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Hypnotism IS Black Magic

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
December 20,. 2010

Hypnotism IS Black Magic by ZS Livingstone (Dec. 20, 2010)

I have written elsewhere that hypnotism is black magic and received replies protesting that hypnotism is a useful tool to study the psyche. Others have said that self-hypnotism has helped them. Many have been assisted in stopping smoking. However, anything, any methodology, which blocks a person's connection to High Self is black magic.

A hypnotist uses focused intent, words, astral parasites and their own chakras to enter someone's head through the eyes or ears in order to disrupt the energy flow from High Self. Often the sixth and seventh chakras are displaced in the victim and he falls asleep. Losing consciousness, the victim is a zombie.

Hypnotism was introduced to European society by Franz Anton Mesmer (1734-1815) in 1778. Practised in secret for centuries, the Illuminati brought it to public attention. It was their first attempt to make the "dark art" mainstream. A learned commission in Paris denounced Mesmer as an impostor as his miracle cures soon failed. Mesmerism was again driven underground, but re-emerged within psychiatry circles.

The Higher Self does quickly reintegrate with its soul projection in the physical in order to undo the damage done by the hypnotist, but often it takes years to dislodge the lower astral parasitic influences. The hypnotist is being used by the lower astral diabolical disincarnate beings to impose their parasitic plan on people and all of humanity. Hypnotism is the primary method of their mind control of humanity. Ninety percent of humanity is asleep...hypnotically asleep.

The Illuminati also use drugs, the hypnotics, such as opiates to disconnect the physical mind and body from the spirit. The Black Nobility started the flow of opium out of Burma and Afghanistan and continue it to this day, re-establishing poppy fields in Afghanistan after the Taliban eliminated them. Generals control Myanmar (Burma) in order to keep the poppies growing.

Television is hypnotizing. The programming is set up to lull the viewer into a stupor. After fifteen minutes, any viewer will believe what is reported as News.

There are specific electromagnetic frequencies which cause the spirit to be blocked from communicating to the mind and body. There are hand held devices that can knock out anyone in a moment.

Stage hypnotists can cause whole audiences to come under the influence of specific astral psychic parasites, and not just the victims on stage. Often, post hypnotic suggestions are imposed by astral entities while in trance and the stage hypnotist has no idea that this has happened. The victim suffers nightmares and aberrant behaviour, returns to the hypnotist for relief, but the hypnotist is unable to help as the implanted suggestion did not come from him and nothing he can say can rid the victim of the imposition.

There are sociopath hypnotists who can order a person to do anything. They can walk up to a clerk in a store and order them to empty the cash drawer and not remember the robber or the robbery. Later, when closing shop, the clerk realizes he is missing funds. With cameras on the cash register, the clerk will not remember the robbery, not even when reviewing the tapes.

Hypnotism is directly connected to trance channelling. It takes a hypnotist to create a trance channeller. The spirit of the channeller is dislocated from the body and another being comes into the body. Often the channeller feels depleted of energy upon returning to his/her body. The connection was entirely parasitic and the information gathered is of little value. True channelling is conscious communication from one's own High Self. Bringing in spiritual information feels energizing.

How does one protect oneself from hypnotism?

Simply by asking for a cylinder of light to descend from the High Self surrounding and protecting the body, mind and spirit. This is associated with grounding spiritual energy into Mother Earth. One becomes a Pillar Of Light.

As a Pillar of Light, the mind is alive and alert. Clear and accurate thinking is essential in seeing through the smoke screens created by parasitic astral entities and their minions: the hypnotists, drug pushers...and all the others.

Establishing and maintaining one's own cylinder of light is prayerful, full of love and gratitude. Once established, it must be used every day as to let it go would allow the hypnotic fiends to return. Always stay alert; and by ''knowing visualization', others will find their armour of light.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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