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Passionate Pinky

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sep. 11, 2012

Passionate Pinky by ZS Livingstone (Sep. 11, 2012)

In 2005, Carol Heywood published a selection of her diaries called "Passionate Pinky". Carol sees into the next dimension and has had many mystical experiences. Since awakening on August 17, 1987, she has seen and photographed an extra colour in the rainbow, pink.

The pink band is beside the green in the rainbow. I too have seen this pink band.

The solar spectrum has been witnessed as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet since Isaac Newton and others split sunlight into its spectrum using a polished triangular prism. Spectroscopy is a long established science analyzing starlight and determining the elements in distant stars by either their emission or absorption spectra. The recently landed Mars rover Curiosity is using a laser to heat rocks to a plasma in order to determine their emission spectra. Is the Curiosity detecting pink on Mars too?

Taking colour samples to paint stores in order to get a matching tint was a proven art for years. During the past couple of years the scanners and computers are unable to match green hues and many missed tints have been the results. It has been difficult on the paint stores and manufacturers. Many stores have gone back to sample cards and the human eye to match colours. They say the scanner is down or there is a glitch in the computer program.

To the scientifically trained, pink in the rainbow is inexplicable. It is as if the bedrock of sensory certainty has shifted. It is as if the frequency-precise photons of Quantum Physics have decided to rebel. Or possibly the outer electron shells of all elements have expanded a tiny bit? Maybe the speed of light the bedrock of both Quantum and Relativistic Physics has increased. Could all of the above be happening?

At 7:20 PM PDT, August 21, 2012, I witnessed a double rainbow where both the inner brighter and the outer dimmer arc included pink beside the green. The brighter inner bow was different in other ways as well. From the outside proceeding inward, the colours were red, orange, narrow yellow, wide green, wide pink, thin blue, thin indigo, thin violet, thinner blue, thinner indigo and thinner violet. There was a doubling of the last three colours with distinct clear spaces between them. Having looked at the spectrum in school, the three thinner bands were visible in the ultra-violet region.

Carol Heywood writes about the presence of pink in the rainbow as proof of a dimensional shift. Matter is expanding. The speed of light has increased too. She has been seeing pink more and more often since first witnessing it twenty-five years ago.

If this is the first of many shifts, then there may be a point where fibre-optic devices will not work. Electronics, electrical generators and electric motors would have to be reconfigured. Technologies upon which we have relied will need to be redesigned. Free energy systems will become the norm.

Living structures which already have a multidimensional design will shift as needed, naturally.

The shift will be something everyone will experience. The shift is guided by higher intelligences and has been a gentle progression so far. Later shifts may be jarring.

There is a baby boom happening. A lot of souls are entering the world in order to participate in the changes. Carol Heywood calls "pink" passionate...full of love. The shift will be full of love too.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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Reader Comments

Subject: Pink color in spectrum
From: Stuart
Date: Tue, September 25, 2012
To: Ken Adachi

Hello Ken,

I appreciate your website and really look forward to ZSL's posts. His last post"Passionate Pinky" prompted me to write.

I believe the pink color showing up in the spectrum was identified by Goethe in his Theory of Color.

A handy book concerning this is "The Rediscovery of Color" by Heinrich Proskauer. The book may be out of print but used copies are around. It came with black, white and colored plates and a small prism for viewing them.

When viewing a white strip on a black background through a prism, the well known ROYGBIV spectrum appears. Goethe saw the ROY band and the BIV band as being polar opposites with green being the transitional color joining them.

When viewing a black line on a white background you will see what has been called a "reverse spectrum" ; BIV Pink ROY , the pink color is partially obscured by the black line. Goethe called this color "peach blossom," again a transitional color joining the two bands. This color is almost in the infra red or ultra violet areas.

Goethe envisioned a color circle with peach blossom at the top, and then, clockwise, violet, indigo. blue, green at the bottom , yellow, orange , red , back to PB. PB is opposite green with PB being the color of human flesh and green being the color of the earth's plant kingdom.

" ... we may expect a complete colour-cycle to appear as already divined by Goethe, the full circle consists of twelve discernible colours with the Goethean peach-blossom diametrically opposite the green. It is in this region of the peach-blossom that... we shall find a source of actively working life forces.." page 385 , from the book ' Man or Matter ' by Ernst Lehr published in 1951

This is the color of mammals, specifically humans and human love. Perhaps it's appearance is suggestive of Anastasia's idea [Ringing Cedars of Russia book series] of men and women re-connecting with the land and nature to heal us and help us get through these times.

Best wishes,



Hi Stuart,

Wow, great letter. It's amazing that you should mention Man or Matter by Ernst Lehr, since I mention that very book in an article I wrote some years ago about Trevor Constable and the Visual Ray. What's even more amazing is the color theory ideas you mention above fits so well with the thesis of a remarkable, self published book I obtained from the late Duane L. Whitlock called The Search for Intelligent Design (2006). I talked to Duane on a number of occasions on the phone before his passing and I was stunned by the depth of this man's understanding of the true nature of matter and energy and how it all stems from LIGHT .

Thanks for writing.

Best Regards, Ken

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