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What the Sylphs told me about 1930s AM Radio

By Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone
November 22, 2002 

When I was first told about the Sylphs in 1981 and how a couple of them had been my "buddies" since birth, my communication with them was spotty at best. As soon as I learned to "hear" them,  I was given a lot of information and the core items of that info are in the essays on E-Y.  

One of the first bits of information was the DOR produced by the AM Radio signals of the 1930s which led directly to the dust bowl conditions of the mid 30s.

The 1920s were the hay days of AM Radio and stations could boost their signal strength to levels which could not happen today. By the 1930s there was many competing stations especially in the midwest and south who where trying to broadcast to all of middle America. The Grand Ole Opry was broadcast on one of them and that signal could be picked up from Chicago to New Orleans on old crystal sets.

From the Sylph's point of view, that Nashville Amplitude Modulated (AM) signal was like a wall blocking their passage across the Great Plains. The nature of the AM signal on particular frequencies blocks the Sylph's ability to generate thunderstorms. As they were unable to work the Ohio/Mississippi Valleys a drought came about and that drought did not stop until those powerful signals were regulated by the FCC. The work of the FCC, unbeknownst to Washington, stopped the drought. Now stations broadcast at 50,000 watts or less but their AM signals are now
Frequency Modulated (FM) instead of Amplitude Modulated. There are a few "clear listening stations" who can broadcast at higher wattage, but for the most part their signals are not bothering the Sylphs as much now as they have adapted to the high EM noise levels of the modern world.

Also, the Sylphs have been telling people that high voltage powerlines are dangerous for a long time. Cancer rates are known to be higher near powerlines. I was in Denver when a class-action law suit was set in motion regarding increased cancer rates near powerlines. The US electric utilities mounted a huge defence and won the suit.

The utilities "bought" the best scientists and their testimonies followed the line: No cancers in rats exposed to very high magnetic fields! The research was a fraud as the problem was not in the magnetic field but in the electromagnetic emissions. Most people did not see the difference including the lawyers, judges and juries.

The wastage of energy during high voltage transmission of electricity is considerable. More than half the energy can be lost between the generator and the consumer. The main points of loss are in the step-down transformers. Another set of points are the connectors between wires as the junctions are often dirty or oxidized. Another loss is crystalization of the wires and nicks and scrapes on the wires. At each gap or flaw in the wire there is a voltage drop due to increased resistance. Where there is an alternating current, the flaw becomes a radio wave generator. Megawatts of wasted power are being broadcast into the air as the radio static one hears when s/he drives under

The EM radio waves are broadcast over a wide spectrum of frequencies all based on 60 cycles per second. A portion of those frequencies are ionization frequencies which create breaks in our DNA. That is where the cancer starts. This effect can cause cancer many miles from the powerlines.

There is also the Wilhelm Reich researched effect of Deadly Orgone (DOR) generated in the vicinity of powerlines. This effect can be felt for about a mile away from 600,000 volt powerlines.

One member of the CB forum has been gifting powerline transmission towers as well as all the other nasty towers in the LA area. The lawyer has a good case for following this course of action. LA has powerlines covering the whole basin and are contributing to the EM malaise. I propose gifting any of these towers that members of this forum feel should be gifted. The DOR will be decreased and maybe reducing the DOR will reduce the ionizing EM radiation too.

I remember in the late 1960s listening to Wolfman Jack broadcasting from a Tijuana station. I was in Vancouver BC. The signal was about 500,000 watts and the FCC was trying to get Mexico to regulate its own airwaves and bust the station down to 100,000 watts or better still 50,000 watts.

In the late 70s, when I was in San Diego, a drought was still gripping the area. The EM pollution of Southern California is considerable and that Tijuana station contributed to the Sylph's inability to break the drought. It's a good idea to use orgonite DOR busters for EM towers too.

Zuerrnnovahh-Starr Livingstone


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