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When The HAARP-Gales Blow

by Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 5, 2007

The cyclone season in the Asian Pacific was devastating this year. The Philippines, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam and China were struck repeatedly by huge storms. There were many people killed and much damage. HAARP scalar frequencies were aimed at the sections of the ocean where Aetheric Ice was floating and increased the evaporation therefore expanding normal cyclones into huge storms. It was the same method that made 2005, the year of the monster hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, so bad. As this is an El Nino year the presence of fallen Aetheric Ice in the Pacific Ocean is high. Much of the Aetheric Ice normally floating in the Atlantic is gone due to the excessive HAARP activity of 2005. This caused a drier 2006 in the Atlantic and will cause lower precipitation rates for a number of years even if HAARP activities stopped now. The normal cycle has been altered. HAARP induced storms are now being generated in the northern Pacific between Hawaii and Alaska and a dozen strong gales have hit the Pacific Northwest of North America since early November 2006.

The White House has reversed its position on Global Warming at a time when artificial gales are blowing humid warm winds into the northern states. The jet-stream is in its summer position along the Canada/USA border. Paradoxical Denver has been hit twice with two feet of snow. Seattle has been repeatedly flooded and before Christmas over a million people were without power due to high winds. Winds as strong as category two hurricane force have hit the Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island. One of the bigger gales from a single cyclonic storm hit the west coast from San Francisco to Anchorage on the same day. The center of the storm filled the whole of the Gulf of Alaska.

These are not cyclones/hurricanes. There are no defined eyes to the storms. The water of the north Pacific is too cold to generate hurricanes. Normal to slightly bigger than normal cold low pressure systems travel from Asia reach the ocean north of Hawaii and then mushroom in size in one or two days. Satellite photos show the outer bands of the low pressure zones forming shield clouds as they near the Pacific Coast as huge amounts of water vapour show its presence. On January 1 2007 Vancouver BC got five inches of rain in one day, most of it fell in a few hours. It is extraordinary.

For the most part the trees have taken the brunt of the winds and rains. Dozens of homes have been destroyed by falling trees. Stanley Park in Vancouver had nearly half of its 200 foot tall trees knocked over. There have been few deaths. The snow in the mountains is thick and the skiing is great in British Columbia. Europeans are flying here as little snow has fallen in the Alps due to the HAARP malfeasance of 2005.

Law suits should be launched against HAARP activities. If Asia, North America and Europe join to create a class action suit maybe those in charge of HAARP will get the message.

The Global Warming campaign is spin-doctoring to cover ill conceived weather experiments.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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