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Meditation on an Air Fern

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 11, 2004

I first saw an Air Fern at my aunt's house in Vancouver BC in the mid 1960s. It was sitting in a glass dish on a ledge near a window. My aunt explained that the fern had no roots and absorbed moisture from the air. It absorbed all its nutrients from the air. I was perplexed as I knew that some trace elements were needed in all plants and animals to complete the cellular chemistry. The fern was green...therefore it had chlorophyll...and therefore it had magnesium. Was the fern taking magnesium from dust? Also in the chlorophyll was nitrogen. Was the Air Fern "fixing" its own nitrogen? It simply had to be taking nitrogen from the air... but how?

Months later I returned to find the same fern had grown and my aunt had divided it into a number of pieces which she shared it with friends. The small piece that she gave my mother sat in a dish and was soon forgotten. Mistakenly it was taken into a dark area where it died. The fern needed sunlight. It also grows about the same slow rate as lichen and did not attract the same attention as a flowering plant. I do not know if the fern blossoms. My aunt said, "It was the perfect gift for a person who neglects their house plants, just like a cactus."

Many times I would remember that Air Fern and wonder about the miracles happening within its thin leafs. In 1971 I was told about Breatharians, mystics who could live without food. I was told that they do exist and they might eat a few almonds from time to time. Most of these mystics drink water but some get their water from the air, just like an Air Fern.

A human body contains a wide array of elements. It is not as simple as an Air Fern, yet the human body is somehow able to find all it needs from the air.

In 1971 I tried to figure out where a Breatharian would get the iron needed by the blood to hold onto oxygen, his or her "basic food?" Was all iron recycled by the spleen and liver? Or was physical iron delivered to the body by aetheric prana? Or did spirit precipitate metals directly into the body? These questions would pop up in my mind from time to time and I would "chew on them for a while".

In 1984 I picked up "Biological Transmutations" by C. Louis Kervran and I saw plant and animal bodies were capable of transmuting one element into another. The problem then became an inquiry into mechanisms and energies inside the cell. Initially I saw all transmutations as "zero-point" or "free energy" interdimensional processes, and that the body would generate a needed element when all available physical sources are exhausted. The human body appeared to have the ability to transmute sodium into potassium easily but it was not transmuting all the elements it needed.

I was wrong.

The body is capable of transmuting any element it needs from what is available. There are a few dozen transmutations in a lowly Air Fern and hundreds if not thousands in the human body. As all living creatures select for the carbon 12 isotope over carbon 13, transmutation processes are the most advantageous way for the body to select the lighter isotope. Simple chemistry cannot cull-out carbon 13.

In May 2003 I saw Raymon Grace in Vernon BC. I also bought his book "The Future Is Yours, Do Something About It!" Copyright 2002 by Raymon Grace . My mediation on an Air Fern went to a whole new level. Through dowsing techniques Raymon Grace had assisted a friend to become a Breatharian. Grace is working with Walt Woods' healing methods. Read: "Letter To Robin" by Walt Woods, online: The American Society of Dowsers Bookstore.

The Thursday evening meeting of the Vernon Questers had about forty people and Raymon Grace was electrifying. It took me a few moments to get accustomed to his accent, then it was as if he did not have an Appalachian twang in his voice. His auric field was large and his words were simple and powerful. Through the Walt Woods' method he had opened up many of the latent powers in the human spirit and body. His body, heart, mind and soul were one. His intent was focused and pure. If you get a chance to see Raymon Grace or Walt Woods...go see them.

Raymon's friend asked to become a Breatharian and through the dowsing system ALL the transmutation pathways were opened. J.J. has become a living "Air Fern". J.J. breathes air and drinks water. He also has the occasional peanut. He is healthy and fit. It is likely that J.J. prepared a long time to go on the ultimate diet. Biblically, J.J. is not living on bread, but on the Word of God. The body becomes a Free Energy instrument deriving energy from a higher source.

A Breatharian is living on higher dimensional energy and that energy is able to dovetail into the physical body in such a way that it is able to fashion any element into any other element needed. A few elements might be precipitated from the fourth dimension into a Breatharian's body, eventually a mystic should be able to precipitate everything he or she needs.

Oxygen appears to be the only substance a Breatharian needs in the third dimension. The body is able to transmute iodine from oxygen. The coding for all transmutations is in our DNA, hidden in what is now called "junk DNA".

Planets, stars, galaxies and universes are coded into our DNA. Alien races may have placed their intent on human genetics, but the coding was universal from the start. We have all capabilities and potentialities already.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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