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Fear of Radiation is a Psi-Op

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
March 23, 2011

Fear of Radiation is a Psi-Op by ZS Livingstone (March 23, 2011)

The human body and all plants, animals and even bacteria are able to transmute one element into another. Transmutation is always happening. Radioactive isotopes are also transmuted.

The medical examination to test thyroid function by injecting radioactive iodine requires fifteen times more of the radioactive isotope inside the body to get a similar Geiger counter reading outside the body. The textbook explanation is that the immune system removes the poison quickly. In a matter of hours, there is no radiation to be measured. The assumption is that the body eliminates the radiation in urine and feces, but tests of the eliminated matter show little radiation. The proteins and enzymes in the body are able to transmute and neutralize the toxic substances.

There have been hundreds of thousands of people exposed to high levels of radiation and survived without ill health. There were people who were covered with the black rain of the fallout of Hiroshima and survived to old age without cancer. There were others who succumbed immediately and many who lingered in illness for decades. What causes this variation?

There are many US Army Vets who witnessed and were exposed to the air-bursts of A-Bombs in Utah, New Mexico and Nevada and survived for decades. Again, there were variations of lifespan and quality of life. These radiation exposure tests on G.I.s were criminal.

The answer to a longer survival is the lack of fear. Fear is the killer. If the body and the immune system is wrought with fear, the ability for the body to regenerate is decreased. The G.I.s were given psychological examinations. It is most likely that the examining doctors were looking at the level of fear which the soldiers were experiencing. It is a simple test and a five minute visit could quantify a psych-profile number for the brass. Those showing the greatest fear, died quickest due to a variety of cancers.

I believe that Tavistock, after the bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, created programs to increase the fear of nuclear weapons and especially radiation/fallout in order to create a permanent state of apprehension in the population. This fear was felt throughout the Cold War.

Hollywood produced hundreds of movies where the fear of fallout was a priori. The best example from the start of the Cold War was the Nevil Shute novel "On The Beach" published in 1957 and later made into a movie starring Gregory Peck and Ava Gardner. The story was in post-apocalyptic Australia. Australia had survived the destruction and for a period of months the radiation was concentrated in the Northern Hemisphere by the prevailing winds. One of the US missile launching submarines survived the underwater battles after launching all its nukes and heads south. Rather than facing the coming fallout the whole population commits suicide with poison capsules. The movie induced horrific fear of the consequences of fallout and nuclear radiation.

During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the fear of radiation was pumped to the max. In Vancouver, British Columbia, at the greatest reach of the Soviet Missiles from Cuba, we had 'duck and cover' exercises under our desks in our Grade 6 classroom. In the background, WWII vintage air-raid sirens blasted the whole of the city. These were the same sirens used in London during the Battle of Britain. The most un-Godly wail imaginable...probably designed by Tavistock.

If I were to hear that same siren fifty years later, I would be back under my desk remembering "On The Beach" on our 14 inch RCA, black and white TV. After the Crisis ended, there were a couple of more tests, but for years, the sirens remained atop civic buildings until they were dismantled.

I heard the few Battle of Britain survivors, then living in Vancouver, complain about the fears that the sirens induced in them recalling the German Luftwaffe dropping bombs on their homes. In the shadows, Tavistock psychologists were measuring the effectiveness of their fear-based mind control.

More than any other country, Japan has suffered from fears of radiation and now the campaign has been scaled up by the sabotage performed on the Fukushima reactors. Most of the radiation in the milk and vegetables probably came from the tactical nukes used to blow the containment buildings to shreds. At this time, there is 127 times normal radiation in the ocean and that is due to the nuclear bombs used to create some of the larger earthquakes and the tsunamis. If any fish survived the compressive shockwaves of the blasts, local seafood will be off the Japanese diet for a while.

Nature has a multitude of ways of removing toxins and radiations out of the environment. Even the bacteria in the ocean are converting poisons into fish food quicker than textbooks would state. As long as the toxic load is not too high, nature will remove the fallout in months; not decades or millennia.

The poisoning of the ecology of the Gulf of Mexico with heavy metals in Corexit was an attempt to slow transmutation and the natural processes which would have cleared the Gulf of petroleum and the radiation created by the nukes used by BP to reach Abiotic Oil. Fortunately, there are bacteria that eat arsenic; like children eat ice cream.

Somehow, this information has to reach the Japanese people, as the decades-old fears of radiation could kill more people than the tsunami did.

Eliminating fear is a Zen practise. It is time all Japanese practise their old traditions and overcome all fears.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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