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Seven League Boots

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
June 9, 2006

Last week, I described how I perform my energy work to Ken Adachi and he asked me to write about "grounding". This morning, Grey Wolf's "Healing Thought Forms" was added to Current News at I simply  will be explaining Grey Wolf's techniques from a slightly different perspective.

"Grounding" is simply communicating to the Higher Self with oomph. Grounding is completing the circuit from the sky to the earth using divine intent with the whole body, mind and spirit. I too have read Robert Heinlein's "Stranger in a Strange Land", and agree the meaning of the term "grokking" as a whole beingness intent. (Heinlein amazed editors when he told them he wrote his novels unplanned and uneditted. The first drafts went to the printers without changes. Heinlein "grokked" his novels. His Higher Self was guiding his pen.) "Grokking" may be a short form of "grounding and rock".

I have been grounding since early childhood. The second year or the "terrible twos" when children start to make their declarations of independence with tantrums are anger based groundings. Stomping one's feet on the ground and hollering works better when actual energy is brought into play. A toddler can make mommy hop. This is not the best sort of grounding but it does work. Most mothers and fathers guide their children towards more socially acceptable norms. In this transistion many children lose their natural understanding of grounding. A tantrum is one of the Higher Self's ways of clearing the consciousness of a child and telling the parents that they are not grounding themselves. In many situations the parents do not remember how to ground in order to clear their own consciousnesses and aid the growth of their child. Some parents do understand and child raising comes naturally.

The way society, and especially the school system, is set up, the first lesson is to break the connection to the spirit. Discipline is applied to the unruly students. By the time a student leaves school, the connection to the Higher Self is nearly forgotten. The dumbing down of the populace requires the schools to make students fit a spiritless mold. The educational system is doing a fine job of turning out mindless automatons.

As most spiritually inclined people, I did not fit the profile of the ideal student. I was constantly struggling to maintain the connection to the spirit. As an air sign with the help of sylphs, I would escape class by daydreaming. I was chasing birds and clouds as often as I could. One teacher had the habit of flinging chalk at sleeping students. I was hit a few times. In the later grades, I learned that I could stay awake in class by placing the front legs of the desk on my toes. I was grounding myself. My kundalini started working at puberty and the weight of the desk on my toes helped immensely both with the kundalini and my studies. Teachers thought this behaviour was strange but at least I was not sleeping in class. Kundalini energy is simply "grounding" with more oomph.

I went to university for a couple of years. It was hell. If the school system had not broken the connection to the spirit the university system would definitely finish the job. For anyone with the slightest psychic awareness universities are cess-pools. Academia to me was aca-demon-ia. I was under constant astral psychic attack. The worse place was the undergraduate library. No matter what time of the day, if I went to the "Sedgewick", I would enter and be immediately hit by intestinal cramps. I would have to run to the washroom and sit down on the toilet until the job was done. With the activation of the kundalini I was "grounding" the toxic thought of the library. Mental and astral diarrhea became physical diarrhea. I have visited many campuses over the years and I would check out the libraries for this "Virgo" problem. The problem is my taking on the conditions of others. A good "grounder" has good protection and can walk into any cess-pool unaffected. It serves no one any good to take on the conditions of others. It does not help the one who has the problems. People have to clean up their own problems. "Physician Heal Thyself!" The only way one can really help others is by standing firm in one's own light. Grounded.

A teacher of spiritual law came to the university and I was no longer interested in academia. I have written about this time period in my posting "Amchitka". The term "Seven League Boots" was used in connection to "grounding". In classroom like settings with chalkboards in front, David, would exhort us to "pull up our bootstraps". We were taught "Translation" which David borrowed from Thane Walker. Translation is a process of clearing the mental cobwebs in order to establish communication with the Higher Self.

Translation is grounding. The class in which the actual work of Translating, Transmuting and Transforming the Amchitka nuclear tests was performed, I remember grounding, more grounding and even more grounding. The seventy in the room grew roots out of our feet deep into the core of the earth and those roots anchored the Pacific Ring of Fire. We tapped into the planetary grid and then became the grid. The mythical "World Tree" was not a myth. We became the World Tree.

With "Seven League Boots" anything is possible.

"First Find Ye The Kingdom Of Heaven, Then All Things Shall Be Added Unto Ye."

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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