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Mount Ida (British Columbia) Is About To Go "Sonic"

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
June 30, 2005

Mount Ida (British Columbia) Is About To Go "Sonic"

After receiving information that a limestone pyramid should be placed on the east slope of the east peak of Mount Ida, I was able to acquire a polished marble pyramid. Marble is metamorphosed limestone. On June 9 2005 I climbed to about the 3600 foot level of the 4900 foot peak and buried the pyramid. I was guided to the exact spot. By intent I aligned the pyramid's placement with Sirius.

Coming down off the mountain I felt surrounded by beauty. The cedars, firs and larch mixed between, alder, poplar and birch were each fragrant in their own way. A green paradise. The east side of the east peak is a glacier sculpted saddle. The Feng Shui of the area is heavenly. The strange thing about Mount Ida is that no-one has ever been able to build any sort of lasting structure on it. A few years ago a ski run was built on the north side of the west peak. No snow for three years caused the company to go bankrupt. Ditto for the hotsprings resort. The local Shuswap Indians want to build a healing lodge but the debate continues whether the spirit of the mountain will accept the man-made lodge or is a healing centre a worthy structure for a sacred mountain. Man-made or Spirit-made?

I could feel angelic presence everywhere. They were saying Mount Ida is one of the many sites for the returning aetheric temples!

Just like the mesa between Santa Fe and Albuquerque where Zeph Daniel heard sylphs singing "Glory Unto God" a similar crystalline structure is descending on Ida. A Temple not built of human hands.

Tonight, June 30 2005, the gifted psychic who said that my three year old hhg was "too slippery" and a limestone pyramid had to be placed on the mountain called and said, "Mount Ida is going to go 'Sonic' within days. The vortex and the pyramid is pulling 'information' out of the earth and sending it to Sirius". "People will actually hear the energy moving out of the mountain and feel it."

"Some will not be able to take the energy."

I told her about the large dark zone on the surface of the sun. I told her about the attempts to spread plagues worldwide. The plagues, mysteriously, do not materialize. I told her about the removal of Earth's aetheric temples from the planet's surface when Atlantis fell. I told her that the fall of consciousness necessitated the removal as those who reversed their consciousnesses would have misused the temples and the information they contain. The magic of Pan, Hyperborea, Lemuria and early Atlantis was held on the planet by the temples. Magic and majesty is returning to earth. The temples are part of the planet and stabilized the crust, wobble and orbit. With the forfeiture of the temples it was necessary to build physical structures to stabilize the earth, the pyramids and other megalithic buildings.

As I write this, the magnetic compass reading on the northern side of the mountain is 008 or 11 degrees deviation counter clockwise, west of the normal 019 reading. The vortex is breaking up conditions deep within the planet in preparation for the return of the temples that belong to the earth. Similar events should be happening at sacred sites around the world.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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