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The Spiritual Process Leading To The Discovery Of Aetheric Ice

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[Editor's note: This is an important essay in my opinion. New information is being presented here about the nature of matter in the third dimension. I learned some time ago that all matter (and energy of course) originates in higher dimensional frequencies and gradually enters lower dimensions by slowing down or lowering its rate of vibration, thus becoming DENSER. In alternative medicine, we talk about discordant energy or unbalanced conditions that FIRST show up in the body's aura (higher frequency field) and only LATER will manifest into physical pain or the appearance of a disease condition. ZS Livingstone has been writing  for the past year or two about a subject that I never even heard of before. It's called Aetheric Ice. We can't see Aetheric Ice because it can only be seen if you exist in the 4th dimension, but that doesn't mean it's not there. Any form of matter that just sits on the BORDERLINE (frequency wise) between the 3rd and 4th dimension, will tend to occasionally 'spill' over into the next dimension and we then can either see something or hear something unusual.

I'm blown away by what's being presented here. ZSL had said that the HAARPiccane Boys used up so much of the Aetheric Ice (necessary for the accelerated evaporation of ocean water in order to feed a growing hurricane and sustain it) from the Atlantic Ocean LAST year for their continual parade of artificially-generated hurricanes, that there wasn't enough available Atlantic Aetheric Ice for a repeat performance THIS year. Today is October 9, 2006. What happened to the 15 HURRICANES that I heard ABC News and the US Weather Bureau PREDICT back in April of this year would occur during this "Hurricane season"? Hmmm?

The glib, machine gun mouth, perfect-diction female news announcer for ABC News said that SIX of those 15 Hurricanes were going to be DEVASTATING and they may "cause great destruction" along the eastern portion of the country. The score so far? One, insignificant, dismal, pipsqueak of an excuse-for-a-hurricane by the name of "Ernesto" and NOTHING ELSE. Why is that? What happened to those alarmist and strident predictions of fifteen hurricanes that were suppose to mercilessly POUND the eastern seaboard of the United States this year? I don't hear one peep from ABC News or the Weather Bureau or Fox, or NBC, or CBS explaining why their high tech, superduper computer prediction didn't pan out. Not one peep.

Could it be that ZSL is right concerning the role of Aetheric Ice and hurricanes? How about Global Warming? If ZSL is correct, then Arctic warming is more a matter of Aetheric Ice warming, rather than the "green house" gas/ carbon dioxide routine spouted by Illuminati front men like Al Gore.

There's much to learn in this single essay. You should read it more than once to properly absorb and retain it. I hope the reader will forgive my use of bold, italics, and underlines to emphasize the key elements. I felt compelled to highlight their importance..Ken]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 7, 2006

The Spiritual Process Leading To The Discovery Of Aetheric Ice by ZS Livingstone (Oct. 7, 2006)

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Recognition of Aetheric Ice was a twenty-five year journey. Initially in 1971 I was taught all the keys to discovery in a period of a few months but due to my academic training, preconceived ideas blocked recognition and acceptance of spiritual insights. In early 1990s while doing energy work to help prevent a drought on the American Great Plains the pieces fell together after reading a Scientific American article on anomalous ocean surface temperatures. Patches of the tropical and sub-tropical Atlantic are as much as five degrees F. higher than neighbouring waters receiving the same sunshine and current flows. This also relates to the El Nino cycle in the equatorial waters of the Pacific.

Key to understanding the aetheric realms is the recognition of a hundred elements and millions of different molecules created by the ghostly elements. The principle of the Proton, Neutron and Electron exists in the fourth dimension as it does in the third dimension. In the Melchizedek training I received, the Proton, Neutron and Electron Principle is Universal and all dimensions are composed of these particles at various densities. The third dimension is the most dense with the aetheric fourth dimension less dense and the fifth dimension less dense than the fourth. The aetheric electron is roughly a thousand times larger than an electron in physical matter. An electron in the fourth dimension carries a million times the energy of a physical electron.

The ionization of physical matter is electrical in nature. The ionization of aetheric matter is magnetic in nature. The ionization of fifth dimensional matter is as yet undefined in modern science. We were taught to call that energy Tri-magnetic. We were also taught abundant energy was available by balancing the third, fourth and fifth dimensions. This energy is called Trizzonnic, three tones/three zones. It is a totally different concept than Zero Point Energy. ZPE theory looks at the quantum level for the source of energy. Trizzonnic Energy looks to the higher dimensions and First Cause as the source of all energy. By carefully dovetailing the dimensional geometries great energy can be made available. Some of these geometries can be seen in John W. Keely's designs. Key to the application of all higher energies is the acceptance of total responsibility for the energy. Keely's engines worked when he operated his machines. Few others could make them work. Real power happens when machines are no longer needed.

In the last paragraph I went a bit further than I needed to go to explain aetheric ice but the principle of First Cause and the higher dimensions as the source of all third dimensional energy needed to be established. The Illuminati, in denial of First Cause, do not have access to higher energies and are parasitically stealing from the Earth to attempt to meet their objectives. They will not succeed, they never could.

Wilhelm Reich and others could see into the next dimension and see luminous and non-luminous orgone. He labelled them Healthy Orgone (HOR) and Deadly Orgone (DOR) respectively. Shamans worldwide had made that basic determination millennia ago. Those who travel in the astral and higher aetheric soon recognize the next higher dimension as a complex place with many different substances corresponding to third dimensional matter substance. The fourth dimension is not just 'Time' but a vast realm spanning the space between the Earth and the moon. It also stretches into solar space and interstellar space. More life dwells in the aetheric than on the physical worlds.

Water exists on all the planets in our solar system. Aetheric water exists abundantly in the fourth dimension. It is the "life-carrier" substance of the aetheric in the same way it is the "life-carrier" molecule in the physical. Aetheric water is H2O in the fourth dimension, the same as in the third.

In the early 1990s I had a dream where I saw a huge angel catching sheets of ice and laying the pieces gently on the trees in the mountains of Idaho. I could see the falling ice as a threat and the angel's work as divine intercession. The conifer trees generated tongues of aetheric fire at their crowns and soon melted the aetheric ice and the aetheric water rose up into the sky back into space and the lower astral where it again froze into sheets. The cycle had been repeating for aeons. Densified pieces of aetheric ice falling unchecked and a great speed cause earthquakes. The giant angel had prevented a tremor but in laying the ice in the mountains had brought about a drought. Aetheric ice forms a high pressure trough over a region until it is moved or melted. High pressure troughs are an unexplained phenomena. In the temperate latitudes troughs persist for months, deflecting cold wet low pressure systems away. According to the weather watchers there is no physical reason for this phenomena. One of the trough theories called the Omega Block does not explain how two small high pressure zones can deflect a massive cyclonic storm. There are many cases of small high pressure systems impeding larger cold wet lows. In some cases cold lows were able to push their way over the trough and drop rain on the dry forests, but as soon as the storm passed the trough would re-establish itself.

In my nightly travels I saw many layers of aetheric ice stacked over Australia. As most of the land down under is desert there are few trees to help melt the aetheric ice. The desert bands between 15 and 30 degrees latitude in both the northern and southern hemispheres were stacked with aetheric ice. The oceans were a checkerboard of aetheric ice but in the salt water it melted quickly. The melting of aetheric ice paradoxically raised the surface temperature of the ocean by five degrees F. The release of aetheric water from the ocean surface deceased the surface tension and increased the evaporation rate.

Looking at the tropics between 15 degrees north and 15 degrees south I could see more than half of all aetheric ice falling in this torrid zone. Fortunately the jungles made short work of the ice and the oceans were able to thaw the floating pieces. The El Nino cycle resulted when the oceans would receive too much aetheric ice and the equatorial currents would be altered, especially if the pieces fell in the eastern Pacific.

In the nocturnal hours I could see Gaia, Mother Earth, striving to balance a system driven out of balance by head strong children on the Earth and in the astral. It is as if Gaia is changing billions of diapers each day and then attempting to catch up on laundry each night. No sleep for mama! Many angels have come to assist and lighten the load. Astral fallout creates planetary shifts in the crust and in the climate. A plan was put in place to decrease the severity of earthquakes but not all can be caught. A plan was instituted to shift some of the equatorial aetheric ice into the temperate and polar regions. This has led to increased temperatures in the higher latitudes but this is less damaging than a permanent El Nino in the tropics.

Moving oceanic aetheric ice away from the tropics has provided more fuel for artificially generated hurricanes. The scalar frequencies for the quick melting of aetheric ice have been discovered and have been used over the past several years to create havoc in most the coastal lands of the world. In 2005 an unprecedented number of category five hurricanes happened in the Atlantic. This year monsoons in the Indian Ocean and typhoons in the western Pacific hit Asia. The Atlantic was quiet because much of the aetheric ice had been artificially thawed last year. Also some of the aetheric ice which would have fallen into the Atlantic this year was diverted back to the equatorial Pacific temporarily out of reach of the "scalar navy" or show it be called the "scaly navy"?

One of the problems with diverting aetheric ice to the polar regions is the melting of the icecaps. This can be reversed in a single season and the polar bears of the Arctic will find the ice floes thicker.

Scalar influences on the weather go back to Tesla's original experiments in Colorado Springs in 1899. There is a channelled piece of information somewhere on the internet stating scalar wave experiments in weather modification date to 1920. From personal experience I first remember the "scalar ripply clouds" from the mid 1950s. In 1971 I asked my teacher, "What causes the bands of ripply clouds?" He replied, "Scalar Waves." Definitely there were scalar waves being artificially generated decades earlier than Tom Bearden reports. Some of the scalar waves are extraterrestrial but by far most are man made in a number of nations not just Russia and America. (I also remember chemtrails over Vancouver BC in the 1950s but at the time the attempt was to create rain by seeding clouds with silver iodide crystals, not to prevent rain with aluminum and barium particles. Those fluffy while lines covered the sky from horizon to horizon. This was also a time when there were few jet airliners. These experiments were based out of Red Deer Alberta by the RCAF and RAF starting in 1946.) It is likely that 1920 was the starting date of the first HAARP experiment somewhere in the Great Plains of America funded by one of the robber barons.

In 1992 I had a dream of aetheric ice stacked high over the Great Plains. I saw five or six layers of thousand foot sheets of aetheric ice covering the region from the Rockies to the Appalachians. These pieces were placed over the Mississippi Valley and the New Madrid Faultline to help cushion and prevent a massive earthquake. The earthquake did not happen. The remaining problem was to melt the "trough" before the whole region became a desert. Most people along the Mississippi remember a flood not a drought. Something miraculous happened preventing a decade long dry spell. The flood broke through the "trough".

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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