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The Planet X, Nibiru Psyops Keeps Going, & Going, & Going, & Going.....

From ZS Livingstone
July 1, 2011

The Planet X, Nibiru Psyops Keeps Going, & Going, & Going, & Going.....(July 1, 2011)

[Rachel writes to ZS Livingstone concerned about the "inbound" planet Nibiru psyops being promoted at many Doom & Gloom web sites who've bought into the CIA/NASA/Pentagon deception originated by Nancy Leider at Zeta Talk in October of 1995. Between 1995 and 2003, Nancy and Zeta Talk steadfastly held to the predicton that Nibiru (or the 12th Planet, or "Planet X") would arrive and cause worldwide cataclysmic devastation on earth in late May or early June of 2003. When their staunch prediction never materialized in 2003, they simply moved up their Dooms Day prediction date to 2012. I've posted dozens of articles since 2003 about the foolishness and stupidity of buying into the Nibiru psyops, but there are always new suckers to climb on board that Merry Go Round with each passing month. Lately, the promotion of the Nibiru psyops has been intense at many internet web sites which ballyhoo this fantasy . ..Ken]

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From: ZS Livingstone
Sent: Thursday, June 30, 2011
Subject: Planet X - Return of Nibiru?



According to ancient Sumerian mythology, the Anunnaki were "gods" who were said to have visited the Earth long ago. Popular author, Zecharia Sitchin claimed they came from the planet, Nibiru, which is part of our own Solar System with an extremely elliptical orbit, moving closest to Earth every 3,600 years. He predicted it would make its next close approach in 150 years.

Obsession with the "return of Nibiru" is now at an all-time high on the Internet.

Regardless of Sitchin's prediction, the Nibiru-obsessed say that this planet is careening toward us and that it will severely disrupt the Inner Solar System, causing major cataclysms on Earth in 2012. This belief is not supported by any accredited astronomers.

I read all Zecharia Sitchin's books. He says Nibiru was seen by the Sumerian astronomers 3850 BC. It was huge in the sky with a comet tail covering more than half the night sky. Anu and his wife, rulers of Nibiru made a state visit to Earth to view the spectacle. They later went
to Mars to view Nibiru from that planet. At closest approach Nibiru is in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, its orbit never crossed
Earth's orbit.

With 3600 year orbit it should have returned about 150 BC. There is no astronomical record of its return.

If it were somehow missed by the sky watchers of Alexandria, Babylon, Rome, Persia, India and China by showing up on the opposite side of the
sun and it were to return in another 3600 years then it should show up 3450 AD about 1439 years from now.

I was told in 1971 by the Melchizedek teachings that the people of"Maldek" had destroyed their own planet. Maldek/Marduk/Nibiru are the
same planet. I believe the destruction happen about the time of Abraham circa 2000 BC.

I am not worried in the least by predictions of planetary impacts and orbital and magnetic shifts.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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