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The Secret History
(Written by Procopius circa 550 AD )


By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sept. 14, 2003

This anecdotal book was written by the man who wrote the official history of the Byzantium Emperor Justinian at Constantinople 75 years after the Vandal's sacked Rome. Procopius also wrote the history of Belisarius's conquests. The Secret History was revealed after the author's death. The book reports that many people in the court of Justinian saw him shape-shift into a demon.

Procopius wrote that Justinian killed millions people. Edward Gibbon in "The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire", wrote that one hundred million died during Justinian's rule. Most died of the plague which swept through Europe, Asia and northern Africa in 537. The plague was so grievous because Justinian had destroyed the social cohesiveness of the city states of the old Roman Empire in his greed for gold and lust for power.

Belisarius, Justinian's leader of the army, had actually reconquered Italy, Spain and most of the lands around the Mediterranean. He slew the Vandals in Libya. Justinian used the conquests to increase his personal wealth. After Justinian most of Europe sunk into the Dark Ages and only Byzantium held what remained of the Roman Empire. Procopius saw Justinian as a cruel stupid tyrant, a demon who wandered his courts sleeplessly.

"...he was extremely simple, with no more sense than a donkey, ready to follow anyone who pulls the rein, waving its ears all the time."

"...this emperor was dissembling, crafty, hypocritical, secretive by temperment, two-faced; a clever fellow with a marvellous ability to conceal his real opinion, and able to shed tears, not from any joy or sorrow, but employing them artfully when required in accordance with the immediate need, lying all the time."

"...Procopius invoked a witness of the highest character who, at an audience during which the emperor was pacing restlessly round the room, was startled to see the imperial head rise from its shoulders and temporarily disappear. After a few moments it returned to its usual position. Another observer saw Justinian's face suddenly transform into a shapeless lump of flesh, only gradually falling back into its normal features. 'I did not myself witness the events I am describing,' wrote Procopius, with what he no doubt felt was striking honesty, "but I heard about them from men who insist that they saw them at the time.'"

This is the same sort of shape-shifting that David Icke has reported in the current world leaders.

The cruelty of Justinian is one of the reptilian models of "despot/destroyer".

George W. Bush was caught on an open microphone with Russia's leader Putin admitting that he was a destroyer.

Is Bush going to try to kill more people than Justinian did?

David Icke writes that not all reptilians are evil. Many are assisting humanity to improve life on Earth.

The power seeking shape-shifters are looking for recognition and love. The dark ones are "addicted to materiality" and do not know their own spirituality. All their conscious awareness is invested into controlling physical plane manifestations. In that they control more than 90% of the wealth of the world is a natural outcome of their beliefs. In that they steal elections and usurp political power is the way their world apparently works. What they really want is to be LOVED.

Sending shape-shifters spiritual love confuses them.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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