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Magnetic Pole Reversal

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Nov. 22, 2003


There have been nine major eruptions from the sun since October 26 2003. The Earth was grazed by a couple of the Coronal Mass Ejections (CME). The October 26 CME was supposed to slam into the magnetosphere of the Earth and cause all manner of communications and electrical transmission problems. The CME was deflected before it got here. There are large spacecraft like the SOHO photographed "Sol Cruiser" protecting us at this time.

According to Russian studies coming out of Novosibersk the sun's magnetic field has doubled in intensity (since 1963?). All the planets have had temperature changes and those that have measurable magnetic fields have seen increases in their fields except Earth, which has seen a decrease over the past hundred years.

Why would the Earth's magnetic field be decreasing at a time when all over magnetic fields are increasing? Why are we being shielded from these dramatic changes?

A CME hitting the magnetosphere also impacts on the aetheric shells or realms floating in the orgone atmosphere which extends 100,000 miles above the ground until it merges with the magnetic atmosphere of the sun. The layers are very fragile and are easily shattered by CMEs, cometary tsunamis and nuclear detonations in space. They are ice structures which gifted seers called "crystaline". Due to the malpractise and densification of the lowest four shells many sections are heavier than normal and any shock wave from the blasts on the sun could fragment the shells and cause the heaviest portions to fall. The impacts on the lands and seas cause earthquakes, volcanism and weather changes. A great deal has fallen over the past decade and there is still a lot of densified aether yet to fall. If it should fall all at one time then major crustal shifts could happen as seen in the geologic record, during previous times when the magnetic poles reversed.

The reversal of the poles also collapses the false structures built in the lower astral realms. The higher astral levels, having little densification due to malpractise does not fall. The aetheric ice is fragmented but soon gels back together in its former position. The lower astral shells also mend losing the false constructs, with new clean aetheric ice.

The mechanism for solar and planetary magnetism is fourth dimensional and is empowered by fifth dimensional "ionized ring currents". All magnetism is fourth dimensional. The very matter of the fourth dimension is the magnetic atom. As the third dimensional atom is electric and perfectly dovetails with fourth dimensional magnetism, the fifth dimension density dovetails with the fourth. As electric current induces a magnetic field, a fifth dimensional ionized current likewise induces a magnetic field. The energy of the fifth dimension is as yet undefined, is the pathway by which the galactic core is stimulating the sun's activity.

At this time the ionized ring current is not being recharged as it periodically must be recharged to create the protective magnetic field of our planet. A gradual decrease of magnetism is a way of dismantling the nefarious activities of the lower astral without causing everything to crash at once. "The Heavens Are Being Rolled Up Like A Scroll!" "There Will Be A New Heaven And A New Earth!"

In the same way that the sun's magnetic field reverses every eleven years, the Earth's magnetic field could be reversed as often, but life as we know it would cease to exist on Earth. The Earth would then be well along the path to becoming a star. The magnetic field of the Earth could be changed in a single day by reversing the ring current but even the planet could not survive that considerable torque. Just witness the torque on the sun as seen in its eleven year sunspot cycle.

The higher dimensional beings who coordinate the fires in the stars and the living processes on the planets know how to roll up the scrolls of heaven and bind them with circlets of rope.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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