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Protests In Iran Capital 'Halted'

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
June 25, 2009

Protests In Iran Capital 'Halted' by ZS Livingstone (June 27, 2009)

On the weekend news on Global BC TV June 21 2009, Vancouver Sun columnist, Jonathan Manthorpe said to Canadians to not believe the reports coming out regarding the Iran election fraud. He said that this appears to be a "colour" operation like the Orange Revolution a few years ago in the Ukraine and another strange election in the former Soviet State of Georgia installing a psychopath who later attacked South Osetia. Manthorpe did not give details beyond "keep your eyes and ears open."

The Ukraine election was called a fraud and the runner up, a pro western businessman was able to overturn the election results with massive protests in the streets of Kiev. Everything was wrapped in orange fabric and banners. Very effective on TV. The riots continued until the pro Russian winner of the election resigned. The Runner up became President and was mysteriously poisoned with radioactive thallium but survived after many transfusions of blood. Many believe Putin ordered the poisoning but Soros could have done it too.

It was later revealed that the funding behind the Orange Revolution came from an Non Governmental Organization supporting democracy in the Ukraine backed by George Soros, the same man who gave Obama lots of money for his election. Soros is a currency speculator who appears to have unlimited (Rothschild) funding. Soros speculation against European currencies, the run on the Pound, the dumping of Italian Lira, the shorting of the French Franc during the 1960s and 1970s forced European currency union (the Euro) and the European Union. "Problem, Reaction, Solution" as David Icke often says.

Soros shorted the Russian currency and looted over a billion dollars after a World Bank bailout in the early 1990s after the fall of the Soviet Union. He gave it back and funded NGOs claiming to be aimed at creating democracy in the fifteen former Soviet states.

For thirty years the elections in Iran have been better run and freer of fraud than US elections. Iranians believe in their system and over 85% voted. The election results mirror the on-going opinion polls. Mousavi did not poll well in his home city and he lost the election. The letter to the Guardian Council of Clerics claiming voter fraud was a fraud in itself. The Iranians voting from abroad saw the fraud letter before the Iranis at home did and rioted. Internet "Twitters" back to Tehran from abroad triggered riots on the streets of Tehran. Clerics blasted Britain for manipulating internet communications and then round up all foreign journalists sending them packing. The Clerics believed there were Soros operatives manufacturing riots in the streets. George Soros lives in Britain.

Tehran is a huge city and 95% could be running normally with riots localized in small portions of the city, even a million in the streets does not shut down Tehran. The police attacks were with batons against those who appeared most vigilant, few or no guns, few deaths considering the numbers involved.

Then when it appeared the foreign manipulated rebellion failed a woman was shot on the street and video went around the world decrying the horror of it all. In a city of few guns who shot the woman? Then a press release with a 'People Magazine bio' about the woman was worldwide in hours. It was as if the video came from the Robert De Niro movie "Wag The Dog" about a Hollywood producer cinematically manufactured the killing of a girl on a bridge in the former Yugoslavia in order to create a war. George Soros "shot" the woman. Twitters' immediacy, instantaneous worldwide broadcast, fanned the flames of rebellion.

There are no riots on the streets of Tehran and BBC is indicating that tensions still exist. Again Tehran is a huge city and the majority of people were not involved in the riots. A majority also voted for Ahmadinejah. I do not know if the Guardian Council of Clerics has revealed the manipulations foisted upon Iran, but I suspect that most Iranians now know the riots were an attempted coup by foreign money interests who hate democratic republics.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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