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The "Operators" Are Helping The Earth

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 11, 2005

A few people have written me that they have not seen as many sylphs recently. I saw a few above the local mountains including Mount Ida this last week, but not as many as last year. I have seen more of the "Operators" working in places where sylphs once were. The interdimensional spacecraft are immune to the electromagnetic and scalar weaponry. Sylphs are taking a rest leave to regenerate new skins.

The Mount Ida Vortex appears to be generated from a higher dimension. A couple of days ago the whole mountain was enveloped in chemtrails and the energy spirals were plainly seen. The next day, no chemtrails. Part of the chemtrail project appears to be aimed at locating vortex activity. Of course there are sensitive magnetometers in orbit which measure magnetic anomalies to the micro tesla level and sensing a vortex the size of Mount Ida would be easy.

Jim wrote me about a Canadian website listing magnetic deviations, but added the data might have been altered. The principle ground bases are in the Yukon and Northwest Territories. HAARP magnetics were also included on the site. Again Canadian science is the handmaiden of American projects.

Since mid February there have been 4000 earthquakes on the Juan da Fuca (Vancouver Island) tectonic plate. Most of the quakes are on the expansion seam 200 miles west of Vancouver Island. That spreading faultline has an active seamount, or underwater volcano 200 miles west of the Cape Flattery Washington State. This fault is actually the continuation of the San Andreas Fault and is directly related to the Cascade Mountain chain volcanoes including Mount St. Helen's which erupted on March 8, 2005. Watching the fluctuations in magnetic deviations at Mount Ida is an indicator on what is happening underground but not entirely as the vortex is being used to moderate earthquake destructiveness. The "Operators" are operating on the bowels of the Earth magnetically. The complexities of this "intercession" are amazing.

There are over sixty active volcanoes emitting steam and ash world wide. There are 5.0 Richter earthquakes on a daily basis. The Earth is wobbling but not dangerously. Inwardly I seen about fifty vortices on all the continents acting like cosmic shock absorbers. The days of the Illuminati are numbered. They lost.

During Melchizedek training I was told by the teacher that the diabolical conspiracy's plans would result in a planet where the highest lifeform would be an ant colony. Even the cockroaches would have been wiped out. The entities at the top of the conspiracy were totally insane. If "they" could not possess the world then they would destroy it.

It is possible to fragment the planet with as few as a dozen H-Bombs going off simultaneously in the Van Allen Belts. The Operators stopped that plan. The same thing could be done by blasting thousands of H-Bombs underground. That has not worked. The destruction of the continents could be imposed by the detonations of thousands of H-Bombs in the deep trenches of the oceans. That plan is not working either. The Operators have been intervening constantly for decades. Every plan which has been discussed by the Black Nobility has been circumvented by higher powers. Even the secret plans which were not agreed upon by the top members were stopped.

The rank and file of the NWO believe that the plan of a one world government forcibly imposed on humanity, or what is left of humanity, is the only solution. That plan will never work. The Operators know that the planners are cunning and that all their plans are against life itself. The top planners are arrogant nihilists. Their promises of a Satanic paradise on Earth does not work, has never worked and will never work. On all planets which have reversed the primary life vortex nothing remains. The parasite destroys the host.

The parasite has lost, it cannot destroy the Earth. Life itself will eliminate the blood-suckers.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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