Portal to a New Life

[Editor's Note: If you had noticed a strange, slightly dizzy, vertigo-like spaciness in the past 3 days while going about your ordinary routines, you aren't alone. ZSL hinted at the possibility of the earth moving through a dimensional portal transition in his March 22 article commenting on the absense of natural earthquakes in the past couple of weeks. I just received an encouraging message from Tim Hicks that reflects a similar understanding, as expressed here, that the Dark Side agenda is going South and we can expect to see more instances of the Light breaking through in the coming months, despite the superficial appearance of impending war and Doom & Gloom "prophecy" promoters (most often heard on Coast to Coast radio).

ZSL had mentioned in a few essays in the past couple of years, that the lower astral dimension, formerly "owned" by untold legions of demonic beings, is now under "new management" and the demonic power base, upon which the Illuminated Ones had so depended upon for installing their NWO nightmare, is no longer there to serve them. I'm confident that the very uppermost tier of the Illuminated Ones is already aware of this disturbing change, but the lower level gofers will not be told anything is amiss until they experience some unexpected "changes" themselves. It will be interesting to see just how many of them begin to jump ship and otherwise quickly decide to "retire" or not run for another term, etc. A new and brighter day is coming; take heart. ..Ken Adachi]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 24, 2013

Portal to a New Life by ZS Livingstone (March 24, 2013)

There was a significant drop in the number of earthquakes worldwide on March 21 and 22 2013. The sense of vertigo many have been feeling over the past three months was intense on the two days. This is the list of number of earthquakes over 4.0 Richter so far this month:

March 1 2013.......12
March 2 2013.......21
March 3 2013.......19
March 4 2013.......22
March 5 2013.......19
March 6 2013.......22
March 7 2013.......10
March 8 2013.......7
March 9 2013.......15
March 10 2013......19
March 11 2013......27
March 12 2013......13
March 13 2013......13
March 14 2013......10
March 15 2013......21
March 16 2013......17
March 17 2013......11
March 18 2013......10
March 19 2013......24
March 20 2013......19
March 21 2013......4
March 22 2013......5
March 23 2013......10

For twenty-four hours there were no earthquakes 08:31:56 March 21 to 08:31:52 March 22 2013 UTC. The later quake was 13 kilometers under the Caspian Sea and most likely was not natural as it part of Azerbaijan a nation where there is much oil exploration. The average number of quakes over 4.0 per day is about 15. There were a number of people predicting deadly quakes on March 23, 2013 and it appears Mother Earth did not adhere to their predictions. She did the total opposite.

We did pass through an energy portal of a nature which we have not experienced before. Many felt surging spiritual energies. Few if any were harmed. The plan for planet Earth appears to be to minimize disasters. We have been carried safely through a portal into a new life.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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