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Nibiru (Planet X)
By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 13, 2002

Sitchin wrote about the state visit of Anu and Antu to their temple in Sumer circa 3850 BC. The rising of Nibiru in the night sky of Sumer was spectacular with Nibiru trailing a cometary tail spanning much of the sky. The head of the comet had an + shape either due to a strong planetary magnetic field or deflection of the tail by the moons of Nibiru. There may have been as many as 9 moons. Nibiru was supposed to return about 250 BC. There is no recorded astronomical record of such a spectacular sight in the heavens at that time.
I was told about Nibiru in 1971 by my teacher. He called it Maldek which is a version of the name Marduk. He said that life had ceased on the surface of the planet due to misuse of technology. The destruction happened around 2000 BC.
It is possible that Nibiru did pass through the inner solar system in 250 BC without its cometary tail due to the loss of its atmosphere. Also it is possible that the explosion on the planet altered its orbit or even ejected the planet from the solar system.
The people with the answers are the ones with telescopes. Sitchin said that he did receive confirmation from The US Naval Observatory that nine cold bodies in the southern extent of the Oort Cloud did appear in the infrared photos of the section of the sky Sumerian records indicated as the orbit of NIbiru. With that letter Sitchin received from the observatory I believe that the orbit of Nibiru has changed little and should return about 3350 AD, 1350 year from today.
That would mean that Nibiru passed through the solar system at 250 BC unnoticed. Such was the explosion that little was left on the surface to reflect light.
The reference to 1600 BC for one of the passes of Nibiru is wrong. Velikovsky wrote about a number of planets especially Venus changing orbits and causing the Earth to stand still at the time of Joshua.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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