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Moving to Canada

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 17, 2004


I had a call from Kevin in Kansas City last night and he and a few of his friends are fearing a fascist takeover. They would be on the "undesireable list". He was asking for info on emigrating to Canada. This is what I sent to him.

Dear Kevin,

I recommend to you and your friends that if they are deciding to emigrate to Canada, do it soon. Housing will become scarce quickly. To get a feel for Canada it would be best that you take a vacation soon and feel the vibes. I was born in Vancouver BC but have been warned not to live there as sometime in the future there will be a 9 Richter earthquake which will cause so much damage that insurance coverage would collapse. I am living about 200 miles in from the coast at 1700 feet elevation, still there would be a whole lot of shaking here but not a much damage. Vancouver Island is seismically locked as its own tectonic plate between the North American Continent and the large Pacific plate. Should it start to move, there would be a lot of movement and the Cascade volcanoes from Mount Baker Washington to Mount Shasta California may start to erupt. Central British Columbia where I am is away from the prevailing winds that would carry the ash. Missouri would get more ash than BC. Nuclear plants on the Pacific Coast may leak and fallout could rain down on a lot of America. Canada has no nuclear plants on the west coast.

Do not try to take firearms across the border. Sell them and then buy new in Canada. Hunting rifles can be bought but handguns have a lot of paperwork associated with them. There are as many guns per capita in Canada as the USA but they are out of view. If you have a gun rack in your pickup the RCMP will recommend that it be removed. In Canada police do not expect a gun to be in every car they stop and it is rare that they even unholster their pistols. There are a lot of Canadian police who retire without having to fire a single shot at anyone.

I am adding some real estate web addresses that will give you an idea of housing and prices. Remember that the Canadian dollar is 76 cents US.

Emigration to Canada from the US should not be too much of a problem as Canada is looking for new citizens. The Baby Boom "bust" is just about to start as many baby boomers start to retire. There have been a lot of people coming in from Asia. English as a Second Language schools have become a major growth area in Vancouver and Toronto. Real Estate prices in those two large cities have skyrocketed but prices in general are low.

I know of many Viet Nam era draft dodgers who are still in Canada. Calgary has a huge American population. Up to 100,000 out of the 750,000 Calgarians are American. A lot work in the oil industry. The Province of Alberta has more oil than Saudi Arabia in the Athabaska Tar Sands and economic policy for that province is set in Houston more so than Ottawa. Alberta has been booming since 9-11 but few are aware of it outside Alberta. It is as if the media reports stop at the provincial and national borders. That is probably what is happening.

Real estate websites:

Remember it is as far from Toronto to Vancouver as Cleveland is to LA.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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