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Speaking Engagement

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
September 14, 2011

Speaking Engagement by ZS Livingstone (Sep. 14, 2011)

Speaking Engagement: Canadian Society of Questers, Fall Conference, Salmon Arm British Columbia

On May 23, 2011 I wrote a piece: "Doomsday Is So Hard To Schedule" (

This was after the predicted end of the world on May 21 2011. A pastor had calculated this date based on his interpretation of Biblical prophesy. The Speaker Coordinator for Questers read the article and said she was moved to tears. She asked me to talk on the subject.

Since then there has been a deluge of doomsday scenarios based on Christian, Mayan and Hopi info. Most of it is fear based. Richard C. Hoagland calls it Fear Porn. There are a lot of people who listen to Coast to Coast AM, Prison Planet,, Sorcha Faal to get their "fix" of fear, like teenagers going to horror movies. There is a long established industry of fear in western culture.

In the sixties I heard Herbert W. Armstrong of the Worldwide Church of God on TV predict the end of world every week. It was all British Israel, Tavistock Institute, mind control. It took just a few programs before I recognized the religious fear as manipulation. Dwelling in the basement energies of fear Armstrong had zero spiritual energy. In the Cold War mentality of the day it was easy to say the "Russians are Coming" every week and have a following.

The whole Cold War fear industry kept the armament industries rich. For forty years from 1950 to 1990 the nuclear bomb threat was a palpable aspect of Fear Porn. With the collapse of the USSR in 1991 the actual Soviet threat was far weaker than as presented in the western mass media.

Now we are under the 9/11 fear of terrorists manipulation by politicians and the media. I do not do fear. I do not go to fear. I live my life without fear. Fear is an illusion.

People send me YouTube links on the connection of Comet Elenin alignments to the major earthquakes of the past year. I write back the quakes are artificial and have nothing to do with Elenin. Elenin is a Red Herring Story. A Red Herring is a ploy to have people look away from what is really happening.

I do not fear the earthquake machines as this machinery will break.

People go into fear when I explain the use of nukes to release Abiotic Oil under the crust. The nuclear fracking is disgusting but I do not go into fear. Mother Earth is healing these wounds. I refuse to fear nukes.

Peak Oil was another doomsday scenario dreamed up seventy years ago inducing fear about our running out of oil. There is abundant oil.

Likewise the Hole in the Ozone Layer. It was all a lie leading towards the current doomsday scenario of "Global Warming" which now is recognized as Pentagon weather manipulation. The anthropogenic heating of the planet by carbon dioxide is a lie. Why fear that lie? As the weather manipulators were unable to heat up the Earth,"Global Warming" has been altered to "Climate Change". For the past three years Americans praying that no hurricanes would hit the coasts has stopped almost all hurricanes especially the Category Five disasters. Americans saying their prayers are more powerful than all the HAARP machines around the world.

People send me articles about fearing HAARP. I refuse to fear HAARP.

Earthquake machines created by SDI or "Star Wars" projects were used to level buildings in Port Au Prince Haiti in preparation for another invasion of that country. There have been over 3000 artificial earthquakes created by these force beam technologies since 2008 when I first saw the seismograms. I do not go into fear. Mother Earth has prevented major tectonic slippages. Nothing happened on the San Andreas, New Madrid and other fault zones.

Fear of Crime is another big fear yet the crime rate worldwide has dropped by 40% since 2000. The frequency is going up and the emotions leading people to a life of crime are disappearing. The USA has placed over two million in prisons and more than half of them are not criminals.

According to crime shows on TV there are thousands of "master mind" criminals on the loose. (Most of them are on Wall Street but white collar criminals rarely go to prison.) Tom Wolfe while writing "Bonfire of the Vanities" researched New York courts for "master minds" and was told by criminal lawyers and prosecutors there were very few. Most crimes are stupid and the people committing the crimes were not bright.

There are very few Illuminati. They may be in key positions at this time but I refuse to go into fear regarding Illuminati. Fear of the Illuminati is just another Fear Porn. Their power is fading and pumping up the fear is their stop-loss operation.

The lower astral is crumbling. The primal source of planetary mind control is dissolving. Black magic is failing. The illusion of human control by disincarnate beings is falling to dust.

The Book of Revelations was included with the Gospels in the New Testament because it was a coded message of Good News. It is not based on fear and none of its contents should induce fear. There is no doomsday in the Book of Revelations. Apocalypse means "Revealing". Armageddon is where the fighting stops.

This speaking engagement will be revealing.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone



Subject: RE: Speaking Engagement
From: June
Date: Fri, September 16, 2011
To: Ken Adachi

Dear Zuerrnnovahh-Starr and Ken,

Thanks for writing and publishing "Speaking Engagement". It is enlightening to view fear as a "fix", like a drug or pornography.

It is useful to understand that LOVE and fear cannot co-exist. Just think about that. If you feel nothing but LOVE, can you feel fear? (If you feel fear, can you feel LOVE?) Fill your "DaVinci-sphere" around your body with nothing but LOVE and nothing can harm you! It is a fact.

So those wishing to recover from the fear-fix addiction only need to use the fear as a reminder to turn towards LOVE. Fill your heart with LOVE and radiate it outwards, filling the sphere around your body with nothing but LOVE. It is a great safety bubble! After you get good at that, then you can send LOVE out to other places, easily.

Humor is another great disperser of fear, and of evil intent. (I am currently working on laughing at the manipulation of some of the published seismograms and earthquake data. I would love to hear what George Carlin would say about that!)

Thank-you for giving us so much useful data about failed attempts by evil forces. Our Mother, the Earth, and all of us here will soon be shed of this disease. This Good News does make me want to weep for the joy of it.



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