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Earth's Magnetic Field Reversal

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 18, 2008

Earth's Magnetic Field Reversal (July 18, 2008)

How do you stop the Earth from spinning without having all the continents sliding on top of one another? How do you stop the Earth's Magnetic Field and then reverse the poles without applying torque to the crust?

The first question was something I asked myself when reading Immanuel Velikovsky's "Worlds in Collision" (1949) during the mid 1960s.

The second question I asked myself when I was told the Earth's Magnetic Poles would be reversed. I was told this in 1971 by my teacher and he phrased it in such a way that the decision had been made to reverse the poles by higher beings in the dimensions above us and that it was the "greatest good for the greatest number" regarding cleaning up the problems on Earth.

If it was the "greatest good for the greatest number" then the plan would minimize the loss of life? Somehow the angels above had come up with a plan to prevent the crust from sliding precipitously and mile-high tsunamis sweeping around the world.

I asked if Velikovsky's theories were correct? My teacher, having checked the akashic records, said they were 90% accurate. The vortex through the top of my head spun like a dynamo around my pituitary/pineal. The kundalini engaged to keep the rest of my body from buckling under the weight of consciousness. I saw the planets being consciously moved around the solar system like soap bubbles in the wind. When Venus came near Earth, the Earth was cradled by a huge angel as delicately as a child placing its arms around a floating soap bubble to prevent a gust of wind from popping it. The Earth appeared to be far more fragile than a soap bubble, as if it were no more substantial than a thought, yet the angel preserved the Earth.

It took years to deconstruct the lies that I had been taught in school. The materialistic viewpoint of science states that the physical world is all there is. The Earth has a nickel/iron core creating its magnetic field. Later we heated a magnet red hot and it lost its magnetism...I immediately grasped the conundrum that a molten nickel/iron core would not be the magnet creating the Earth's magnetic field.

Later I was told the magnetic field was created by ionized magma flows near the core...but I could not fathom how the ionization was generated and then prevented from grounding out and neutralizing unless there were vast underground conduits?

Looking at a book about the sun and its many mysteries in the 1980s, I saw reference to the fixed magnetic field in the solar system called the Solar Electromagnetic Resonant Cross (SER-X). (At this date there is a marvellous article in the July-August 2008 on Nexus, "Planetary Effects on The Sun and The Earth", by Kenneth W. Dickman.) The Resonant Cross is in a fixed position and is witnessed in the flow of the solar winds.

The sun rotates in twenty-four days at the equator and about thirty days towards the poles, yet the Resonant Cross maintains a stationary position with reference to the galaxy. Reading the text in the 1980s, I immediately saw a higher dimensional angelic being, spanning the solar system. Having received Melchizedek Training, I could see how galactic energies were being transferred from the Fifth Dimension to the Fourth and then down into the Third, helping to create the heat and light of the sun. The Resonant Cross is primarily a Fifth Dimensional living angel. This is similar to the same angel I saw moving the planets around the solar system.

The angel creating the Resonant Cross has the responsibility of maintaining the fires of the sun and like clockwork, consciously reverses the solar magnetic field every eleven years. The magnetic field reversal serves the purpose of keeping the denser metals in the sun from fixing in one position or another.

The metals need to be mobile. The magnetic field is created by ionized Fifth Dimensional energy/matter squirted into the sun creating a ring current. The ring current induces the magnetic field. All magnetism is Fourth Dimensional ionized energy/matter. The 5D ring current is normally on the equatorial plane thus generating the magnetic field to flow through the poles. The center of the sun is nearly void of 5D energy/matter and the ring structure is maintained by 6D and 4D ionized energy/matter. It is easy to create structure in one dimension by creating matching structures above and below it. As Above, So Below.

Source of the power is from the core of the galaxy. The galaxy receives power from the universe and the universe receives power from the Heart and Center of Creation. There is only one source of power. This message is in Jesus' parable of "The Mustard Seed."

Likewise the Earth's magnetic field is created consciously. It too is a 5D ring current and can be changed whenever best to do so. Physical manipulation of forces and energies in the Third Dimension cannot trigger a magnetic field reversal.

The purpose of the nearing magnetic field reversal on Earth is to dismantle the stagnant conditions in the lower astral and on Earth. With the dismantling of the command and control of the lower astral, the physical command and control structures on Earth are removed. How does one dismantle the lower astral without throwing everything into turmoil? Fracturing of all the Aetheric Ice could cause all manner of earthquakes when the densified pieces fall to Earth, much less the change of the magnetic torque on the crust itself. Double Jeopardy!

The answer to how the higher dimensions are going to stabilize the Earth during the change of the Earth's magnetic field is showing up in the increased presence of Noctilucent Clouds ["rainbow couds"]. Check: . These are the huge angels moving into position to dampen energies created by scalar beams, hold the crust in position and prevent the falling Aetheric Ice from causing problems.

If need be, these angels could move the Earth to safety anywhere, but the greatest good is to protect the billions who are on Earth and in the astral.

The Magnetic Field Reversal will mark the end of the old corrupt system. It is a good thing.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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