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Katrina & Negative Leylines

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
September 5, 2005


During telephone calls on August 28 and 30 2005, I told you Hurricane Katrina was generated by "Mother Earth" and the sylphs were standing by watching what was happening. I later told you that HAARP and chemtrails were used to guide the hurricane towards New Orleans. At the last moment higher powers stepped in to divert the storm from a direct hit on the city.

Is the planet aligning itself with the NWO?

No. It has its own purpose on directing the storm at the Biloxi/Mobile coast. A couple of years ago I wrote about the Hot Spot grid. I described how the deep volcanoes like Yellowstone and Hawaii are energy portals to the core of the planet and that they create an irregular leyline grid. There are over seventy Hot Spots. The lower astral realms above the atmosphere feed parasitically from humanity and the earth itself.

Mapping the grid many years ago, I could see how the British Empire and other European powers had been fashioned from the lower astral realms. The lines of communications, command and control, circled the world even when it took months for a physical letter to be delivered. A negative astral psychic web created an empire upon which the sun never set. The negative leylines are aetheric pipelines drawing valued orgone elements from the earth to the realms beneath the Van Allen Belts in the same way petroleum pipelines feed the energy and manufacturing needs of our physical world.

In the same way that the Gulf coast at the mouth of the Mississippi is a nexus of physical pipelines, the Hot Spot connection between The Three Virgin's Volcano on Baja, and Bermuda is a nexus of aetheric pipelines. The energy in the waters of the great river is part of the orgone formula. Another part of the command and control is the enslavement of humanity as represented by the poor people in New Orleans.

Proper "Polarity and Gravity" in the human consciousness has "Polarity" vertical through the length of the body. This relates to the kundalini activation. Proper "Gravity" is a love field emanating from body horizontally. This is the "Cross" which Jesus taught. He instructed his disciples, if rejected from a town, take up your cross and wipe the dust off your feet. The cross is inside everyone. It is an equal armed, power of the plus cross, not the crucifixion's unequal armed cross of shame.

In about five percent of the people the cross is correctly aligned to the body. These are the people who genuinely love God and their fellow men and women. In another five percent the cross is reversed. Such a person is constantly hateful, psychopathically so.

The vast majority of humanity has fearfully rotated the cross ninety degrees so that "Gravity" is aligned to the backbone and "Polarity" is horizontal to the ground. They are weighed down by the concerns of physical life and have no understanding of spirituality. With their "Polarity" out in front of them they have "bowed down to mammon." They are constantly full of fear. They are constantly being sucked dry of their life energies by lower astral influences. They are easily controlled and are often in a semi-conscious state. The are people who have "rings in their noses" and whoever has a finger in the ring can lead people wherever they want to go. Our western "un"civilization is very adept at keeping the ring in the nose. Drugs, sex, music, war, TV, religion, etc. All of it is controlled from the parasites of the lower astral.

When I was originally taught this information by, David L. Livingstone during an Alpha and Omega Order Of Melchizedek "Love Lesson" March 1971, prior to the Amchitka H-Bomb tests in the Aleutians, I balked at the way the word "Gravity" was being used. I felt that Gravity should be the natural vertical alignment. That is the way that gravity was taught in university. David saw that I had fallen into that mental conundrum. He later explained that with proper "Polarity" the spine is activated and straight. There is a lightness to the step. When "Gravity" is in alignment to the backbone all the weight of the world is on one's shoulders. The back is bowed and eventually would become bent and sore. Studying Electro-gravity and levitation David had it correct. "Gravity" is ninety degrees to God Centered "Polarity" alignment. This is another incidence where textbooks are wrong.

Due to the densification of the aetheric ice upon which the hell-state realms are constructed the most stable real estate is above the Hot Spots. Densification happens when sufficient heavier elements are drawn out of the earth to cause the aetheric ice to loose buoyancy. This is like sitting on lake ice and scooping up lake bottom rocks through a hole in the ice and laying the rocks atop the ice. At some point the ice will break and the rocks will fall back to the bottom. Arrogant stupidity. This is a cycle which has been happening for ages. I go into this subject in articles on Aetheric Ice and it is also in the Oahspe. The largest aetheric cities are above the planet's Hot Spots. The aetheric city above Yellowstone covers much of Wyoming, Idaho and Montana.

The aetheric cities above Baja and Bermuda are large as well. If you are in Biloxi and you point one arm west and the other arm east horizontally, you are pointing at the two aetheric cities. They are both on the same tangent and sucking the life out of people, nature, the river and the earth. When people switch their polarity and gravity they are automatically part of the parasitic world system. Hurricane Katrina cut through those negative leylines disrupting the flow of the life-blood of the lower realms.

Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama are impoverished physically, mentally and spiritually by distant parasites. When cotton was king in the south the real wealth of the crop was never seen in the Gulf states. The wealth was kept in the manufacturing centers in England and New England. With the discovery of petroleum and natural gas the wealth never stayed in the south. Likewise the floating casinos on the Mississippi Gulf pumped money out of state. Some went in taxes to Jackson but most of the money was removed from the area.

As the sucking of orgone out of New Orleans was so rampant psychic phenomena arose spontaneously. Much of it associated with black magic.

With the planned destruction of a cult center there is a great need for blood letting and the poor of New Orleans are the sacrificial lambs to the gods of mammon. This is to substitute for the temporary disruption of the diabolical parasitism with an even more evil blood feast.

Katrina did not kill many in New Orleans. The authorities are doing the killing. Katrina cut through the mind control hub of leylines near Biloxi, deliberately avoiding New Orleans. The "Polarity and Gravity" of the Gaia life energy working through the hurricane is correct. The wind and rain washed away the pipelines to the lower astral. The hurricane which was steered by the lower astral realms and HAARP was not steered at the crucial point of landfall. The higher powers steered it where the greatest good could be accomplished.

A huge wake-up will ensue. Lies will be revealed. More people will take up their "cross" and become spiritually aware. Parasitic practises will decrease. Picking up the true "cross" avoids the "cross of shame" or the "cross of martyrdom". With the true "cross" Jesus avoided capture at the overturning of the tables of the money-changers. With the true "cross" there is no martyrdom...there is no death.

If enough people lift up their consciousness and establish true polarity and gravity the lower astral parasites will be vanquished.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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