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The 'Operators'

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
May 1, 2005


Yesterday, April 30 2005, the sky over Salmon Arm was so strange that thought I was on a different planet. Chemtrail spraying was extremely heavy and smeared out over the whole sky. In the haze were lenticular clouds that blended into the white soup and in the soup were lenticular "holes". There were interdimensional beings trying to do that which the intradimensional sylphs do so handily. At a meditation 6 to 9 PM I could feel the presence of both the sylphs and extraterrestials transmuting the white soup. The communication that came through was that these chemtrails contained plague viruses, most likely the bio-engineered bird flu. The sylphs et al were transmuting the pathogens. Today the sky is blue.

This afternoon, May 1, I called Ken Adachi, he said sylphs came in twice to clear chemtrails out of the Los Angeles area. I told him about the bird flu. Today LA was clear.

At this time half of the sylphs are not available do to air force attacks. Those that are working are moving fast to avoid being targeted from space and the ground. Yet they are still doing that which they promised they would do in clearing the sky.

I feel that there might be a some bird flu cases over the next weeks and there might be a media scare campaign, but few will be afflicted.

I saw sylphs on three days while traveling in the USA. I see them every once in a while over Salmon Arm. There are so few covering a whole planet. Even though they have the authority to attack those attacking them they have not done so. The sylphs have handed the crimes to higher powers who are dealing with the problem. Soon there will be no "crows" remaining. By "crows" I mean the incarnate diabolicals who have tried to control the planet for many thousands of years. Their plugs are being pulled on their life support machines. They will not be able to transfer into other people or duplicates as that door will be barred too. There will no return of the clones.

Even those in the lower realms of the astral, disincarnate beings, will not be able to control people on the physical plane. The rise in frequency protects all people from the zombie like control that they formerly had. Soon they will have no minions on the physical or astral planes. Soon we will be able to shrug-off the electro-magnetic mind control as if it were no more than a mosquito sting. There are a lot of Americans who are living nearly normal lives under a constant assault on many levels. Ethical people refuse to do unethical things. The great majority of Americans are ethical. Regardless of the theft of the US Constitution, the core beliefs are intact in the hearts and minds of man and women world-wide.

Today my wife and I drove up Mount Ida to the snow line. The sky was perfect. The mountain covered with fir, larch, cedar, alder, poplar and birch was bursting with life. I could see one sylph above the east peak generating a ring of mist. In the throes of a war in the air sylphs are free to live as they have always lived.


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From: Jim
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Hello, ZS:

I read your recent posting regarding "operators" with interest. I have seen occasional sylph activity in my parts, but presently I'm looking at the all-too-familiar replusive chemtrail stratification amidst an otherwise serene blue sky. When you have a convenient moment would you kindly explain more about
these operators?

Many thanks and regards,

J. Stearns

"Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance."
--Albert Einstein

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