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Katrina & New Orleans -A Government Operation

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
September 2, 2005


With the FEMA withdrawal, the cut in Army Corps of Engineers funding for the New Orleans district, and the use of HAARP to steer Katrina into the city, the destruction of New Orleans and its people was preplanned. The objective is to impose Martial Law on the region and then extend it to other areas. It is possible that some of the buses which were supposed to go to the Astrodome have ended up at the concentration camps which are in every state.

It is likely that the snipers are not local citizens, but were dropped into the area to create disorder. It is likely that the levee was deliberately destroyed when Katrina did not do the job. It is likely that death squads are in the black neighbourhoods and people are fighting for their lives.

The hurricane was being aimed for New Orleans, but prayer and higher agencies deflected it. If the hurricane had made a direct hit tens of thousands would have died on Monday.

HAARP/chemtrails can be used to to steer the jetstream and then the jetstream moves the storm fronts and in turn the storms. The heating of chemtrails by HAARP energy causes air to rise from beneath and nudge the jetstream. Katrina was aimed at New Orleans.

The storm's increase from category one to five over the Gulf of Mexico was a given as the surface water temperature was high enough. Somebody plotted all of this well in advance.

As their killing plan has not happened as they wanted, there are problems that even CNN is reporting. It is as if the reporters are stating "Plan A is not working, go to Plan B."

From the sylphs I am getting that Miami and Houston will get the same treatment.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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