Earth. Wilcock and Fulford believe a nuclear war was planned....what if the attack was against the attempt to create a "kill-shot CME" against life on Earth?

In the Wilcock/Fulford transcript the explosion was caused by twenty atmospheres of air appearing instantly in the underground bases. There was no radiation found in the bases as reported by insiders. This would also explain the roaring sound in the air associated with the shaking of the ground. The over pressure escaped through air vents. The attack on the underground bases was meant to prevent their use by the elite while 90% of the people on the surface are killed. The elite lost their hiding holes a week before the explosions were to happen on the sun.

Antimatter bombs reads like a plot line in an episode of Star Trek. It is the plot line for Dan Brown's novel, "Angels and Demons". With all the secret technologies hidden from the public the ability to gather and magnetically contain antiparticles could be one of them. Such a weapon is forcing the extraterrestrials guarding Earth to intervene.

Thank You for Intervening!

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


Subject: response to latest ZS posting
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Mon, October 17, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

"In a David Wilcock interview of Benjamin Fulford the explosions were caused by human extraterrestrials intervening to save Earth. Wilcock and Fulford believe a nuclear war was planned."

If my memory serves me correctly neither gentleman believed a 'nuclear war was planned'- they just stated that 2 DUMBS were rendered inactive by explosions (or a similar technology)-

To my knowledge Fulford has never stated he believes in the existence of "human extraterrestrials" (an oxymoronic statement)- in fact he has always skirted discussing the possible existence of an off-planet force like the plague, but he seems to have come around to believe the financial (global cabal)s ystem is in the hands of satanists-


Larry in Germany

P.S.- in one of Fulford's latest postings he stated that he will no longer be appearing on RenseRadio because BF and Rense had a disagreement about the amount of radioactivity in Japan- BF stated that he and co. have been measuring radioactivity with Geiger counters near Tokyo for a long time and radiation levels continue to be normal- exactly what ZSL originally stated after the Fukushima 'disaster'- so why the bickering?


Subject: Another Doomsday Scenario Blown
From: Peter
Date: Mon, October 17, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

Thanks ZSL for this info. I observed the same object going to the Sun through LASCO images not the actual impact because they didn't release
these images on that day. However what an incredible world/cosmos. What role are we (I) playing in this sketch one would think it's way over our head(s)? Maybe ZSL can enlighten me privately with a email reply.

if this is an example of artificial excitement of the Sun, then they did it also on 3 of January 2010. The same type of object went in the Sun and caused an CME I believe I can say from images taken. Info for ZSL to check if he can confirm it.

Thanks anyway for the information sharing !


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