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German New Medicine, Dr. R.G. Hamer

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 26, 2011

German New Medicine, Dr. R.G. Hamer by ZS Livingstone (Oct. 26, 2011)

Doctor Ryke Geerd Hamer

There is a 76 year old doctor, a refugee in Norway who has suffered much yet continues to bring his discoveries to the world.

His biography parallels the mistreatment of Wilhelm Reich, Royal R. Rife and many others. In 1979, he discovered that trauma is the cause of cancer. He was one of the head doctors in a cancer hospital in Germany when he lost his 19 year old son due to an accident and immediately came down with prostate cancer. He was able to cure himself. Asking his patients what they had experienced prior to getting cancer he
found trauma as a common theme.

On CT scans he could see lesions in the brain. Particular locations related to particular trauma and the resulting cancer. By recognizing and releasing the trauma the cancer is healed without chemo or radiation. On October 22, 2011 John Theobald trained by Caroline Markolin, Ph.D., explained the pathways leading to prostate, breast, liver, kidney, bone and other cancers. He also explained how lesions and edemas in the brain lead to heart-attacks.

Traumas to other specific parts of the brain cause bi-polar disorders. John's presentation was to dowsers. He himself is a dowser. Dr. Hamer's research has been blocked by Big Pharma and what research he has done is due to secret donations. When I saw the slide of a CT scan showing a lesion in the brain, I was immediately struck by the similarity to a photo of an orb. Orbs are entities in the next dimension or intradimensional between the third and the fourth densities.

There are good entities and not so good entities. Many are parasitic. Dr. Hamer's research is the scientific unveiling of demonology, but he has not broached his discoveries in those terms. He prefers to call them lesions in the brain. Dr. Hamer, trained in Pasteur's bacterial pathologies, now accepts Bechamps' pleomorphism where all life works symbiotically. Candidia and TB work in the body to undo the trauma induced illnesses.

Cancer is caused by trauma induced demonic possession. Big Pharma and those who control the multinationals are working extremely hard to prevent Dr. Hamer's discoveries from making it into public perception. At this time the entities of the lower astral are undergoing many changes.

Intuitives and sensitives are seeing the end of parasitic behaviour as they accept light as their sustenance instead of the stolen energies of plants, animals and humans. Cancer, heart disease, mental illness and most other diseases will decrease as the parasitism disappears. This is the end of disease. The era of the last plagues.

Read all you can regarding Dr. Hamer and his discoveries.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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