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Madi Nolan

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 31, 2005

It is now two months since I met Madi Nolan at the CanAm Dowsers Conference May 27 to 30 2005 at Issaquah Washington. I discussed meeting her with Ken Adachi and he was keenly interested in my writing this report. I told him I had to "Let the dust settle".

Madi Nolan was the opening speaker on Friday, May 27 evening. She showed slides of the tours she had guided to Tibet, India, Nepal, Bhutan and China. She also laid her hands on attendees' cameras and camcorders to sensitize them to elementals. Many of the slides showed orbs and rods at various energy spots and shrines in the Himalayas and elsewhere.

She also showed photos of orbs inside her house at Whidbey Island Washington. One memorable slide showed a large orb near the ceiling beam. Madi had it professionally blown-up and a multicoloured mandala pattern similar to a Tibetan sand sculpture appeared. Madi excitedly said she believes mandalas are diagrams of elementals or devas of all ilks. She was excited about many things and explained how the statutes of lions represented fiery earth energies. She raved about one particular carved lion that she felt precisely revealed to the physical eyes what was happening in the next dimension at the same spot.

She also showed a picture of wavy lines, similar to a meandering stream, carved at a shrine somewhere in the Himalayas. This is a particularly holy spot because of the wavy ley-lines where the earth energies have slowed and are more healing than elsewhere. She was talking from her own experiences and from the first hand experiences of her Tibetan teachers.

Madi Nolan is a fully initiated Tibetan lama. She was fourteen when she achieved that level of proficiency.

Her life story is fascinating. She was born in China about 1937, she said that she was a couple of years younger than the Dalai Lama who was born in 1935. Her parents were US Diplomats to the Far East. From a young age, she knew things that toddlers simply do not know. She wanted to go to Tibet, and at age 11 started study to become a lama against the protests of the head lama. She was given a repetitious prayer as her first challenge. It should have taken decades to complete the number of times she was to have said the prayer, but she soon knew the meaning of the prayer and whispered the mantra to the head lama. She was correct and the lama was furious. He told her to leave. Later, at age fourteen, that same lama apologized to her at the ceremony giving her rank as lama.

Madi was able to advance rapidly as she could remember her previous incarnation as a Tibetan Lama. Her Tibetan name given at fourteen translates, "She Who Has No Mantra."

While she was narrating her travelogue, I was extremely uncomfortable as some of the fire salamanders who travel with her decided to do their "dance" around me. They were tickling my ribs to start, but soon were plunging into my solar plexus, passing through my heart and exiting through the spine. They attempted to do the same thing to my head, but the shielding was better there and they bounced away from my nose and mouth. It is uncomfortable. I was ticked. I asked for some help from the Sylphs and soon the junior elementals were no longer bothering me.

At the end of the talk, I waited until Madi was no longer surrounded and told her that her fire elementals had attacked me. She put her hand to her mouth and said, "Oops, I leaked!" Someone else came to talk to Madi, I left.

The next day I talked to her for a bit at her vendor's booth where she was selling homoeopathically strengthened fragrances. She asked if I knew fire salamanders? I told her of my experience of feeling thousands of salamanders swarming an old steam locomotive. This sort of deva absolutely love steam engines and will travel for miles to attend the semi annual passage of a ceremonial train through the Canadian Rockies. The excitement of steam power is in the aether around the ironhorses.

Madi then said that she has to watch herself as she is "wide open" to elemental energies especially when in Tibet. One of her first trips back to the USA after leaving Asia as a new lama she went to a supermarket produce aisle and across the table from her a woman collapsed into the cabbages. Madi realized what had happened and quickly left the mart. She had "leaked". Like the first meeting this brief talk was interrupted and I left the vendor's room.

I could feel the tight magnetic bands that surround my head ease a bit moving away from the room. Such elemental activity would make Madi Nolan a tremendous stage magician/ hypnotist because she is a genuine magician. What kind of magician? Fire elementals can be used to hypnotize people. Madi Nolan has enough moving through her to hypnotize large crowds. The elemental hypnotizes...disrupting thought by flying through the head. Madi did not appear to hypnotize anyone at the CanAm Dowser's Conference. The fire salamanders who went at my solar plexus were not ordered to do so by Madi, they did it on their own. Madi being wide open to telluric and many other forms of energy cannot control all the entities around her, but she does seem to keep the unruly bunch somewhat disciplined. Madi "leaked" in that she has no idea of what plan each fire salamander has in its tiny little head.

Is Madi imparting healing energy from her spirit to the deva kingdom? Is she a Star Font? Normally, black magicians steal from the intradimensional lifeforms. Madi appears to be doing the opposite.

Madi next gave a 75 minute talk on Tibetan magic for health, wealth and protection. She handed out to the audience diagrams including mandalas, spirals, sacred knives and energy symbols. There was no doubt that she was a "Red Cap", a Bon Po or Bon Magician. The Bon predate Tibetan Buddhism by thousands of years. I remained very alert throughout the presentation. I could not detect the outright misuse of energy and there was a lot of energy flying around. There were a lot of grey areas especially with setting up protective sacred knives to protect property and people. I was uncomfortable attending this class, but there were no "leaks".

At the end of the session, I told her that I did not feel any "leaks". She took a couple of steps leading me away from the crowd towards the corner of the room and said that her Lama named Yu had materialized in her Whidbey Island home the previous night from Tibet. She had clairaudiently told him twice that she was tired and needed sleep, but he said he needed to talk to her NOW! Then he blew through a window billowing the curtain. She was about to tell me more when one of the conference organizers tapped Madi on the shoulder. I did not learn what else she wanted to share about Yu's conversation.

At the earlier slide show, Madi showed a picture of a younger, good looking Yu, who she called her teacher. Yu was far older than he appeared in the photo. It seems that he is a tough task master demanding a student's attention regardless of the situation. Maybe that was the message Madi wished to share. I was not feeling any sort of negative psychic interference from either Madi or Yu. Not then and not during the last two months since the conference, but I have felt subtle psychic eavesdropping from time to time. In that the spying is apparent and was made to be so, they want me to know that they are there. Interesting!

Most who know something about Tibetans think that they are all Buddhists and that Tibetan lamas reflect Buddhist traditions. Wrong. The Bon have used all manner of "karmically charged magic" for millennia and make no apologies for using it. They have created magic that the Crowleys have not even considered using. Their traditions are shamanic in that they link with Hermetic traditions on both white and black magic.

Bon magicians have long set up "tripping-stones" on the high passes of the mountains to cause many to fall to their deaths. The Bon may have been the source of most magic used in the world today. There is a lot happening in the Himalayas and it is not all evil. Discernment needs to be used.

The question that I keep coming back to over the last couple of months: "Are Madi and Yu working to clean up negative conditions on the planet?" I keep getting the answer that indeed, yes, they are cleaning up the Earth. There methods are more direct than most.

Madi Nolan, a Tibetan Lama whose name is, "She Who Has No Mantra" is an open mystery. She is very open about her life and where she has been. The key to the mystery in her Tibet name is the "No Mantra". She does not rely on the deva, angels or masters. She does not need to call for assistance. She is strong enough to stand on her on two feet in her own light. The name indicates that she is directly connected to source. She is a Star Font. She is a Red Cap, a magician.

Another Red Cap, Bon Po mystery, is the death of the Tibetan Lamas in Berlin in 1945. Why were they murdered? Had they misled Hitler?

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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Dear Ken

Thank you, and Zeurrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone, for sharing his observations of Madi's work, from the CanAm Dowsers Conference 27-30 May 2005.

I have been a student of Madi's for several years, having attended many of her workshops in London. I am in no way an 'official spokesperson' for her
but, realising that it can be hard to follow the details of her life at a single hearing, thought I would share what I understand, where this differs from what Zuerrnnovahh-Starr was able to discern.

Madi was born in the USA but, after her parents found her extraordinary abilities too disturbing, was sent to live with her grandmother in China, at the age of 4½. Grandma was pretty extraordinary in her own right: the child of Christian missionaries, she had been left with the housekeepers for safety when her parents travelled to China's interior; the housekeepers were Taoist adepts and trained young Grandma; she was also told that a special child would come into her life, and later recognised Madi as this being. Grandma's husband was away a lot, and she a Madi travelled, I think, to India where Madi was recognised as a reincarnate awakened lama of the Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhist tradition about a year later.

Madi has received teachings from adepts of various traditions worldwide, including Tibetan Bon. Bon are 'black hat', whereas Kagyu Vajrayana Buddhists are 'red hat'. However, Master Yu is based at Drepung Monastery (near Lhasa), one of the largest Gelug Vajrayana Buddhist monasteries (the
Dalai Lama is Gelug). Gelug and Kagyu are among the several schools of Tibetan Vajrayana Buddhism.

It may seem strange that a Buddhist master is teaching magic and such skills but (as you understand) these are intended to bring benefit to beings. These kinds of skills are often called 'mundane super-knowledges' in Buddhism, to distinguish them from the 'supermundane super-knowledge' of liberation from grasping at an illusory self, and all the ills that arise from that. The mundane super-knowledges are NEVER (sorry, Hotmail does not seem to do underline!) considered equivalent, or an alternative option, to the supramundane, in Buddhism. It is only the presence of the latter which leads to a person being considered awakened, 'enlightened'.

With warmest best wishes

Anne Cripps

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