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Merchants of Grain

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 24, 2004

"Merchants of Grain"

This book by Dan Morgan and Daniel Morgan was a best seller in 1979. There are 17 used copies on the Canadian site of The last publication date was 1980. In the Malthusian thinking of the NWO, some people in their ranks has to be watching the grain supply. This book gives a history of the trans-national grain merchants and their global reach.

The largest is Cargil at about $100 billion gross sales per year. Cargil is a privately held by the McMillans of Minnesota. They are very secretive. Continental of Paris France was the second largest in 1979. The American branch of Continental may have been sold to Cargil a few years ago. Archer Daniels Midland of Illinois, is publically held, but their corporate decisions are in line with the other grain merchants. Bunge, formerly of Belgium moved to Buenos Aires after WWII. Almost all the rice that moves in the world is handled by a group of Chinese families in South-east Asia. One their major offices is in Singapore. There may be links to opium and Triad business interests.

In Canada, we have the secretive governmental agency, The Canadian Wheat Board (CWB). They are running a mini cartel in Canada in collusion with the big boy's cartel. Usually the CWB can get a few cents more per bushel for the Canadian farmer-peasants.

You did not know that there is a grain cartel? Well, that is exactly how they want it.

Both Mercantile and the Commodity boards in Chicago want to get rid of the CWB and are using NAFTA to do so. According to Sherman Skolnick both boards have been corrupted by the usual suspects. But the CWB already follows orders from Chicago? Who is zooming who?

The Morgans stepped on a lot of expensively shod toes and even though the book was a best seller it appears none were printed after 1980. One of the possibly taboo subjects was the use of grain as a weapon. The merchants withheld shipments of flour to the Belgium Congo and Jamaica in the 1950s. The resulting riots were bloody.

Much attention was put on Henry Kissinger's agreement with the Soviet Union in the early 1970s to purchase grain at bargain prices. A State Department employee was unable to fly from Moscow to the Black Sea resorts on his vacation. He was able to hire a car to make the same trip. As he was from a farming background he knew that the grain crops were in very bad shape. He reported this up his chain of command. The report landed on Kissinger's desk. At the same time Cargil got a report from their former employee in the State Department. Foggy Bottom has a well earned reputation as being leaky. Kissinger kept quiet. Cargil kept quiet.

In mid summer, high ranking party members made a trip to America to buy virtually all the exportable grain from the USA, Canada and Europe. In agreement with Kissinger, the purchases were spread around in such a way as to not drive up the price of grain. The weight of the problem of the failure of the state communes to produce grain fell on the shoulders of the American grain farmer. So much grain was ordered that it put domestic supplies at a premium.

The Muscovites still had their state subsidized two kopeck black bread, but American bread cost thousand times more, at over a dollar a loaf. The American consumer was paying for the failure of the Russian, Ukraine and Belarus crop. The middle men got their profits but the serfs in the fields got little. Kissinger was at the same time winning a Nobel Peace Prize for the Paris Peace Treaty ending the War in Vietnam, where he earlier had recommended the bombing of Hanoi to Nixon. Liar, hypocrite, traitor, thief and mass murderer, Kissinger violated his oath to the Constitution many times over. He may have broken every law that has been written. The Merchants of Grain went along with Kissinger, the most visible member of the NWO.

Maybe it was Henry who stopped the publication of the book when the Republicans came back in power in 1980.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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