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Magnetic Torsion Fields Dampening Large Earthquakes

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
February 8, 2012

Magnetic Torsion Fields Dampening Large Earthquakes by ZS Livingstone (Feb. 8, 2012)

Tracking the ebb and flow of the magnetic vortex over Mount Ida British Columbia [Canada] for the past six years I have seen a correspondence of magnetic field strength to earthquakes off the west coast of Vancouver Island four hundred miles west of Mount Ida. The magnetic field strength jumps daily when the annual earthquake swarms hit those ocean plate boundaries. The jumps are from five to twenty degree deviations both clockwise and counter-clockwise. The magnetic compass with the one foot swing arm is on a glacier carved bench seven hundred feet above the base of the 5400 foot mountain and has been in the same place since September 2005. The 000/360 position on the magnetic compass is on true north based on multiple sightings of Polaris.

The compass was built to track the shifting of the North Magnetic Pole, but due to the mountain vortex such detections are near impossible. It is likely the 20 degrees 14 minutes easterly deviation on geodetic maps for the mountain are now invalid as the North Magnetic Pole has shifted west from the edge of the Canadian Archipelago into the Beaufort Sea many hundreds of miles since 1995. The deviation from true north for Mount Ida should be less than 20 degrees. The latest deviation for this area is decades old and corrections might be on recent aviation maps or it might not. Aviation threw away magnetic navigation with radio based navigation in the 1950's and GPS since the 1980's. Flying by magnetic compass over northern Canada is dangerous. 1940's bush pilots followed, mountains, roads, rivers and lakes not compasses.

Last year, there was an airport in Florida which shut down temporarily to repaint numbers on runways indicating magnetic deviation from true north. It is unlikely any Canadian airports will follow suit.

Spending hundreds of hours on Earthquake Monitor over the past decade, I know for an absolute certainty up to 80% of earthquakes worldwide are artificial. This has increased over the past four years. Hundreds of the artificial quakes are nukes being exploded at five to ten kilometres deep to create fracture zones for deep petroleum to ooze to the surface. Nuclear Fracking was developed by the USSR in the 1960's and 70's in the Urals. At least fifteen of these nukes have been exploded under the Gulf of Mexico and there will be an increase of seepage of natural gas and petroleum due to this practise. The BP disaster was caused by drilling into a newly fractured part of the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico. More problems are likely.

The vast majority of artificial earthquakes are due to Force Beam Microwave technology developed by the Secret Space Program. These are single spike earthquakes. On seismograms they are a single sweep if the seismograph arm. A pulse duration of less than ten seconds. Four years ago all the quakes were pegged at 10.0 kilometres depth. A year later single spike quakes were being triggered at 35.0 kilometres. Then pulsed at about 100 kilometres and finally at about 600 kilometres. On the USGS website these pulses are horizontally constrained but vertically not precisely at the posted depths. This means the pulse caused earth movement along the force beam path. Different quake depths are different microwave frequencies. The forcebeam microwave frequencies each react with corresponding mineral densities. HAARP cannot focus this intensely. HAARP can monitor what is happening.

Knowing there had to be a platform high in the atmosphere or in space near the Earth generating the pulses one remote viewer located a craft looking like a badminton birdie with its feathers pointed towards the Earth. Through the middle of the birdie was a fountain pen shaped shaft with the nib end also pointing downward. Another remote viewer saw the Christchurch NZ quakes created by alien technology ten light-years distant.

There are patterns to the quakes. Often a natural earthquake is followed by dozens of single spike quakes in or near the same area. This has happened in Alaska many times. Most often this pattern happens on the Ring of Fire from Fiji through Indonesia and the Philippines to Japan. Chile got hammered by artificial quakes after a large tremor, twice. All the quakes in Haiti were unnatural.

The March 11 2011 Japan Tsunami was due to a H-Bomb in the Japan Trench. The Richter reading was 6.7 not 9.0. There was no 9.0 Richter quake. There were hundreds of single spike quakes from 4.0 to 7.2 Richter. In the month of March 2011 there were over 600 artificial quakes off the east coast of Honshu. There was a concerted effort to trigger a tectonic shift of Japan generating a huge tsunami. Japan shifted towards Asia but not dangerously so. Something was blocking the evil designs of those who are causing artificial tremblers.

Over 800 quakes over 4.0 Richter happened worldwide March 2011. A normal month would be about 200 quakes or less decades ago. January 2012 there were about 500 quakes. In March 2011 the Earth was ringing like a bell. Almost all seismographs were showing constant movement of their ink stylus. It was hard to know what was really happening with any specific earthquake. The next week the Earth was not ringing like a bell. That is a genuine miracle as the 9.1 Richter Alaska Earthquake of Good Friday 1964 had the Earth ringing like a bell for over a month possibly three months. Once the Earth starts ringing there is little to dampen the energies save crustal heating and more earthquakes.

The Earth is more like a soap bubble than a bell. Vibrations can be added to a soap bubble until destructive interference causes the bubble to pop. For month after month energy from single spike earthquakes were being added around the world adding to cause the Earth to pop. There was no Pop! There were no large earthquakes causing huge tsunamis decimating all the coastal cities.

Every once in a while a seismogram shows the true level of single spike earthquakes....a spike every five to ten minutes twenty-four hours per day seven days a week. Most seismograms are edited or falsified to hide this attack on the Earth.

What is holding the Earth together?

There are many vortices on the Cascade Mountains. The most famous is the Oregon Vortex near Medford. There are hundreds of vortices worldwide and many are anchored to volcanoes active, dormant and extinct. Mount Ida BC is an extinct volcano. The magnetic torsion fields are acting a dampeners preventing the destructive interference of seismic wave-fronts. It appears any effort to intensify the ringing of the Earth is met by an equal and opposite dampening energy. Tracking the magnetics of Mount Ida BC it now appears the dampening effect settles the Earth ringing in less than a day.

There was a hidden player in preventing Japan from suffering greater damage on March 11 2011 and afterwards. Say thank you to Mount Fuji and Her Vortex. She is a powerful spiritual presence.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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