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The Oahspe

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
July 10, 2003

The History of the Ascensions of Previous Root-Races

The Oahspe Bible (Oh-aah-spee) was telecommunicated through John Newbrough in 1882 while he lived in the Colorado Rockies. It is a unique document in that it claims to cover the history of all previous root-race ascensions on Earth. At the same time it reports the events in the aetheric realms and how the astral realms influence people below. The Oahspe means Earth-Wind-Sky in an American Indian language and it is an appropriate name as the book has a perspective of the whole Earth from above the winds in the volume of space around the Earth. The book is laid out like a bible with chapter and verse numbered, but with the upper half of each page describing fourth dimensional history and the lower half of each page recalling images of ancient third dimensional struggles to attain ascension and the freedom to grow spiritually beyond the limits of the incarnate body. John Newbrough is deeply familiar with the Christian Bible. Jesus is included on one line later in the Oahspe and called the prophet, Joshua Ben Joesph. The Oahspe challenges Christian messianic beliefs and this accounts for the book's rarity. In the Oahspe, Ascension or Rapture is an ancient "rite of passage" at the end of each age, not just a current era Christian belief. Also each individual is responsible for their own ascension and not asking Jesus or any other Christed Being to carry them up to heaven.

The seeds of a new root-race are laid by the ascension. Life always continues, often in new and unexpected ways.

The Oahspe's scope of the ancient history of Earth is breath-taking. There are epic struggles to overcome the blinders of lower astral psychic control. At the same time fourth dimensional beings are fighting for their own piece of the sky in the face of incredible tyranny. Near the ends of each age Prophets of the Ascension appear similtaneously on the astral realms and the soils of Earth. Only when the "battle in the heavens or principalities above the air" are won is it possible for the delusioned to come out of the negative psychic mind control exerted on them. Nevertheless the activities of the physical prophets make the victory in the lower astral certain.

Here the Hermetic adage "As Above, So Below" is seen over and over again.

Christians believe that hell is inside the Earth, in the Oahspe, the hell-states are the lower astral realms just above the atmosphere. A despot, one enthralled to his own ego, can make any of the first levels of astral realms a living hell and at the same time extremely difficult for those on Earth. In the Oahspe, the ones with big egos crash, and the ones who overcome their egos, ascend.

Both the regressed souls in the astral and in the flesh are cut-off from their higher spiritual selves. They are addicted to the attainment of power, as they are severed from their power source. They are addicted to controling others, as they have no control over themselves. They claim material possessions and hoard precious bobbles, as they have cut themselves off from the one spirit which is the "pearl of great price." They crave adulation but know not love. They claim to be wise but have not determined the basis of all truth. Their kingdoms disintegrate to dust as the ascending ones attain the stars.

At the end of the Oahspe a great deal of space is dedicated to the spiritual foundations of the United States of America and how the emissaries of light guided the founders. The U.S. Constitution is a spiritual document that makes the dictators and despots gnash their teeth. The destroyers of freedom may think that by enacting legislation to remove the Constitution they have stopped the resurrection of conscious awareness. They have not. The Constitution is a spiritual principle that they cannot touch as it is from the Higher or God Self, a place they do not know and cannot desecrate. Freedom is responsibility! The responsibility is to attain Christ Consciousness first, then all things shall be added unto you.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

The Oahspe is published by different companies. Find the copy which includes John Newbrough and David A. Cardone on the title page.

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