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He Holds The Whole World In His Hands

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Feb. 23, 2005

This morning the magnetic deviation is nine degrees east of its many year norm of 019 for Salmon Arm. I am logging the compass readings regularly. Today, February 23 2005, is the full moon. I have no idea of how to quantify the additional magnetic torque. I could guess that each degree deflection is millions of tons pressure on the crust under a city the size of Vancouver BC. I do not know. In that there has been no local earthquakes yet even with a nine degree shift, there is more happening than meets the senses.

A lot of local psychics have head pressure. A psychic about thirty miles south of Salmon Arm is seeing aetheric shimmering rising out of the ground. The effect is like heat waves above hot asphalt, but vertical not horizontal. It is winter and there is snow on the ground. A number of people have written me to meditate to banish fear. When I do relax I get the image of Jesus holding the whole world in His hands.

The globe he is handling is like a quivering soap bubble in air. It is as if a wind had caught it and spun it around causing it to bulge to the point of breaking. Two large hands cupped around the bubble shield it from the wind and smooth of the bumps making the soap film spherical again.

In my mind the image is not just poetic but a glimmering of the way things actually are. How big is body of the universal Christ? Oral Roberts had a vision of a nine hundred foot tall Christ. That was probably one of Christ's smaller manifestations. How big do you have to be in order to create/move planets, suns and galaxies?

In my Melchizedek training, everything is made of consciousness. Everything is alive. Humanity lives within the body called Earth. Earth is within the body of the solar system....within the body of the galaxy....within the body of the universe. How big is the body of the universe? How big are the Sons and Daughters of the Universe who attend to the affairs within the universe?

Is an ant aware of the presence of human beings? Probably not.

I have written on the presence of larger beings who participate in the maintenance of the climates and ecologies of Earth. Sylphs are invisible to most just like people are invisible to ants. Jesus or any other universal being nearby could be shielding the Earth from galactic winds and would be invisible to us. The magnetic compass shows a single finger print ridge of the hands of Christ contacting the magnetic field of the planet. magnetically dampening the wobble of the Earth.

How precious is the Earth when the giants of the universe are tending her? How valued is life? How valued is humanity?

Even for the giant hands holding the Earth there are wobbles which will still cause earthquakes and tsunamis. Be wary. Also there are changes that have to be made re-fashioning the crust and cleaning up the planet.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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