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The Inconvenient Truth:The Sun Varies in Intensity

by Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 20, 2008

The Inconvenient Truth:The Sun Varies in Intensity (Jan. 20, 2008)

For the last twenty days there have been no sunspots (January 1 to 20 2008). Ultraviolet radiation has dropped to extremely low ratings and coronal holes have opened sending high levels of solar winds and making the aurora borealis larger. Siberia is suffering a cold snap and in a few weeks Canada may become colder than it has been in decades. Global Warming?

There are articles by meteorologists who write the "Hockey Stick Graph" Al Gore used in "An Inconvenient Truth" does not include the severe coldness of the mini-ice age of 1650 to 1720 when few sun spots were seen and Europe suffered under prolonged winters. For a number of years there were no summers. The age of European colonization may have been assisted by hunger.

Also missing from the graph is the period of global warming roughly 900 to 1400 when Greenland was green and grass covered Mongolia. It was warmer then than the present day when we have been told carbon dioxide emissions is the cause of higher temperatures. The Vikings did not burn oil to sail the North Atlantic and the Mongols did not drive SUVs to the outskirts of Vienna.

Earlier, the Fall of Rome happened during the cold of 400 to 800 AD. The Danube River froze in 510 and the starving tribes of the north ran across the ice overwhelming the legion garrisons on the southern bank. The Saxons did not have the wherewithal to make the trip to the sunny Mediterranean so they invaded England and stayed. Wave after wave of northern Europeans headed south. The Huns had already been on the move leaving the cooler steppes of Russia fifty years earlier. Rome fell due to climate changes. The Scandinavians who survived were fishermen and herders.

The Chinese protected themselves by building a great wall in order to block the starving hordes of the north.

India has seen repeated invasions over the millennia and ethnologists have charted those who have made the trip out of cold central Asia through the Khyber Pass into the warmer sub-continent. The Mongols of Samarkand cut off from the Khans of China headed south during the mini-ice age and re-established their empire in northern India where they built the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Two thousand of years earlier the Brahmans conquered India from the north. Their Sanskrit language is closely related to Russian. Most Brahman families can trace their families back 3500 years to the steppes of Russia. The Vedas were more likely written on the banks of the Volga, not the Ganges.

Why is this inconvenient truth of history suppressed? When Galileo saw sun spots the Vatican moved to suppress the discovery. A few years later when, as if by Papal Decree, there were no sun spots for seventy years and the Thames was frozen each winter, why was the connection between the sun and climate change removed from historical records?

In 1666 plague hit London. A wall of bonfires was built around the city to prevent the spread of the rats carrying the fleas who in turn transported the disease. Climate change caused Londoners to huddle indoors in cramped conditions. The rats sought warmth too. The cold brought plague conditions.

During the reign of Justinian the Byzantine Emperor 527-565 plague struck Constantinople likewise brought on by the cold of that era.

If the rulers of Europe and other lands have had this information for centuries, then suppression of this information is politically motivated. If Rome fell because of hordes fleeing the frozen north then any governing group is subject to change due to climate change. Fear and greed are the cause of the erasure of this information from the libraries.

Could the One World Government plans of the Illuminati be driven by fear of climate change? Could their greed br the by-product of the trauma of starvation, plague and loss of political control?

Thomas Robert Malthus (1766 to 1834) was born after the mini-ice age and he could talk to those who remembered playing as children on the icy Thames. Ordained and later a bishop, he had access to the old church records. In 1805 he became professor of political economy at the East India College at Haileybury and would have had access to the history of India. The Raj of India may have told Malthus of the rapid expansion of the Mongols when the grass grew tall on the Gobi and their fleeing Central Asia when no grass grew to feed their small fast horses. Malthus wrote that rapid population growth was a problem as it would soon exceed the ability of the land to support the population agriculturally. Malthus avoided writing about climate changes as the cause of population growth and collapse. He saw population growth as the problem. The Black Nobility and Illuminati accepted Malthus as their prophet.

In 1900 when the world population soared over 1.5 billion the political heads of Europe instituted a plan of population reduction. We know that plan as World War One. As that war did not kill enough people World War Two was created. The Illuminati have continued their plans to this day to slow population growth by all manner of nefarious means. People are the problem so remove the people.

We are now nearing 7 billion population and weather control has become a priority. Global warming has been blamed on carbon dioxide emissions, blame the SUV drivers, do not look at the increase of solar activity.

Maurice Strong, Canada's number one member of the New World Order, chaired the 1972 Montreal Protocols reducing Chlorofluorocarbons. He sought to blame increased UV radiation on "holes in the ozone" due to CFCs, not due to increased sun spot activity. Today on the beaches of Australia there will be fewer sunburns not due to Maurice Strong's banning CFCs but because of a lack of sun spots.

Maurice Strong has been behind the Rio and the Kyoto Agreements too. Strong's paradigm is Malthusian.

Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"  fits exactly into the Malthusian mold. This current, hopefully short, dearth of sun spots might cause people to recognize Maurice Strong's and Al Gore's lies.

The current population boom has been planned for millennia from the higher dimensions. It is the solution to problems arising due to duality consciousness. Everyone alive on the planet at this time is here to experience life on Earth at a unique time of rapidly escalating frequencies which will help clean up the planet. Many hands make to job light.

Even though the Illuminati have tried to "remove the useless eaters" in Henry Kissinger's words to the Club of Rome in 1975, they have failed profoundly. The spiritual plan of increased population has prevailed. People are not animals to be culled, people are incarnate souls carrying the solution to the darkness of fear, hatred and greed.

The cycles of solar activity are not set. The thermostat in the sun can be set higher or lower by the Solar Intelligences. This cycle of warming was pre-planned and could continue indefinitely if need be. The actual energy source of the sun is the fifth dimensional relay from the galactic core. The NWO has no hands on those controls. The NWO does not have control of the planet either. Mother Earth is interfering with their plans at all levels.

"An Inconvenient Truth" to the NWO is that they have lost on all fronts.

The time periods of global warming and cooling is similar to the Tzolkin Calendar of the Maya. Global warming and cooling has prevented the diabolical conspiracy from gaining control of the Earth for millennia. As soon as the self-serving ones establish hegemony they are overrun. Hopefully this age will usher their final removal.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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