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Mother Earth Is Expanding

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 15, 2013

Mother Earth Is Expanding by ZS Livingstone (March 15, 2013)

A big mystery in seismology are the six hundred kilometer deep earthquakes. I have been looking at them for years and not discovering a satisfactory answer. It might be possible to trigger earthquakes that deep using the secret space program earthquake machines, but the deep earthquakes do not cause disasters. There might be a 7.0 Richter quake six hundred kilometers under Fiji, but nobody in Fiji feels it. No tsunami is generated and no buildings are destroyed. The earthquake does not generate the destructive surface or S-waves.

I woke up two weeks ago, knowing the answer. Mother Earth is generating new material; expanding the mantle and crust. Like Jesus expanding the fish and loaves, Mother Earth is multiplying silicates and other needed elements. The new materials pop into existence in a flash or a seismic bang. Millions of tons of newly created material in a micro-second crowd against neighbouring magma and rocks. She can create new material at any depth, not just the mantle.

There were over a thousand artificial 4.5 to 7.0 Richter earthquakes off the Japan Honshu east coast during March and April 2011. They were laid out in a grid on both sides of the Japanese Trench. The crust was pulverized for tens of thousands of square kilometers, yet no real tsunami was created. The March 11, 2011 Japan tsunami was artificially created using six nukes on the ocean floor. Mother Earth was backfilling all the man-made cracks with new basalt. Wherever a space was forced open, it was immediately filled. There was no wiggle room for further slippage. The fractured rocks were grouted back together again.

The space platform earthquake machines have been in operation since the China Sichuan quakes of 2008, yet no big tsunamis have been created. Mother Earth has been anticipating and neutralizing every potential calamity. Plus, she is remodelling the earth. Ninety percent of the world's quakes are along the western Pacific Ring of Fire. A new continent is rising northeast of Australia. Fiji, New Guinea, Indonesia, and the Philippines might be higher than the Himalayas in the coming centuries. With all the deep earthquakes under the Lake Titicaca region, the Andes are still growing.

The Expanding Earth understanding is improving the Continental Drift Theory. Earth was the size of Mars when the continents formed one super continent. Earth was the size of Mars seventy million years ago. Mother Earth has doubled in diameter in a brief moment of geological time, yet the disasters have been kept to a minimum. There have been hundreds of earthquakes over 6.0 Richter with no loss of life. Mother Earth's growing pains are not causing undue problems for the surface dwellers. The incremental weight gains are so well planned, that faults like the San Andreas of California, have lost stress along many sections.

Mother Earth is also countering the efforts of the oil companies to frack oil and natural gas from deep under the crust. Fractures created by nukes and hydraulic fluids have been mended. The lithosphere is leaky, but not disastrously so.

The working theory of those who have been plotting man-made earthquakes is deeply flawed. None of the nefarious schemes have actually worked. So, Give up!

Mother Earth has answers for every problem. She has been doing her job for a long time.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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