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Five Thousand Years of Climate Change

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Jan. 21, 2012

Five Thousand Years of Climate Change by ZS Livingstone (Jan. 21, 2012)

Carbon dioxide and methane do not cause global warming nor the 1000 year (approximate) cycle of climate change. Variations in heat and light coming from the sun have caused five cold periods and five warm periods in the past 5000 years.

When hackers broken into emails at East Anglia University England and discovered collusion and obfuscation of climate data going in making famous "Hockey Stick Graph" used by Al Gore in making the video "The Inconvenient Truth" one of the emails from a dissident climatologist who wrote about the 1000 year cycle of global warming and cooling that has been studied by his compatriots. The graph ignores the global warming of 900 to 1423 AD and assumes that time period was colder than the mini ice-age of 1424 to 1850 AD. The 900 to 1423 AD warm period was far warmer than we are currently. Greenland was green and Norse settlers raised sheep there for four centuries.

Al Gore's objective was to establish a financial bubble from which he and his supporters can profit and control energy prices for the foreseeable future. Cap and Trade will keep petroleum and natural gas prices high at a time when huge fields are being developed. Oil and natural gas from 10 to 30 kilometres deep is now being developed which could supply the whole world for 500 years at USA consumption rates. We are now in a warming trend which started 150 years ago and should continue for another 350 years. There will be global warming even if all production of carbon dioxide stopped today. Al Gore probably knows this.

The take over of Libya and other oil producing countries is an attempt to totally control oil production and prices. It would be better for veryone if the suppressed Free Energy Technologies replaced hydrocarbons and nuclear power. Cap and Trade will ration energy to the 99% and increase wealth and political control to the 1%. Free Energy would supply abundant clean energy to everyone and remove the need for a monetary system.

The cycles of warm and cold periods have been happening for the past 5000 years. The Chinese knew about the cold periods of 2500 to 2000 BC and 1500 to 1000 BC when they decided to start building The Great Wall of China 500 BC. They knew the Siberians and Mongolians were coming in such numbers that they would destabilize the their society. A big part of the colder periods were the plagues which happen when may people crowded into small dwellings. The rats would also enter and bring the flea borne bubonic and black death would kill millions even in the warm parts of south China. Tuberculosis would be epidemic too.

At 500 AD no additions were made to the Great Wall. Possibly there was a standing army atop the wall and in the unfinished gaps. It is known the Huns started moving west out of central Asia about 310 AD. They may have foreseen themselves dying of starvation and plagues, unable to breach the Great Wall they moved across Asia to attack Rome five generations later. They may have scouted the Khyber Pass to India but decided not to go there. The Huns attacked Constantinople but were repulsed. The Roman Army defeated them in Gaul. It takes a powerful goad to push a whole nation across Central Asia towards a well armed empire. Fear of starvation and plague was the goad.

It is likely the Goths who followed the Huns were from the Steppes of Russia and they had suffered attacks from the Huns but necessity drove them to the Mediterranean too. The Visigoths (Western Goths) looted Rome 410 AD and then marched all the way to the Algarve southern coast of Portugal. Their descendents are still there.

The Angles, Saxons and Jutes moved to England pushing the Celts into Wales and Scotland. They stayed in England.

The Vandals looted Rome too and ended up in the warm and wet fields of Libya. Libya during the cold centuries was more like Italy or alifornia than the desert it now is. In the next century the Constantinople Roman General Belisarius killed all the Vandals under orders from Justinian. Justinian wanted the gold the Vandals looted from Rome.

The Franks and Burgundians moved into Gaul and stayed. It is possible the Norse frozen out of Scandinavia sailed to the Brittany coast and established a foothold which was later called Normandy.

With all these nations moving to warmer climes, fathers, mothers and children, languages and genealogies blended. New nations and different customs emerged. Historians do not know all the national roots but have a general idea by following the languages and oral histories. Some nations are gone and their languages are dead. It is possible with DNA fingerprinting the lost threads of migration and blending can be unravelled.

With the plagues of 400 to 800 AD the population of all of Europe plummeted. Historians have come to agree that a quarter of the people died. Cities were in disarray. Scholarship languished. These are called The Dark Ages due the lack of written records. Thomas Cahill has written a book stating writing, scholarship and Christianity in western Europe were saved by the Irish:

Somehow a huge trove of books from Egypt possibly the same Christian Copts who buried the Hag Hammadi Scrolls circa 400 AD and who fled a Roman Legion ordered to kill them and burn their books, ended up in Ireland. Irish Monasticism is Egyptian. The Celtic Cross is Coptic. The Irish bagpipes are from northern Africa and shamrock means "three leaf" in one or more north African languages. By the seventh century Irishman like Johannes Scotus were teaching across Europe when Rome had little influence outside Italy. Scotus established universities when most could not read. With the bitterly cold winters of the Dark Ages passing out of living memory and ample food being grown populations and scholarship increased.

Charlemagne was able to reconnect with Rome and ask for a papal decree establishing the Holy Roman Empire in the year 800 AD. Germany and most of Europe was lightly populated and The Roman Catholic Church fostered by the Irish formed a patchwork of civilization through the forests of northern Europe.

With the warming of Europe after 800 AD the population swelled, especially France. 1000 to 1400 AD the great cathedrals were built. Cities grew. Castles dotted the landscape. Although the population of France during this period is an open question, it may have exceeded thirty million. Someone calculated more stone was moved in these four centuries than was moved in Egypt in five thousand years.

Most of the soldiers sent out of Europe for the three Crusades were Franks. To this day the Frank in Arabic is a generic term for European. France was a superpower. Saladin and the nations of Islam moved north out of Arabia and northern Africa because of desertification. The green lands on the edges of the Sahara were returning to sand. Mecca and Medina which had grainfields and date palm plantations for centuries was drying out. Eternal Egypt blessed by the Nile took the climate change unfazed. pre-Timbuktu cities in the Sahel, the crossroads of caravans from West Africa to the Mediterranean and Red Sea adapted to the dryness and still prospered. The camel routes became longer. Timbuktu was built during the following cold era of 1424 to 1850 when the Sahel was wetter again. As we are 150 years into the next warm cycle the Sahel is dryer again.

The Moors marched across the Pyrenees in 715 AD during the great expansion of Islam during its first century. Then with Morocco and Spain drying out in the Twelfth Century again marched into southern France. The kings of Europe united to drive them out of France and it took until 1492 for Ferdinand and Isabella to drive them out of Spain but by that date Morocco and northern Africa was green again.

With the warming of the Ninth Century Islam spread into Central Asia. The Turks east of the Caspian Sea were converted and at the same time the Orthodox Christians out of Constantinople sent missionaries (and soldiers) to convert the Ukraine and Russia to Christianity. Up until that time the steppes were frozen and the population was eking a subsistence from the land. People were migrating north.

At the mouth of the Volga River was the Kingdom of Khazaria. Islam was coming in from the east and Christianity from the west. The King Bulan adopted Judaism in 838 AD and Torah Scrolls and Jewish Rabbis migrated north out of Babylon, Jerusalem and Cairo. In the four centuries that followed it is likely there was some intermarriage. Babylon the largest Jewish city was dryer and many Jews who were welcomed into the lands of Islam also went north to a kingdom which was entirely Jewish. Genghis Khan destroyed both Babylon and Khazaria in the Twelfth Century and the northern Jews fled north again into Russia, Poland and Germany.

During the warm era 800 to 1424 AD the Mongols living in a sea of lush grass in Mongolia and the Gobi multiplied greatly and on their small swift ponies conquered central Asia, China and eastern Europe. The Great Wall of China could not keep out an invasion of foreign devils during this warm spell. The Mongol Empire fell apart with the cold after 1423 AD. Garrisons of soldiers in eastern Poland were cut off from China and their descendents are known as Tataryns. The Khanates of Central Asia fled south through the Khyber Pass and conquered northern India. They built the Taj Mahal.

At the same time the Mongols swept through Asia the Norse were making life difficult in northern Europe. They raided Scotland, England, Ireland and France. ( They carried away a lot of women.) They sailed in their longboats from Newfoundland to Kiev. Their sea empire was nearly as vast as the Mongol's land empire. From their beachhead in France, Normandy, they conquered England in 1066 AD. At the same time Russia converted to Orthodox Christianity Norway converted to Catholicism. The first red head kings of Russia were Norseman. The Norman kings of England were cousins of the Russians. In the mid 1400s the cold brought and end to their murdering and again plagues wiped out whole towns within weeks.

With the cold starting in 1424 AD the population of Europe dropped due to plagues. Again Germany was starving in the snow, maybe not as bad as a thousand years earlier and the Princes in their small kingdoms were impoverished. The payments the Vatican was expecting from them were more and more difficult to gather. When Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses to a church door listing the differences between the Bible and Canon Law the Princes of German lined up behind Luther. The Protestant Reformation was in part due to climate change.

With the Silk Road from China shutdown due to snow and starving Siberians the Kings of Europe pushed for a sea route to China to re-acquire the silks and other treasures from the Far East. Marco Polo's return to the Venice from China was by the Indian Ocean. The Age of European
exploration was driven by climate change.

Back in China the Ming Dynasty overthrew the Mongols and completed the Great Wall of China to keep the Siberians and what remained of the Mongols north of the wall freezing in the dark. Again plagues descended on Asia and the population dropped. The Emperors of China during cold eras cut off trade with the outside world and prospered. In warm eras the Emperors open the ports and trade routes and prospered. China did not prosper when British gunboats rained cannon fire on the ports backed by marines carrying heroin. China did not proper during the times of change: political change and climate change.

In North America the records are scant regarding migration of the First Nations until European conquest. The first English settlement was Jamestown 1607. The fort was built on a malarial swamp. The Powhattan Indians would not live there. Most of the first settlers died of disease and starvation. It was very cold in Virginia in those years.

Likewise the Puritans at Plymouth Rock suffered through many cold winters and were saved from starvation by the First Nations.

Frank Joseph in his book "Advanced Civilizations of Prehistoric America" writes that he believes the Mississippian mound builders who built Cahokia near St. Louis were Mayans from the Yucatan and Guatemala. The Mayan people left all their cities about 850 AD and the jungle grew atop the stonework. He believes their calendar dictated they should leave the Yucatan. The Mayans intermingled with the First Nations of the American and then in 1320 AD they left the Mississippi Valley together. Again their calendar indicated it was time to move. Joseph feels these neo-Mayans then became the Aztec. From a climate change perspective the Mayans left the Yucatan when the weather was about to warm up and the Yucatan would be dryer. They then left the Mississippi before the climate would become cooler and migrated to the wetter and cooler sierra near Mexico City. Wise decisions in every respect.

Frank Joseph also believes the Serpent Mound Builders of Ohio were Celtic and the Zuni of Colorado speak a language which includes Japanese words. Climate change pushes people across oceans?

We started coming out of the cold about 1850 AD and population growth expanded rapidly. We have grown to seven billion from less than a billion in 160 years. Technology especially sanitation and increased agricultural yields can explain much of the growth. It is possible in the previous warm spells the population multiplied exponentially. France may have had more than thirty million people. The Roman Empire may have had more than five hundred million. The plague years when the climate cooled may have wiped out not 25% of the people but 90% and the die off was so rapid graves were not prepared.

With global warming populations will need to migrate. Desertification may cover the 10 to 35 degree bands around the Earth. With Free Energy it will be possible to desalinate water in such great quantities the Sahara will bloom. With hydrocarbons or nuclear power such plans are unfeasible. It may be possible to sustain a world population four times greater than it is now with Free Energy. With Free Energy such as Zolar (ACE) Energy it would be possible to keep everyone warm and plague free if the sun cools in 350 years. With abundant energy people do not need presidents, prime ministers, kings or bankers.

Going back to 3000 BC the sacred literature of the Hindus were written the Vedas and the Upanishads. They were composed in Sanskrit.

About a hundred years ago there was an Indian scholar who taught himself to speak Sanskrit a language which had not been spoken for 1500 years. He made a trip to Moscow Russia to give a lecture. He was shocked to hear Sanskrit words and syntax in the Russian language. Russian is based on Sanskrit.

From the perspective of climate change it is more likely Sanskrit and the Vedas and migrated to India with the people fleeing the cold circa 2500 BC again making a trip through the Khyber Pass Afghanistan. Once a nation moves south to India they tend to stay there. Some will venture north when the weather improves but it will not a whole nation. In order for the Vedas to have been written, north of the Khyber Pass, in 3000 BC there must have been an advance culture and in order to have an advanced culture it would have been enduring one. This implies there may not have been a cold spell from 3500 to 3000 BC. The first cold spell started about 2500 BC. There have been a lot of people traveling through the Khyber Pass through the millennia. Cultures and nations survive because they have traveled that route.

Part of the Vedas is the discussion of the Yugas or ages. We are now supposed to be in the Kali Yuga the darkest of the ages. Some Veda scholars interpret this age to last 5000 years. The Mayan Calendar is also a 5000 year calendar. Actually it is 1,872,000 days or 5,163.8 years long. If the start date was 3114 BC its end date would be 2012 AD. If the Mayans as Frank Joseph theorized knew enough to move before climate change set in then 2012 could be the end of the Kali Yuga. This is a comparison of two radically different cultures on different continents.

If this does mesh together then someone in ancient times knew a lot about solar physics and was one heck of an astrophysicist. In my meditations on the solar corona the energies involved are 3rd, 4th and 5th dimensional. Someone 5000 years ago knew multi-dimensionality. Someone knew the planet was heading into a dark era and established calendars to track the end of the warm/cold cycles. Also if we are at the end of five one thousand year cycles we might not be going into global warming for the next 350 years but a moderate trend. We will know for certain in fifty years but I feel Kali Yuga
is over.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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