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Hawaiian Chain

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 6, 2006

In the mid 1970s National Geographic sold a globe of the Earth including the topography of the ocean floor. It was the first time such a globe had been available. Our teacher ordered one. He showed us the hidden stretch marks of the planet, the many labours of a prolific mother. Later he gave me a puzzle to solve, "What is at 190 degrees west longitude and 72 degrees north latitude?" It was a trick question as there is no 190 degrees west, unless one simply ignores the convention of stopping at 180 degrees. At 170 degrees east and 72 degrees north is in the East Siberian Sea just west of Wrangell Island?

I looked at the National Geographic globe and saw the shallows above a wide continental slope and puzzled about a presumably icy section of ocean with little ocean bottom distinguishing marks? Setting the globe on a desk and backing away from it, I looked at the whole region and saw the coordinates lining up with the Emperor's Seamounts of the north-western Pacific. Then I saw the chain of seamounts connecting with Midway Islands and with the 1700 mile chain of islands and seamounts of the Hawaiian chain. The same Hot Spot in the mantle now beneath the Kilauea Volcano on the Big Island. In the same way counting tree rings gives the age of a tree the chain of islands give a history of seismic events in the Pacific and possibly the whole planet for the last 200 million years. The chain is a geological Rosetta Stone regarding plate tectonics. For some unknown reason the decoding of the seismic history of the Pacific was not in the popular scientific literature? Was it top secret? If so, what was the secret? Why did our teacher give the coordinates he gave?

In the geological history of Hawaii the islands that are no longer volcanic sink. Many of the seamounts were once islands. Oahu is slowly sinking. Maui is sinking. The 6.7 Richter earthquake on the big island of Hawaii on October 15 2006 was a subsidence of the northwest corner of the island and neighbouring Maui. The southern part of the island is growing and the northern part of the island is sinking. Still Hawaii is the highest mountain on the planet at 36,000 feet (when measured from the ocean floor), and there is no danger of it becoming a seamount. The slow sinking of Hawaii is not top secret as it is included in many reference books.

Looking at the slow creep of the Pacific Ocean floor over a Hot Spot in the mantle beneath the crust, the pace is not constant. All the main islands in the State of Hawaii have more than one peak and therefore during the growth period of each island the crust inched northwest over the Hot Spot. Then there is a gap between islands where the crust moved more quickly if not suddenly. If the Hot Spot is generating a constant stream of magma from the mantle then there are times when the ocean floor slips 30 to 100 miles quickly.

Maybe the flow of magma from beneath the crust is intermittent and some unknown process creates alternating dormant and active cycles? From my nocturnal journeys into the earth I believe the Hot Spot is the core of a huge ancient silicate meteorite low in metals, water and hydrocarbons and much less dense than the mantle buoying up the molten rock. It may have a specific gravity of 2.7 versus the mantle's 3.5 to 4.5. The lighter silicates create a bulge under the crust and thus generating the fissures from which the volcanoes grow. The lack of volatile gases is characteristic of all the volcanic eruptions of Kilauea and similar lava covers all the islands in the chain. Therefore the regularity of the source of the magma and its nearly constant flow, ergo the ocean floor moves in fits and starts.

The Emperor's Seamounts and Hawaiian Chain show metronome like regularity in the sudden lurching of the crust below the Pacific Ocean and more than likely the whole planet. Now, that would be stamped "Top Secret" in a heartbeat!

Each of the many crustal slippages would have resulted in horrific tsunamis and volcanic venting around the Ring of Fire. Mountain chains along the west coast of the Americas would appear suddenly and/or existing mountains would be raised higher. Subduction zones in the ocean floor would swallow long strips of the ocean floor creating more volcanism. Due to the amount of ash put into the atmosphere the sun would be blocked out for years. Ice ages! Extinctions! In the Hawaiian chain there is evidence of many extinctions. Also there is much evidence of life rebounding just as suddenly. Life did not end, it regenerated and restored the vast ecologies of the

The earth was designed like a theatre where the closing of the curtain ends one scene and the opening brings a new props, backdrops and actors.

Looking at the islands and seamounts I could see a long tableau preceding Atlantis, predating Lemuria... What sort of life did each new volcano witness?

Looking at the restoration of life I could see the seed of new creations coming from the stars and their planets. Bears from one or more worlds. Cats from other worlds. Trees and plants from hundreds of worlds. The whole galaxy is the ark carrying life through the periodic tempests. I could see new creations projected into the flesh. New people with new DNA living long lives.

Life on earth is to be experienced and cherished. The spirit is eternal and each era of incarnate life in the flesh is unique. Lessons are learned. Life in the dense worlds re-affirms the beauties of all the densities in the wondrous Creation. The third dimension is not one of the eternal realms. It is beautiful for its seasons.

I was a given a coordinate in the East Siberian Sea and trying to solve its puzzle I discovered other mysteries. I still do not know what is west of Wrangell Island? It is a stretch mark inside another stretch mark inside another stretch mark on the pregnant belly of Mother Earth.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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