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Sylph Births

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
April 14, 2004

A few months ago "Rusty" from the Forums.Cloudbusters wrote that he saw the birth of a baby sylph from a larger sylph. This does happen. Sylphs and other elementals are also born from the wombs of women.

Last week a mother of three adult daughters was surprised to wake up feeling nine months pregnant. She was not visibly pregnant. A few hours later, she went to a local psychic healer who immediately called in two additional women to assist them. The mother went through contractions and one of the women saw fifty or so small elementals with wings emerge from the mother. The feeling in the room was of great joy and deeply spiritual mother love.

After this wonderful event, I was called by the healer. She had never seen anything like this before. The woman who gave birth soon called. Likewise, the one who saw the intradimensional winged ones called. I told them that sylphs are born from the wombs of women. Sylphs are incarnate beings and need a physical mother, either sylph or human. There are writings that indicate that invisible children were born to Adam and Eve. In those channel writings, they are called "Midwayers".

I told the women that I had seen the birth of a baby sylph through the eyes of a sylph. The birth happened in French Polynesia in the mid 1990s. The girl was sixteen and she had a full nine month pregnancy. When the water broke the sylph emerged to the joy of many intradimensional mid-wives. There was no physical baby. The womb had been entirely occupied by the sylph. I could see the skin of the sylph was formed by the placental wall.

A sylph is one percent third dimensional and ninety-nine percent fourth dimensional. The physical part is the skin. The etheric parts are the insides which marvelously stretch, extend and move the skin. The term "coat of skin" used in ancient texts means both sylph and human incarnation. The sylph form was the first, third dimensional being. The first root race of the Adamics was sylph-like. In such a body, one can live for many millennia and achieve ascension in a single incarnation. Ascension means leaving the planet and traveling to other parts of space and/or planets to continue to learn and grow. Taking one's body has always been proof of the attainment of ascension.

Most of the sylphs born to our ancestors reversed their consciousnesses and served the black magicians of both the physical and etheric realms. All of these sylphs are now gone. Soon their dark compadres will follow. Many of the warnings in occult literature regarding elementals have to do with those intradimensional intelligences who became parasites to the natural kingdoms. We are fortunate at this time to not have to contend with such beings. The sylphs who remain are working in service to the planet and the advancement of life in all its forms.

At this time, there are not enough old and wise "Thunderbirds" in our skies to assist the planet in the changes that are soon to come. Military malpractises have killed many as well. A new cycle of sylph births appears to be upon us. Many women will experience the birth of invisible children, but most of this will happen in Third World areas where western medicine cannot interfere with the pregnancies.

The psychic healer later phoned another gifted psychic. They compared notes. The gifted psychic had a sister in Denver who had what was called a "hysteria" in medical literature. This happen twenty years ago and both the sisters knew that a baby had been born as they could feel the love in the room. The gifted psychic was told by invisible ones that this is the first child to be born, as it is difficult to give birth.

I told the psychic healer that with the use of ultrasound, western medicine has stopped all such pregnancies of this nature. The only way that the woman in Denver gave birth was by avoiding doctors. There are records of such pregnancies through all races and all eras. The term "hysteria" was applied to two centuries ago to imply that such women created their pregnancies emotionally. Some psychologist then theorized that social pressures regarding the need to bear children contributed to the hysteria. Such a label would also contribute to the difficulty of having sylph births in the western world.

With the assistance of the sylphs of Jupiter and Saturn an extra level of protection is enveloping the Earth. It is likely that many elementals will be born soon to help repopulate the Air, Water, Earth and Fire realms. In order for the Earth to successfully reverse its magnetic poles without too much calamity, a great deal of intradimensional assistance is needed.

The pole shift does not mean the end of life on Earth as we know it. Yes there will be changes, but the spiritual intent of seeing the greatest possible number of people given the greatest opportunity to experience spiritual welbeing is still the primary concern.

When the magnetic field drops to zero, aurora effects will be seen at all latitudes. There will be additional solar heating. From what I can gather, the giant sylphs are planning to generate cloud cover and rain by day and clear skies by night. This will keep the planet cool. They tell me that they are prepared to keep the weather modifications going for decades if so required. They say that the chemtrails are actually helping increase the heat on the planet by not allowing heat to radiate into space at night. The sylphs of Jupiter and Saturn are planning to sweep the chemtrails from the skies in order to cool the Earth. They also ask if there could be ten thousand Croft Chembusters worldwide to help them.

We are coming into the magical times when Indigo children will talk and play with nature spirits, and when the delights of childhood are physical, etheric and spiritual, all at the same time.

Sylphs are of the same spiritual nature as humanity. Sylphs and humanity are also of the same flesh.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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