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Sylph-killing Solvents, Comet McNaught & HAARPing the Artic

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
February 11, 2007

There was physical confirmation of the Sylph killing activity over Kamloops British Columbia. Blobs of jelly, the skin of a Sylph, fell on four houses near the Kamloops airport. I called the woman named Jean who lives in the area. She had been in contact with Ken Adachi and Ken gave me her number.

When the blobs thumped onto her roof, all the oxygen was "sucked out" of her lungs and she is suffering from "solvent poisoning". The Sylph killing method used appears to be solvent based, xylene (?), toluene (?) paint thinner (?). The neighbours are traumatized and Jean and her husband fear living in the area. They want to move.

Jean collected a large jar of the jelly and has sent two samples out for analysis. She has gone to a naturopath for detoxification. She has had three ozone treatments and still feels lethargic.

The attack I have been suffering during the past few weeks is a variation on the age-old lower astral sexual drain...something that lowered the frequency of Atlantis. It is something that Brad Pitt feels constantly. I am no Brad Pitt so the attack was more from the astral realms and not the physical. I held up fairly well against the "imposition". As this is the umpteenth attack I have suffered in 36 years out of 55 years lived the negative ones must be short on options and are desperately re-using old gimmicks that did not work previously.

The local meditation group had a deep session today. One of the problems I was working on was the Comet McNaught which will be called the Great Comet of 2007 if the media decides to report it. Mr. McNaught reported the comet on August 7 2006 when it was 3.5 astronomical units from the sun. It will be nearest the sun in June 2007 at 1.5 a. u. which is approximately Mars' orbit. It is now visible in the daytime within a couple of handspans (20 degree) of the sun and has a 13 degree long tail. As the comet is on the far side of the sun about 300 million miles away and
visible in daytime, it is HUGE. Why is the media not reporting? Photographs from Australia show a curved segmented tail meaning the comet is throwing off huge chunks of ice that immediately vaporize. The tail is raccoon like.

During the meditation, two of our number sensed "forgiveness". I checked out the aetheric shockwaves on the solar winds and found that there may be some damage caused to the aetheric realms that may in turn cause earthchanges through the fall of densified aetheric ice to earth. This comet will cause governments to change. The same gigantic angels who have aided the Sylphs and the earth can move falling aetheric ice to safer places on the earth and stop most of the astral realm-caused earthquakes. One of the more psychic members of the group lost count of the energy inductions. We were grounded to the earth as if our feet were glued to the floor.

I am working on a posting regarding the use of HAARP to steer tropical storms into the Arctic. The melting of the sea ice over the past ten years is likely due to HAARP often holding the jetstream in a position over Gakona Alaska and many Pacific storms have gone into the Arctic Vortex making that area warmer than southern Canada. The temperatures on the Canadian prairies are 20 degrees colder than the polar region. The same steering of warm air into Antarctica may be happening too. Global warming is a scam.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone

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