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Replacing Nuclear Power Plants in Germany

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 30, 2011

Replacing Nuclear Power Plants in Germany by ZS Livingstone (May 30, 2011)

On May 30, 2011 Germany announced it was phasing out all of its nuclear power plants over the next twelve years. About one quarter of electricity in Germany is produced by nuclear power. The impetus to follow this path was the destruction of the Daiichi power plants in Fukushima Japan.

The replacement plants were not announced, but will, for the majority, be Siemens Natural Gas Turbines.

After the 1998 German Federal Elections, the Green Party started the push to close nuclear power plants. The Greens and Buendnis 90 with the balance of power in a minority government, forced a coalition ousting Helmut Kohl. One of their conditions for Gerhard Schroeder becoming Chancellor was closure of nuclear plants along the Rhine.,,1659820,00.html

The tactical nuke bombing of the Daiichi nuclear power plants accelerated the political decision in Germany.

Siemens built and operated nuclear plants, but now is in a prime position to benefit by the revamping of power production in Germany and worldwide with natural gas turbines. With the unlocking of huge Abiotic natural gas fields under the Urals, Russia will have European customers for decades.

British Petroleum's push to develop Abiotic natural gas in the Gulf of Mexico by the explosion of a nuclear bomb 6 miles under the alluvial fan of the Mississippi River August 19 2009 led to the blow out eight months later. There have been fifteen or more such explosions at depth under the Gulf of Mexico. The floor of the Gulf is leaking hydrocarbons in many areas. All the petroleum companies are positioning themselves to supply natural gas for the turbines.

Turbines are essentially jet engines burning methane instead of aviation fuel. It is quicker to install a turbine plant than a coal fired, nuclear or hydro electric plant. It takes a week to get boilers to pressure in a coal fired or nuclear plant. A natural gas turbine is at full power in less than a minute. The structures around the turbine are mainly sound baffling blocking the roar of the jet engine, far cheaper than nuclear containment or acid rain scrubbers on coal plants. Sulphurs can be easily removed from natural gas.

Problem...Reaction...Solution. The Illuminati decided to replace nuclear power plants and bombed Japan again to force a new world order in power generation to their liking.

The push for Cap and Trade of carbon credits makes Machiavellian sense in a world of continued use of hydrocarbons. Natural gas turbines are simply another way of denying the use of over-unity technologies that are already developed.

With Abiotic natural gas, there are many centuries of methane to exploit and the Illuminati corporations are fighting among themselves to be the top suppliers.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


Subject: thanks for/response to ZSL latest article on Germany
From: Larry (Germany)
Date: Tue, May 31, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Hi Ken,

Thanks so much for posting this- greatly appreciated. Livingstone's insights (as well as yours) have always alerted my attention. Although I greatly welcome Germany's plans to ditch "Nookular" energy (quoting Bush,
Jr.)I've always believed that someone, somewhere financially benefits from every crisis.

Siemens is probably on a par with General Electric: the label "Made in Germany" insuring 'ultimate quality' is yet another myth. Yeah, sure, Mercedes, BMW ("Bleed My Wallet") cars are certainly good products but
one pays through the nose for them. My "top of the line" <cough> German-made Miele kitchen appliances tell a different story- nothing but problems with them.

Siemens on many levels has a highly questionable track-record: just look at the problems that have in the past plagued the steet-car systems of Nancy, France and Basel, Switzerland (just down the road from where I live)- courtesy of Siemens.

I disagree slightly on Livingstone's comment "The tactical nuke bombing of the Daiichi nuclear power plants". The plants themselves were not targeted except for the Stuxnet US/Israeli-developed computer virus (if these reports have any validity); rather, the fault zone was (whether by mini-nukes or HAARP, or not, etc., the list goes on)-

In any case sabotage cannot yet be fully ruled-out because Japan has been trying to free itself from the Rockefeller jack-boot (according to Benjamin Fulford- if one gives him credulity)

Now back to Germany (I live there and I "calls it as I sees it"). Michael Rivero of has several times stated that "roads in Germany are built to last 50 years"- yeah, right- Rivero (although I have sometimes great respect for his opinions )needs to book a flight to Frankfurt, Berlin, Munich or "Teutonic Podunkville" and then take a car-drive over Germany's slightly pot-holed roads- yeah, not nearly as bad as in the States or France, but anything but perfect. Driving through Germany is sometimes a bumpy ride.

I live near a powder keg: the Fessenhein, France "nookular" power plant (France's OLDEST)is just a mere 15 miles from where I live- if it ever blows I will be toast.

Now back to Livingstone: too bad Livingstone devoted such little time to Helmut Kohl but which I will briefly
address: Helmut Kohl was/is one of the most sinister forces in post-war Germany. His activity in the Leuna/Gulf Aquitaine financial scandal was just so conveniently swept under the carpet not to mention the "suicide" <cough> of his wife Hannelore- she supposedly wasn't coming to terms with her "sun allergy."How the hell can someone/ANYONE be allergic to the ultimate life-force of our entire solar-system? Me thinks 'girlfriend' knew too much-enough said. I know you're more than capable of reading through the lines.

Many warmest regards,

Larry M
Freiburg, Germany

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