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Michigan Militia Raids

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 28, 2010

Michigan Militia Raids by ZS Livingstone (March 28, 2010)

It appears Homeland Security has been pushed into attacking the militia groups ahead of schedule because of set backs on other fronts. As no tsunami hit the Pacific Coast and the earthquakes are not shaking things up enough they decided to round up the most vocal of the anti-government groups. Of course the militias would be thoroughly infiltrated with a sizable number of spies, it is possible the Michigan Militia house was entirely staffed by FBI agents. The segment of the society that does believe in "conspiracy theories" is growing and if the reasons behind the growth of the militias is disclosed on regular media the opposition will mushroom. DHS might try to label them as terrorists and deny them Constitutional Rights and fair trials. Whichever way this goes the story will not be accurately reported and the "conspiracy nut fringe" will grow.

Polls and surveys of Americans are probably showing just a fraction of those who know they are being misled. In fear many are giving the politically correct answers not knowing who is reading the polls. Such fear is a recipe for fascism but in this case the fear could bring awakening as the spirit of freedom is in the hearts of Americans.

The mass media image of militias is that they are Neo-Nazi groups. In most militias Mein Kampf is burned at wiener roasts and the US Constitution is framed and hanging on the wall. Will the Department of Homeland Security label the US Constitution as a terrorist document? If they do they will definitely lose credibility.


Reader Comment

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From: June
To: Ken Adachi and ZSL
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Subject: Michigan Militia Raids by ZS Livingstone (March 28, 2010)

Hi Ken and ZSL!

I agree, we are seeing awakening all over the place! Yeah!

The media spin when the pilot flew his plane into the IRS building in Texas was to first blame the attack on a Constitutionalist! That was immediately retracted. We can't let that truth out, now can we: Others may get the idea! Or perhaps the snoozing part of the public woke up and said: "So what is wrong with believing in the Constitution?"

..."staffed by FBI agents" At first I thought that was funny. And then I "got it". Yes, it would be safer to raid such a phony militia, and not have anyone find out the truth that the Constitution was the number one text of such a group. Spin spin spin.

I am glad to see the reader questioning the chem trails too. It is long past time for them to stop. And Susan A. is not only another person waking up to this atrocity. She wants answers and wants them to stop! We will see more of this awakening.

Face it: There will have to be a lot of waking up. With the states fighting the Health Care law, the raiding of militia, the over-reach of the media spins, and now a people are starting to demand accountability for the chem trails. Waking is happening.

Add to that: Tsunamis, earthquakes, swine flu, and chemical, biological and electronic cocktails called vaccines failures. Things are definitely looking up.

And, personally, I am excited about the future. There are many many wonderful things people can do and make. We have great things coming very soon: free and clean energy, health, well being, constitutional rights and many many more blessings.


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