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Hurricane Energy

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 6, 2005

After Hurricane Katrina sideswiped New Orleans it continued north dumping much rain. It caused flooding in Ontario and then continued north to the James Bay region of Quebec, finally veering eastward leaving the continent north of Goose Bay Labrador. The hurricane, which started near the Tropic of Cancer, was still a major storm at 55 degrees north. Along the way it dropped enough rain to half fill Lake Erie. Even at that the storm was still a storm when it hit northern Europe after recharging itself with moisture over the North Atlantic.

How much rain fell? A rough calculation would have four to five feet fell between New Orleans and Labrador along the storm path. Eighteen inches fell along the gulf coast, five inches over Tennessee and four to five inches over southern Ontario. A hurricane is a dynamic system and many things are happening at once. The point of this essay is to include levitation of water into understanding of the processes happening in hurricanes and all other vortex storms.

Sylphs communicate that up to thirty feet of water in the forms of vapour, mist and rain is suspended in the vertical column along the full height and circumference of the eye-wall of a major hurricane. Thirty feet of water is the same weight as the vertical column of air to the top of the atmosphere! For those who have experienced the eye-wall it is like a curtain of water moving horizontally at great speed. The eye-wall is the engine of levitation which lifts vast quantities of moisture high into the air.

The pressure in the eye of Katrina was about 900 millibars. For most people this number is meaningless even though their science teachers spent hours explaining weather phenomena. Briefly one "bar" is the height one atmosphere of dry air can lift a column of mercury at sea level. The height is about thirty inches. The thirty inches is then marked out in a thousand increments and these are individual millibars. The air pressure in the eye of Katrina was 90% of normal. This measurement is important in calculating wind speed, as winds are generated by heavy dry air "falling" towards the lighter wet air. With just the millibar reading the Hurricane Center in Miami can give a good approximation of wind speed. They have a lot of empirical data on the subject. They can also calculate the storm surge.

900 millibars by itself, without the effects of the high winds, can lift the surface of the ocean about three and a half feet. When the wind speeds, proper motion of the hurricane, the sea bottom topography, the lay of the coast line and lunar tides are known, the height of the storm surge can be guessed. The guess for Katrina on the eastern flank of the eye was fifteen feet. The actuality was nearly twenty feet.

Most people "zone out" when a meteorologist tries to explain why moist air is less dense than dry air. The reason is...water molecules are about 60% the weight of oxygen and nitrogen molecules. Theoretically a vertical column of dry air has the same number of molecules as a vertical column of moist air. Sylphs tell me that there are over twice as many molecules suspended in the air inside a 900 millibar hurricane. There was literally half of Lake Erie within twenty-five miles of the eye-wall of Katrina.

Most meteorologists are aware of this conundrum and do not try to explain it. Somewhere there are files on this phenomena and there are theories regarding high wind speed aerodynamic lift of rain droplets nullifying the Ideal Gas State with respect to air pressure in a hurricane. The sylphs say levitation, the same process which keeps hail aloft long enough to form baseball sized hail.

The wind shear at the eye-wall generates electrical charges of such strength that electro-gravity breaks the gravity connection to the earth on most of the mist and droplets. The rain is literally falling which ever way the wind is blowing and as most of the wind at the wall spirals upward, the moisture is lifted high in the atmosphere. Paradoxically the weightless drops still have mass and are still performing the function of particles in an Ideal Gas. They still sting the faces of the brave TV reporters out in the storm and they are bouncing off other raindrops and air molecules creating a reasonable facsimile of air pressure. The weightless particles still provide aerodynamic lift for the intrepid pilots of aircraft that fly into the storm. The water droplets are simply weightless and there are a lot of them floating in the air.

The increase of evaporation through HAARP induced thawing of Aetheric Ice broke the surface tension in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Water vapour was then caught up in the high winds and spiralled into the eye-wall from both the eye of the hurricane and the surrounding storm. Wind shear at the eye-wall generated the electric charges on the water particles and they became weightless. The eye-wall winds lifted the moisture to great heights greatly increasing the diameter of the storm and the reach of its outer bands. A storm which left Florida as a Category One mushroomed to a Category Five in a couple of days. The 85 degree F. surface temperatures helped the growth but the electromagnetic and scalar waves from HAARP freed a lot of water vapour and fed the monster.

Silver Iodide has been proven to decrease the size and wind speed of hurricanes since the 1960s by promoting rain especially when seeded to the outer bands of the storm. Such seeding cancels the charges on the water droplets too. There were chemtrails over Katrina but they did not include silver iodide. The chemtrails were to promote the growth of the storm to dangerous levels. Prayer brought about a shifting of the storm away from New Orleans. With later storms, prayer was effectively used to decrease the intensity of the winds. Prayer can be used to cancel electro-gravitic levitation. Visualization of clockwise vortices countering the storm's winds may work to this effect.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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