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The Coming Magnetic Pole Reversal

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By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 11, 2014 Print version

The Coming Magnetic Pole Reversal by ZS Livingstone (May 11, 2014)

Over the past four months, the Mount Ida (British Columbia) magnetic vortex has expanded from a radius of nineteen miles to twenty-six miles. Many times people in the area have felt weary and needed to lie down. On May 3, 2014 between 5:00 and 6:00 PM, I felt extremely tired. The vortex increased in radius by about one mile at that time. Some people are unable to sleep and others are sleeping up to twelve hours.

As many others have been feeling the same thing across North America, the magnetic fields have been increasing everywhere. The Sedona Arizona magnetic vortex includes Mount Humphries in the San Francisco Peaks area, just north of Flagstaff. The radius of that vortex is about seventy-five miles. The Sedona vortex includes local hotspots of increased magnetism such as Bell Rock and many more.

There are many vortices around the world and planetary magnetism is changing rapidly with a decaying energies at the north and south poles and lobes of north and south pole magnetism in Asia, Africa and other places. This is similar to the sun's increase in sunspots at the times of magnetic pole reversal every eleven years. The magnetic vortices of earth are like sunspots. Sedona is like a cluster of sunspots.

As earth has a solid crust, the vortices do not mould plasmas into magnetic knots creating conditions for flares and prominences, but the air ions pushed by the vortices do affect people.

I do not expect huge land displacements with the reversal of the magnetic poles. But I do expect the magnetics of the Van Allen Belts to collapse. With the dust of the Van Allen Belts released from the magnetic field of the earth, the Lower Astral Realms with be pushed away with the solar winds. Astral parasitism will no longer affect life on Earth. It will be liberating.

Aurora will be a phenomena at all latitudes.

Plants, animals and humans need the magnetic field of earth for growth. The increase of local vortices will create buffer zones and hopefully the strengthening vortices may create a planet girding band of normalcy during the pole shift. In the same way, people have been feeling sudden weariness and dislocation with the recent minor shifts, the major shift could cause unconsciousness and temporary insanity. Pray that Mother Earth increases her vortices in the temperate and tropical zones, and that is exactly what she appears to be doing.

The day after the shift will be liberating.

Looking at the earthquake reports, I see new lands rising. The deep earthquakes over one hundred miles - and as deep as four hundred miles - are caused by the loving intelligence who created Earth and all that dwells upon it and within it. The deep earthquakes are happening under Fiji, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan, Kamchatka, Alaska, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Argentina. New mountains are being created as backbones for new lands rising. Whole new animal species are appearing. A new blueprint of life is being overlaid the old.

Wondrous times.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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