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Spain's Extreme Drought & The Connection to Trees

[Editor's Note: The connection between the presence of trees and the production of rain is discussed at lenght in the writings of Viktor Schauberger (see the books of Callum Coats). Natural springs are created due to the growth of trees on mountains which draw the water up towards the top of the mountain and when the water has fully 'matured' (becomes 'telluric water'), it will break out to the surface and gush forth as a natural spring. Cutting down the trees, will cause the spring to dry up and set the stage for drought conditions...Ken]

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
August 2, 2005

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From: Mary-Sue
To: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sent: Monday, August 01, 2005 11:22 PM
Subject: extreme drought in Spain

The Canadian Weather channel reports tonight on the state of the countryside in Spain: crops dried up, forest fires, etc., and concludes that this drought is expected to last for several years.

Now, I wonder, why would it be "expected to last" for any length of time? Unless someone or some agency is planning such length and imposing it by means of some technology or other, how or why would this extrapolation or projection into the future be made? And whatever this putative agency's name or nature, it would be free of legal consequences or lawsuits as the drought would be blamed on "Mother Nature".

If it is true that weather control is underway in secret and for political/economic purposes under the military, then would it be possible that the Spanish have been targeted, say, for backing out of the war and refusing to be duped by the Madrid bombings?

Of course this may all be just coincidence. Or course nature has nothing to do with human purposes and activities the mechanistic scientists tell us. But other philosophies recognize human attitudes and spiritual state as being related to the weather and especially to the presence of drought.

But I am sitting in Ottawa, which remained dry despite all the heavy rainstorms that were passing by to south and north, soaking large areas of south Ontario. I have often wondered who or what is holding the umbrella over the capital.

But of course it may all just be coincidence....

Any thoughts?

Mary-Sue H.

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From: Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
Sent: Tuesday, August 02, 2005 10:25 AM
Subject: Re: extreme drought in Spain


Predicting droughts seems to be one of the more accurate long range forecasts that meteorologists make. Climatological information has been catalogued to such a point that decade long cycles have been identified. The way that man has created droughts in past centuries is by cutting down forests and Spain is one of the prime examples.

Back in 1492 when Columbus sailed from Spain, Spain had oak forests. Cortez and Pizarro stealing the gold of the Americas made Spain very wealthy and the Spanish went on a spending and building spree. They cut down their oak trees to make ships for even more gold plundering. In 1588 when Sir Francis Drake and the small boats of England defeated the Spanish Armada and many of the big boats of Spain sunk off the coast of Ireland in a storm there was no more oak to rebuild. With the cutting of forests such a drought had been created that the forests did not regrow. As the Spanish colonies did not have suitable trees for building the galleons, the might of the Spanish Navy decreased and never returned. England, seeing the folly of cutting down all the trees, created protected forests and at the same time secured hardwoods from its American colonies. Of course, England is wetter than Spain, but it has been proven worldwide that the removal of trees decreases rainfall.

The French had a similar experience on one of their Caribbean islands near Martinique. There was a beautiful hardwood forest on the volcanic island in 1600 or thereabouts. Soon the forest was gone and the rain stopped. Water had to be imported from neighbouring islands. Naturalists were sent from France and they saw the connection between forests and rain. They recommended hauling water to the island to water the trees. It took more than a generation for the forests to grow to such a height that the rains returned. France created forest reserves on all its possessions.

Even Sweden which has large forests compared to other European nations has to impose forest conservation three centuries ago. Much of Sweden gets less rain than Spain and due to the short growing season it takes far longer to grow a tree. The northern "Taiga" forests are actually high latitude deserts and the collapse of the boreal ecology can happen rapidly with clear cutting of large chunks of forest.

Forecasters now see large urban areas creating their own weather systems. Phoenix is now a forest surround by desert and it now has more rainfall and more humidity. Most Arizonans blame the humidity on the swimming pools but it is far likelier that the water moves into the air through transpiration from plants than from evaporation from pools.

Atlanta was having more and stronger thunderstorms than the neighbouring counties. The meteorologists were blaming smog particulates as seeding the rain and the urban asphalt creating a strong heating effect on the air causing rising air to create thunderheads. From the air Atlanta looks like a forest surrounded by farmland. The urban/suburban forest is creating a lot of humidity which adds to the fierceness of the thunderstorms.

Ottawa has a lot of trees but it is surrounded by far greater forests in the Muskokas and Gatineaus. It is a desert. That is the reason why the city is in a rain shadow. Plant more trees.

Spain should plant trees and irrigate them until such time that they generate their own rain.

Israel, regardless of all its political problems, is an oasis in a great desert and it is generating its own rain after decades of trickle irrigation.

Saudi Arabia has invested billions in water and agriculture and it is attempting to grow date palms over wide areas. It is likely that they will be receiving greater rainfalls in the future.

The desertification of sub-Saharan Africa has expanded rapidly because of the removal of trees. Regardless of how much the earth heats up, it is possible to grow trees. Are there not a lot of trees in the equatorial jungles? But if the Amazon rainforests are cut down is there not drought? The overall temperature increase has been a few degrees over the last century.

Last week, there was a huge dust storm in the southern USA. The dust had blown over the Atlantic from the Sahara. Even at this time it would be possible to end the desertification of Africa by growing trees with the available water in selected areas until such time that the forests start generating their own rain.

The planet is a living being and rainfall is generated by the conscious intent of the planet and the many lifeforms needing the rain. The planet is able to generate and purify water underground as well as between the oceans and air. Plant a tree in the desert and the rocks themselves will direct water to the roots. Dowsers see the phenomena of new water domes popping up where there was none before. Where did the water come from? Why is the water flowing uphill underground? Good dowsers through conscious effort generate new waters from stone. The miracle of Moses.

If I were in Spain I would plant trees everywhere. I would pray for thousand year old olive trees to continue producing. I would bless every orange orchard in Valencia. I would plant a bit of orgonite beside every seedling.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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