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Failed Genocide Plots & DNA Accomodation

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
February 15, 2005

Failed Genocide Plots & DNA Accomodation By ZS Livingstone (Feb. 15, 2005)


The intent of the agrochemical giants is a massive die-off of humanity. It will not happen. They might kill every cow on the planet through one or more of their products, but the cows have wanted to leave the planet for a long time. Humanity will find other things to eat.

World War One 1914-1918, was a similar attempt to exterminate as many people as they could. When that plan did not work, they vaccinated the returning soldiers and civilians in countries. The vaccine included seven live pathogens including small pox. It was called the Spanish flu epidemic. A year later when the diseases burnt themselves out more than 20 million were dead worldwide. That plan failed too. The population rebounded in the 1920s. WWII was an attempt to destroy Europe's and possibly the world's youth. That failed too. The baby-boomers came. During the cold war thirty to forty wars were happening at any given time. Most in Africa where depopulation projects are everywhere. Even though AIDS was supposed to have massively depopulated central Africa by now, people are surviving the scourge. Ebola and other diseases pop up where the researchers vaccinate. But people keep on being born to make up the losses.

There have been hundreds of depopulation projects and most have barely been noticed. The Avian flu and SARS epidemics were busts. Few died. These were deliberately planted by western governments in China. The Chinese know about it. The Chinese just shrug off the losses as negligible. Many laboratory tested virulent killer bugs change at release. People who want to die, do die. Those who do not want to die, survive. Most want to continue living.

A lot of the plagues which were supposed to have caused panic have not done so. Fear is a big part of any plague and contribute to the lethality of a virus. Many of the vaccination promotions are all about inducing fear, but then the plague does not show up. Something in the DNA is adjusting to the assaults.

I do believe that plants are already shedding the bioengineered terminator genes and BT Round-Up ready seeds. In 1998 in Saskatchewan I saw self sow sorghum growing in a field sprayed with Round Up. In 1999 more plants were growing in those fields. It could be that the BT gene was in the sorghum but it could have been just as likely the plants had adapted in other ways. Trees have natural ways of repelling pests. Suddenly whole forests change in such a way that they are not so tasty anymore. I know that sylphs participate in this communication between trees and plants. How do trees hundreds of miles apart simultaneously start producing the same alkaloids?

I believe that "nature" has already determined the best ways of circumventing the genetic manipulations Monsanto and other companies have put into the environment. Do not get caught up in the fear, as that is part of the plan.

The DNA in people mutates all the time. People born with genetic problems do not have those problems later in life and their children do not have the problem either. People who have received enough harmful radiation to kill an elephant are in good health sixty years after the exposure. No cancer.

Most people have enough poisons in their flesh at this time to kill their great-grandfathers in their day. The body has adapted to the three million new chemicals developed over the last hundred years. It is not good on the body and irresponsible to advocate the ingestion of more chemicals, but life has a way of continuing in spite of the horrors dumped onto the earth.

The sylphs tell me that they stopped nuclear wars. They have stopped a lot of other things too. The best thing to do is to raise your frequency. The more energy you bring through your body the healthier you are. "It is not what you eat which defiles you, it is what you express which defiles you."

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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From: Mary-Sue
To: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sent: Monday, February 14, 2005
Subject: Fwd: [coc-chaps-l] Close encounter with Terminator signals need for own agriculture act

The unleashing of the gene that prevents reproduction in plant life is Canadian Government Policy, according to some reports. I find it difficult to imagine what would be in the minds and (alleged) hearts of scientists who would conceive of and implement such a gene.

It's to "protect patents", of course, so that no one can "infringe copyright". To reinforce this, farmers are to be forbidden to save seed -- as has already happened in Iraq. Saving seed allows nature to adapt; plants genetically engineer themselves in response to the conditions in which they are being grown. A neighbour of mine (who recently died, unfortunately) said she could get plants to grow under a black walnut despite its built-in herbicide given off by its roots, if she could collect seed from them and replant for at least three years in a row.

Unfortunately genes can "jump" to other species, and even to people who consume food items containing such genes. (Reported in AcresUSA, the biodynamic newspaper, in a book review.) All honest critical research is suppressed on this subject. Apparently it's Open Season on physical life perpetrated by the big chemical firms that like to take our money in exchange for killing us.

Do you have a "higher-consciousness" viewpoint on this particular gene-war issue? You have written that sylphs can string together new DNA when required. Can they "unstring them" too? Will there be enough left? Is there another option?

A few years ago an American farmer Leonard Ridzon had come up with and was selling a carbon-based nutrient supplement for soil. He published a study that showed the disappearance of the "bT" gene from corn when soil was treated with this product (which I saw in AcresUSA). I bought a tub of it and put it in my garden, in case some stray GMP got in there. I also remember that within a year after those results were published, Ridzon died "of natural causes". Privately I wondered if he was "helped" out of this realm because of his discovery.

Is there an answer in the etheric to the terminator gene? A Life-Restoration energy that directs the contrary gene/corresponding set of instructions? It ought to be possible if this carbon stuff had that effect; it must have normalized the soil life web in addition to providing nutrients.

Best wishes,
Mary-Sue H.

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Date: February 14, 2005 19:20:04 EST
Subject: [coc-chaps-l] Close encounter with Terminator signals need for own agriculture act

Dear people concerned with the future of agriculture in this country,

The near-death experience we have all just had concerning the possible unleashing of the Terminator Seed, the fact that it is still up for implementation, and the constant assault on agriculture by macro- agriculture industry tell us that we have to begin now to formulate our own agricultural act—a bill for agricultural renewal that places pure organic farming at its centre, as the jewel in the crown.

I don't think we can just continue to keep fighting these rear guard actions day on and day off with one danger or another rearing its ugly head. I am sure that Monsanto, Syngentia, Cargill and the rest just intend to exhaust us by assailing us with everything they can throw at us. And where is the young, fresh energy to replace us in this fight?

So, what I propose is that we put our heads together and form ideas for a strong vision for agricultural renewal in a ten-year realization strategy. We formulate a masterful, well-written bill and we lobby like mad for it.

This bill would deal intelligently, and with all the scientific backing we can muster, the thorny issues of "genetic use restriction technologies", i.e. The Gurts, genetic- engineering of agricultural crops, trees and livestock, nanotechnology, the continued chemicalization of produce, and the worst of factory farming plus provisions for any possible new inventions that would just amount to denatured agriculture. GE technology would be grandfathered and steadily uprooted from the fields. The aim would be to remove denatured agriculture from the equation and to supplant it with a powerful vision for ecologically sustainable regenerative agriculture for across the country. Besides the actual farming methodology this would include safeguards to the saving of open-pollinating seeds, the preservation of heritage fauna and flora, and the conservation and enhancement of biodiversity. And whatever else is important that I don't know because I am not a farmer.

I also suggest that this initiative is becoming even more important as the macro- agriculture industry is lobbying the Bush administration constantly to have the whole definition of organic altered so that it has a "compromise" form that would allow genetic-engineering, cloning, chemicalization, use of sewage sludge and whatever else. In fact, just a continuation of the same. However, this industry is now also appropriating your language and calling this compromise form "ecoagriculture" that is sustainable agriculture that protects biodiversity. Well, you can be sure that biodiversity will be enhanced by the introduction of the new creations of genetic engineering and radiation treatment to force mutations. When they start stealing your language you realize really have to fight back. The Leviathon of U.S. Menace is very potent now as our federal government, through the "Smart Regulation" in tandem with the CFIA Enforcement Act (Bill C-27) would strive to harmonize Canadian standards with the decrepit American ones.

The demand that U.S. Standards be raised to meet the better Canadian ones on a level playing field we have equal say in defining is another fight we have to wage. And it never ends.

The Aboriginal people found this appropriation to be true and have been vigilant about it ever since. Now, hardly anyone tries to steal, lift, borrow or appropriate anything of Native culture.

Now, I am willing to help in this undertaking in my capacity as an activist rhetorician. Which means I pay a lot of attention to words and how the language is working, what it is really doing and not doing. I have read a few government documents and acts in my past and written a few briefs and analyses. So I think I could examine the federal acts for how they are laid out so as to have a form we could use for our own act, but so as to surpass this by having reference sections on scientific validations and also to have stimulating concrete information rather than the usual vagueries found in government acts.

I could function as a kind of secretariat where I could take in all your recommendations for what should constitute such an act, find a common language tone in write-up, point out to everyone what each other is thinking and where I see the need for clarification, synthesis etc.. organize the material, make suggestions on where you need to flesh out your thought, ask for research references and so on. I have done group writing in the past, of a much smaller nature, so I know this is a difficult process. But I just don't see any way around it.

As your activist rhetorician, I would suggest you find compelling language for describing your knowledge. I like to call the whole sorry spectacle of what has gone wrong with agriculture, what is sometimes nicely labelled as "the green revolution" rather as "denatured agriculture". If we kept using that term in our communications people would start getting it. I am thinking especially of the parliamentarians here. And it would be a jolly good little barb to throw back at agri-corps.

Part of the justification for this act could include a justification for this act section that would reveal the breadth of information that now exists on damage to human health, especially the health of children, from denatured agriculture. I happen to be working on this study right now. What would be important also is to find the research that puts to question the safety of GE foods. There's a great deal we could do to make this an unassailable document.

We just have to galvanize ourselves in a synthesis rather than constantly fighting the barrage of broadsides levelled our way by agri-corps. I am sure that the minions at Monsanto and the rest just roar with laughter every time they deliver another body blow. The appropriation of your language would be their biggest belly laugh yet.

Don't let it happen to yourselves any longer.

The Brits in the UK pulled together on something like this. They called it something to the effect of the "Organic farming and health promotion act." Wrong wording, but something like that. A plan to be 80% organic by the year 2010. The subsequent lobbying was successful enough that the British government decided to adopt the plan without even passing the act. But I believe we would want our act to be passed. We would want it nailed to the wall. We would want it carved in stone.

And I know that we could get tremendous support from civil society across Canada for this. Consider the response from the organic and environmental communities, consumers rights groups, the public health activism community, farmers generally (well some would hate it, this is sadly true, but they are in the minority), parents organizations. I am sure that members of the academic and health professions would back it. And there would be some parliamentarians who could get behind it at the outset.

So what do you say? Shall we fight for our vision?

Jezrah Hearne

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