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Hurricane Wilma Went From Category One To Category Five In Eighteen Hours!

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
October 20, 2005

Hurricane Wilma Went From Category Onw To Category Five In Eighteen Hours! by ZS LIvingstone (Oct. 20, 2005)

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As Hurricane Wilma passed the 85 degree (F.) [30 C.] waters near the Grand Cayman Islands, it went from category one to category five in eighteen hours. The storm exploded in size and energy exponentially. The energy came from somewhere. This article will discuss a special type of orgone, Aetheric Ice, and how it is one of the sources of this hurricane energy.

Aetheric Ice is water of the fourth dimension (density). It is the frozen material floating at 120 miles above the surface of the earth creating the first astral shell. The fourth dimensional atmosphere around the planet extends about half the distance to the moon and then merges with the magnetic atmosphere of the sun. The magnetic atmosphere of the sun extends over 100 astronomical units from the sun. One astronomical unit is the mean radius of the Earth's orbit. It is gaseous orgone for the most part. At sea level, the pressure is equivalent to 32,000 psi. The physical atmosphere is just 14.7 psi.

Other shells float at various levels of the magnetic atmosphere according to their buoyancy. Most are layered like onion skins through the Van Allen Belts and are part of the organizing energies forming the belts. The lowest four shells are generally called the Astral Hell realms. The higher realms beyond the Van Allen Belts are the higher or pure astral realms.

Most of the mind control exercised on the physical plane comes from the four lower astral realms, even today as physical technology is catching up.

In other postings, I have discussed the densification of the lower realms through parasitic practises and how denser aetheric materials sucked from the earth and the natural kingdoms causes the lower realms to lose buoyancy and crash to the surface.

The 7.6 earthquake in Pakistan was a piece of the lowest aetheric realm over southern China falling to earth rather suddenly last week. Normally physical pressure is felt on the body two to three days before an earthquake. In this situation, I felt the pressure less than a day beforehand. Such a break-up in the astral above China indicates coming changes in China and other lands in the vicinity. There are definite imbalances in the astral and in the booming growth of China and southeast Asia. As Above, So Below.

Pieces of the astral realms have been falling to earth since the formation of the planet. Densification does happen naturally as the astral gains heavier orgone from the sun and the magnetic atmosphere of the sun and other planets. Additional aetheric ice from the rest of the solar system can thicken the shells too much and cause fragmentation. At this time regressed souls accelerate to the cycle.

The movement of the aetheric continents causes the tectonic plates on earth to shift. Pieces of aetheric ice can be as large as physical continents. Pieces of aetheric ice can fall gently to earth without causing earthquakes and as most of the earth is ocean they linger in the oceans and thaw in the briny water.

Water is the universal alchemical solvent. It has a huge capacitance for physical and aetheric material. In the oceans, melting aetheric ice physically heats the surface waters of the ocean. About fifteen years ago, Scientific American published satellite photos of the Atlantic Ocean which showed areas where the surface water was as much as five degrees F. hotter than neighbouring waters. The hotter water did not correlate to ocean currents or solar heating. The hot zones were a thousand feet deep. Aetheric Ice is about a thousand feet thick on the first astral level. All the hurricanes in the Atlantic start in these hot zones and when the storms pass over adjacent hot zones they grow quickly. The Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico have had a lot of aetheric ice warming their waters this year. Much of the aetheric ice in the eastern Gulf of Mexico was removed by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. Hurricane Wilma will probably decrease in energy in the Gulf.

When aetheric ice melts, it is released from the ocean and floats up in the magnetic atmosphere back into the astral realms where it renews the lowest aetheric realm. As the individual molecules of fourth dimensional H2O break through the surface of the ocean the evaporation rate increases remarkably. The magnetic molecule breaks the surface tension electric forces which tightly bind water. Sunshine alone simply does not generate enough evaporation to generate more than a localized thunderstorm...if that.

Melting aetheric ice is what releases huge quantities of water vapour from the oceans. This was probably discovered decades ago when the El Nino cycle quickened. The particular electro-magnetic and scalar frequencies that accelerate the melting of aetheric ice may have been discovered accidentally by the Russians using Tesla technology to increase their rainfall. Their "Woodpecker" broadcasts went worldwide and caused huge rain clouds to rise above aetheric ice patches of equatorial waters.

HAARP can cause exponential releases of water vapour from the oceans. If a hurricane already exists and the jetsteams can be steered in such a way to organize the outer bands of a hurricane then a category one storm can become a category five in eighteen hours.

Wilma will be aimed towards Miami.

A gifted woman, S.T., saw that Hurricane Rita could be decreased in wind speed by visualizing many clockwise spinning vortices dancing above the cloud tops of the counter clockwise rotating hurricane. She was in a grounding meditation when she saw this method to protect people on the Gulf coast. It is again time for powerful prayers.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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