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Good News

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 12, 2012

Good News by ZS Livingstone (August 12, 2012)

Although the main stream media reports crimes and disasters, and the internet has doom and gloom websites, the reality is that most of the predicted events have not happened. Those scenarios which did happen, like the Colorado movie theatre and Sikh Temple shootings in Wisconsin, did not result in hundreds of deaths even with multiple shooters. As the MK Ultra mind controls are falling apart, a lone gunman would not have been able to pull the trigger. Teams of shooters are likewise having a hard time shooting. The weight of spiritual consciousness is pushing even the artificial psychopaths to aim away from people. Yet, too many people were shot and the angels who worked to mitigate these crimes will work harder to awaken the minds of those ordered to kill.

The same regressed souls who plot wars and wear the label of being counter-terrorists are being pressured by their Higher Selves. As the lower astral is being cleaned up, the old dualism of a daemon shouting in one ear and an angel whispering in the other ear is fading. Now there are angels on both shoulders. This is the time when every knee will bow. The haughty will be laid low. God conscious awareness is nearer than feet and hands. There is no enemy. War is a mockery. Everyone else is another you.

The armed forces take boys, break them down, and then build their egos and call them soldiers; real men. It is all false. A real man is one with God and knows that God dwells in everyone. A real man is armed with light.

Manipulators of mass consciousness are trying to generate mass hatred. Their efforts are not working. The anger evaporates like dew in bright sunshine. The manipulators are trying to instil fear, but the fear is blown away like a thin mist. Shadows and darkness do not adhere to the consciousnesses of those carrying light.

Manipulators of words are trying to write false histories to hide past crimes. The crimes are coming to light because they must. Mother Earth herself is shaking awake the dead bodies and the souls are walking and talking again. All that which was hidden will come to light. The hurt feelings and memories will be expunged and then washed away and forgotten because God does not want them. God is Love, not vengeful or condemning. The manipulators will speak the truth in order to absolve themselves of their lies and find divine forgiveness.

True humility is oneness with God. A person standing in the love light of God is never haughty or proud. He or she is living in spiritual love.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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