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Sylphs Forced to Contend with the Madness of Militarists

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
January 25, 2005


I read through the New Mexico website. There is a lot of guesswork as to the lensing effect. The 10 to the 15th joules is roughly a million times the energy of HAARP. The "eye" or "lens formations" in smeared chemtrails are Sylphs. I can feel their presence. Others have also felt them. A lot of work has been done by the US Air Force and Navy to track, attack, and try to kill Sylphs since the 1950s. There is a war going on in the air and the military wants to get rid of the "gremlins". Sylphs all by themselves could ground all aircraft in the world by using many different methods. Sylphs do not want to kill the pilots, even when the pilots are targeting them with all manner of airborne weapon systems.

The Russians were having problems with Sylphs too. Likewise they developed microwave and scalar weapons against these same ghosts. These are the weapons that Tom Bearden knew about 25 years ago. These scalar weapons can cause weather disasters worldwide by preventing the Sylphs from doing their rain making.

Microwave disrupters were placed around all Air Force bases and Naval bases to prevent the Sylphs from disarming the nukes. The Sylphs fried firing circuits, changed coding and transmuted enough fissionable material into non fissionable material to turn the bombs into duds. Even though it was difficult for the Sylphs to get near the nukes with all the microwaves, they did sneak into places that were sealed like vaults.

The B-52 bombers were plagued with problems. Brand new parts would fail, and then the replacements would fail too. Every mechanical system in the big bombers were attacked in every conceivable way. Many systems in those jets were triple redundant and still they were on the ground. I believe that most of the time the B-52s were flying with dummy warheads, those were the only bombs the Sylphs allowed in the air.

Even at that, the military was able to move nukes around because of the sheer number of them in their arsenals. There are five times as many nukes as there are Sylphs.

Tesla was able to project HAARP like energy around the world in 1899 from Colorado Springs. He knew how to tap into the available energy and he had a plan to supply free energy from Long Island in 1916 until J.P. Morgan destroyed the project. He said that he could create a powerful ray weapon but he never patented it nor allowed the designs to get out. Tesla saw these fiercesome weapons making war inconceivable.

What have the militaries around the world done with this information? Bearden appears to know who and where. The motive driving this research is hate and fear. There is a lot of fear in Bearden's words. The NWO is motivated by greed and the lust for power.

The layered lens cloud contains a large Sylph. She/he had drawn all the spew from the blue skies of New Mexico and was transmuting the poisons. I talked to a man in that same state this morning and he has not seen many of the lens clouds since last fall. I told him that the skies of the USA are dangerous and most of the giant Sylphs are over Asia cleaning up the air pollution there. There are no chemtrails over China, India and Russia. Yet those are the places where spying "eyes" would be most needed. There are chemtrails over Iraq and Afghanistan now.


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The same photo also appears at:
<> which I had intended to include. Some of these look a bit more like the sylph photos.

Some online photos do like "eye" shapes, or at least elongated ellipses and other anomalous shapes. I can't find the page with the most eye-like examples at present.

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Mary-Sue .

On 25-Jan-05, at 12:09, Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone wrote:

My travel in sleep to the cloud structure in the photo was like a roller coaster ride. I will have to decipher the imagery before I say more.


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